R.I.P. Oderus Urungus: David Brockie's Death Confirmed

GWAR frontman passes away at the age of 50, official website confirms.

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It's official now: David Brockie a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, the frontman of GWAR, passed away at the age of 50.

The news showed up yesterday, but they were neither confirmed nor disproved until now. Now, Jack Flanagan, manager of GWAR, has issued a statement via official website.

"It is with a saddened heart, that I confirm my dear friend Dave Brockie, artist, musician, and lead singer of GWAR passed away at approximately 6:50 PM EST Sunday March 23, 2014," reads the statement. "His body was found Sunday by his band mate at his home in Richmond, VA. Richmond authorities have confirmed his death and next of kin has been notified. A full autopsy will be performed. He was 50 years old, born August 30, 1963.

"My main focus right now is to look after my band mates and his family. More information regarding his death shall be released as the details are confirmed."

Speaking to local paper Times Dispatch (via NME), Richmond police spokeswoman Dionne Waugh said officers were called to a residence in the 4800 block of the city's West Seminary Avenue at 6.53pm on Sunday for a report of a dead person. They found Brockie dead inside.

Waugh reports that detectives do not suspect foul play at this time. Brockie's body has been sent to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy to determine the cause and manner of death.

TMZ reports that Brockie's was found sitting upright in a chair, and that no drugs were found, according to their source. Another unnamed law enforcement source is reported as saying that suicide is not suspected and no note was found.

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    Next week: Satan resigns, Oderus Urungus elected as new King of Hell
    Funny thing is, part of their album Beyond Hell was Oderus travelling through hell to prove to Satan that he's a bigger badass.
    Ha... as Satan leads all in a "All hail Oderus Urungus. All hail Oderus Urungus." chant. Oderus: "That's right!!! ALL bow before your NEW dead king God!... and give Phelps his cactus in the a**! It's been more than 2 minutes already!!!"
    Music's lost one of its most underappreciated personalities, but I'm sure he'll be running hell within a week.
    No drugs? No suicide? Betcha Satan was all "Hmm, I need someone to poke Fred Phelps' soul with a bunch of rusty syringes for eternity... Who should I pick?" and Oderus was all
    I'm convinced he died for sole purpose of being able to torture Fred forever
    Did y'all miss his statement on Slayer planning to protest Phelp's funeral? He clearly stated that that is an idiotic idea, rife with hypocrisy.
    Well yeah, he's not gonna be protesting where anyone can see. It'd be niiiiice and personal.
    What a stupid thing to say.
    I agree. Mentioning Fred Phelps on an news article like this is like mentioning Justin Bieber on a random YouTube music video.
    yeah but no because its relevant. They both just died, and one of the last qoutes from Oderus was about how phelps was lucky that he didn't get his hands on him prior to his death.
    Oderus Urungus dies aged 50; he is survived by the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu
    I knew him personally as we once supported them on tour in Germany. GWAR were originals, they were the real deal. They did what Slipknot, Rob Zombie and others do now way before. They did it for art and to provoke people into using their own brains. Besides, their sound was better then people credit them. Dave was one of the most underrated writers and singers in metal music too. He also was a funny and smart guy who was fun to be around.
    Such a tragic loss for the metal community. I actually broke a tear for him. I remember when I started listening to them back in 2004. I was blown away by them! Took my gf to see her first and possibly last GWAR concert back in November. It was a moment to remember. Can't imagine how his band mates feel. Oderus Urungus has returned to Scumdogia to be with his brother Flattus Maximus! RIP brother.
    Man he was dedicated to exacting some punishment on Fred Phelps, Even went so far as to chase him down into hell.
    What if one of those Westboro Church c*nts killed him? For what he said about Fred Phelps.
    Whether you love GWAR or hate them, its always tragic to hear someone in the metal community has passed away. R.I.P. David Brockie.
    I've only heard a few GWAR songs before but I discovered some of his interviews on youtube a few weeks ago during soundwave and I was laughing my ass off so much at all of them... and now he dies??
    Rip I seen them about a month ago at a festival Beheading a life size dole of our prime minister was pretty heavy
    Yeah, one month ago he seemed fine. Now he's dead. Kind of shocking when things like that happen (you're active a week ago, then you die). RIP Brockie.
    I'm super-sad about this. Although I was never a huge fan of their sound, I have a tremendous respect for the level of commitment GWAR had to their act and their aesthetic. These guys took an idea as far as they could, did it as well as they could and never backed off in the slightest. A true artist. Respect forever, you alien son of a bitch.
    Never really was a fan but GWAR seems like they had a good time with what they were doing and rock and roll is supposed to be fun, right?
    We weren't that close, but living in Richmond for a while afforded me a bit of a friendship with David. I'll miss him, and his genius, as will the rest of Richmond.
    Dude, not a fan of their music, but definitely a fan of them as people. This is pretty damn sad, he wasn't even that old. His soul probably just decided it was time to go back to space.
    Sad news, never was able to see them live, but heard great things about em. Maynard dedicated Tool's set to him last night in Austin, and was wearing a GWAR shirt. Nice to see other musicians give respect where due.
    "Death is the drug that I haven't tried..." - Oderus Urungus during an interview during Fate or Chaos tour.
    Psycho Pigeon
    gwar aren't good
    Neither is your grammar.
    I guess they don't teach correct English in the US of A.
    They actually don't... Example: grey (English) vs gray (US English. Also: Colour (English) vs Color (US English).
    Another example: "the police is" instead of the correct form "the police are", or in this example "GWAR is..." instead of the correct form "GWAR are..."
    You do realize most people liked him because of his personality, right? For a lot of people, it wasn't about his music, it was the fact he made them laugh and how much of a badass he was by speaking his mind. Saying what you just said is simply disrespectful in this article.
    Black Hazard
    Damn, he was struck dead in his ****ing chair... right after talking shit on a holy man.
    R.I.P. Dave Brockie \m/ \m/. The world has grown a little colder now that you're gone.