'Ripper' Owens: 'I'm Not Sure if Lemmy Will Ever Die'

"Hes been in 'declining health' for about 20 years, right?" the singer says.

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Vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens, known for his work with Judas Priest, Iced Earth and Yngwie Malmsteen, recently discussed Lemmy Kilmister's health issues and the general topic of aging metal masters.

When asked by J. Thorn blog about the future of metal, Ripper shared an optimistic stance, but also noted that the day Motorhead frontman leaves us will indeed be a sad one.

"Metal is in good hands," the singer said. "It's a shame now, but guys like Lemmy have laid the groundwork. People will always dislike change but it's still metal. There weren't a lot of bands like Priest before Priest and when they started people probably didn't like them, didn't like that style of music."

Owens continued, "Bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath - they've laid the groundwork for newer bands. Bands like Disturbed - which I like because I think they have a lot of old-school influences and they're at the top of the charts when they release a record, and it's nice to see that."

The singer then specifically focused on Lemmy. "I'm not sure if Lemmy will ever die," he said. "He's been in 'declining health' for about 20 years, right? Lemmy is a machine ... But that'll be a sad day. Seems like Iommi came back from his cancer scare. I think we'll be alright. These guys have laid the groundwork and every band you see is influenced in some way by Lemmy or these other guys so we'll be okay."

In conclusion, Ripper noted that rock icons like Lemmy are simply irreplaceable, drawing a parallel between himself and Rob Halford.

"Bands like Motorhead can't continue without Lemmy," he concluded. "Some bands can't continue. With Priest, I was able to come in but it still really didn't go on without Rob Halford."

We all know Lemmy's God, but do you think anyone could even remotely replace the infamous Motorhead frontman? Or any other ultimate rock icon for that matter.

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    He looks like Anders Breivik in that picture. (pointless comment, my bad)
    Everytime I hear news about Lemmy's health, I think of the song Dr. Alibi.
    Tim Owens is a really nice guy with a realistic view on his own past. I imagine it would've been hard to be the replacement of Rob Halford, especially since everyone was so glad when Halford returned. Really good attitude he has about it.
    Such a down to earth guy, and i love his voice. I don't see why everyone seems to have such a problem with him
    did he really compare iron maiden, priest and sabbath to disturbed...
    did you actually read or just skim, see the highlighted band names, and make a stupid assumption...?
    In that case, he's also saying that Judas Priest cannot continue on without Lemmy.
    Second of all- no, Lemmy is irreplaceable and FIRST of all- HE'S NOT DEAD YET!!
    Jacques Nel
    Dude Nelson Mandela spent a month on the verge of death recently and came back, believe me Lemmy is going to be rocking the roof of every venue in the world pretty soon. He's a badass
    Let's not write Lemmy's obituary before he's gone. We all have ups and downs in our health but it doesn't mean we're all digging our graves every time we feel down. True, modern, younger rock bands are wimps by comparison and we have no true characters like Lemmy, Ozzy, Blackmore... etc. Only Airbourne know how to live the rock lifestyle.