Ripping Music From CD To Finally Be Made Legal

It was previously illegal to transfer music from CDs to computers and MP3 players.

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Making digital copies of music will be made legal for the first time under UK Government plans to reform copyright laws, reports to NME.

It is currently technically illegal to rip music from CDs onto MP3 players, but Business Secretary Vince Cable says (via BBC) the move will bring greater freedom to the use of content and is "not only common sense but good business sense."

"Bringing the law into line with ordinary people's reasonable expectations will boost respect for copyright, on which our creative industries rely," he said.

However the new measures, which will allow the copying of music for peoples' own personal use, parody and for teachers to use for educational purposes, have been attacked by songwriters who say that consumers will now be able to copy and replicate tracks without requiring permission from artists, Music Week reports.

Previously, songwriters could claim compensation either from consumers or device manufacturers such as Apple and they are now calling on the Government to introdude a so-called 'iPod tax' - a levy paid by music-playing device manufacturers which operates in other EU countries so they don't lose out.

Musicians' Union general secretary John Smith said: "We feel strongly that the lack of fair compensation will significantly disadvantage creators and performers in relation to the vast majority of their EU counterparts."

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    "Oh glorious day! Let me get on digitizing my CD collection! I've been waiting years for this to be legalized!" - no one
    "It is currently technically illegal to rip music from CDs onto MP3 players" Say what now?
    Darth Wader
    Why are there CD burners if this was illegal?
    More importantly, how the hell is anyone supposed to know this when there's a big "Burn CD" button on the bottom of iTunes?
    Well you could have a CD of non-copyrighted material that you could rip. It's just illegal to rip copyrighted music. Of course, that's all BS and everyone knows very well what people use the ripping options for. It was just one of those laws so outdated and ignored there wasn't really a point to enforce it.
    it shouldnt even be illegal in the first place once you buy a product you have the right to use it however you want due to consumer rights unfortunetly companies seems to forget this like the record industry and even sony and xbox (when chipping consoles and what not) youve paid for the product it is now yours not theirs
    Could be wrong on this, but I think Sony (or some other label/distributor) found a way to make it so that you couldn't technically buy music from them, just the rights to listen to it. That's the sort of dickery that this law is probably trying to get rid of, in which case, it's about time.
    It's not that some label found a way, it's how licenses work. When you buy a CD, you're not buying the rights to the musicians songs to do with as you please. You're simply paying for a copy of those recordings, and the license to listen to them and play them. It's illegal to distribute copies. It's illegal to use it for public performance (i.e. - playing those CD's in a bar). In either of these cases, the rights to the music and resulting sales/royalties still belong to the label or artist.
    unfortunately with a lot of digital media and software you don't have those kinds of rights. many programs don't allow you to modify them in any way or it's breaking the terms and conditions.
    Maybe 2013 will be the year they legalize playing dvds in your disk drive on your pc and also in your dvd players.
    But I've always ripped cd's onto my computer so I could listen to them while I browse/read/game online. I could also make playlists of multiple artists/albums and put it on shuffle if i didn't want to worry about skipping around or changing discs.
    Nero Galon
    Wow +1 to Vince Cable on this one! But in a way I like the idea of the companies like Apple paying the compensation to the bands/artists, it makes things a bit more equal.
    There is absolutely no way to stop piracy. The internet is far too powerful to be stopped, and trying to is a fools errand. People will find ways to keep it up, and even without internet, piracy would still persist. Ripping and copying would still happen. I can't believe that this was a law that needed to be passed. The fact that ripping was restricted at all is hilarious. Record companies are fighting a war that they cannot win.