Rise Against Premiere 'I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore' Song

New tune is available with the video - see here.

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Rise Against premiere "I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore," Revolver reports.

The track is from the band's new album, "The Black Market," which will be released July 15 via Interscope Records.

"Rise Against has always been a political band, but also a personal band," says frontman Tim McIlrath. "We've always had songs that have a foot in both worlds. This album is a lot more introspective to me." The intensely melodic strains of "I Don't Want to Be Here Anymore," the first single from the album, is a case in point. Check it out below.

Rise Against have announced several new shows in support of "The Black Market," including performances at all three Riot Fests in Toronto, Chicago and Denver and the Made In America festival in Los Angeles. More dates will be announced soon.

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    I feel like I've heard this before. On pretty much every Rise Against album since Sufferer and the Witness.
    I agree. I like Rise Against but they don't have much variety.
    IF we went by that rule then Rage Against The Machine didn't have much variety either, - but certainly they rock and are loved all the more for writing songs about real things that a real person would be justified in getting 'all shouty' about...
    As a huge fan of this band, it's really, really, REALLY meh.
    I love it when a band I like releases a very similar sounding song, reminds me why I like the band... At least they didn't pull a linkin park ya know?
    I guess. The good thing here is that it doesn't sound bad, just average. It's still only one song, so the rest of the album could still be great.
    It might work really well in and amongst the other songs, this might just be the most accessible and light track - it's certainly a sad day when the promo' single is the best track on the album...
    This is pretty damn boring.
    Rise against are slowly becoming the new Dave Grohl of UG. An article every other day.
    Not really... not even close in fact. I think there has been focus on them because they are releasing a new album but they don't get half the attention Dave Grohl gets.
    It's one single. Let the rest of the album unfold. But you could say it sounds like they're tapping into a softer style, which I'm looking forward to. I think they could pull that off pretty well.
    It only makes sense. when Tim reaches 50 there's no way he'll be able to pull off songs like Give it All and Injection. The screaming's going to be down for not just "selling out" or something, but as he ages his vocals can't handle the screaming and high ranged singing he used to do
    Rise against are a very good songwriters, but this seams like there struggling to be creative, I really hope for some more variety on this album as I have a strong feeling its going to sound to much like endgame. Fingers cross.
    It's difficult for some people to keep producing music over a long period of time. This is their 7th album? That's a heck of a lot of songs. I'm not surprised that they're struggling, but they have been strong since. Waiting for the rest of the album now
    this is pretty standard stuff, but their albums often have a good few stand out songs which are a little different, still think The Black Market should be good, here's hoping for some more of Tim's yells
    Love these guys but I feel like ever since Zach became their guitarist(Appeal to Reason), they've kind of just had the same sound each album. Each of their first four albums all sound pretty different from each other, they just seem to be stuck on this sound now.
    The good thing about this song is that they haven't changed. The kind of bad thing is that they haven't changed. I like rise against and I've seen them several times, but some of their songs still take a few seconds of thinking before I realize which song it is.
    But it's a risk for any band to experiment with something new. Some bands have managed to do it successfully (Three Days Grace - Transit of Venus), but others haven't done it that well (Korn - Path of Totality: was a good album music wise, but the change to dubstep was too soon). As long as Rise Against don't make bad "versions" of their other songs, I don't mind that they don't change. Plus, this is only one song from the album. Listen to the rest of the album to see whether they have re-used old material or not.
    First you guys complain when a band changes their sound, then you complain when a band doesn't change their sound. Make up your goddamn mind
    Joshua Garcia
    As a big RA fan, I can safely say: .....Eh. It was alright. I expect there will be better stuff on the album though.
    There's been a slow a steady decline for this band I once loved. Siren Song was an A+, Suffer an A, Appeal to Reason a B, and End Game a C... this sounds like the trend may continue.
    How about Revolutions Per Minute? I'd give it an A+ too. Endgame I'd at least give a C+.
    They definitely peaked at Sufferer, Tim didn't reach his vocal potential on Siren Song, and the songwriting was much better of Sufferer (see Survive and Ready to Fall). I'm going to imagine this new album will sound very similar to Endgame, but it shouldn't be any worse
    I'd say that Appeal to Reason and Endgame were pretty decent, better than B or C. But this is all personal preferences after all.
    I love the rhythm in the verses but the chorus is just so boring and meh. Song is average still hope the album is great. They have stayed with the same sound for a while but I don't find that necessarily bad thinking of other bands that have changed their sound like Fall Out Boy or Linkin Park
    Well I think it sounds great. Wish it was heavier like their older stuff but I'm happy to hear new RA stuff.
    I honestly don't really mind if the album is slightly below average; they seem to come to Australia once every album, so I'm always more excited about the tour than the new music. If the album has a few gems, that'll be a bonus!
    If this is what punk has come to nowadays, then I feel it is not in a very good place... It seems derivative, formulaic and too limited in it's own confined musical territory... I really can't find anything to like in this.
    When will the world ever hear another song like Fist F.uck by Dr Know
    maaaaan!!! for a split of a second i thought it was new song by Rage Against the Machine, i just read Rage Against istead of Rise Against and i was happiest man alive for 2 seconds.... such a dissapointment, (by the way this song sucks and its generic as fu#@)
    I'm not going to judge an album by its single, but it sounds like another overproduced and undercreative Rise Against track. I love this band, but it's my opinion that they don't have the spark they did from Revs/min to Sufferer. It kinda feels like they lost their edge. I think the Offspring is an example of a band falling prey to the same phenomenon. Their music doesn't feel as authentic, passionate, and raw as it used to which I think can be attributed to their mainstream success. It's become more preachy than revolutionary in my eyes and I don't know if they can go back. I'm sure plenty of people will enjoy the album, myself included to an extent, but it just doesn't feel the same.
    I like it, but I'm really hoping that they continue to evolve musically and they just went the safe route for their first single.
    My favourite band growing up, gone so dull though. Although I've never liked the first single they release (still feel nothing for Ready To fall) so i'll still have to check it out and hope it's better than the last one.
    Wow, Ready to Fall is one of my favourite songs and one of their best singles... Having said that, I'm one of the few fans who doesn't enjoy Hero of War
    Hero of War was okay, it really wasn't anything special so I agree with you there. IMO Appeal to Reason was there last decent album. I didn't really like Endgame. Siren Songs and Sufferer and Witness were there last good albums. But I hope they are able to impress me with this new album Edit: I'm not forgetting Revolutions Per Minute, Like the Angels on Tony Hawk, never forgetting when I first heard it.
    Tony Hawk is where I first heard them too I know Ready To Fall isn't a bad song but I remember being kind of let down when it came out and I suppose I can't shake that feeling, love the album though. Then I actually really disliked 'Re-education..' but ATR had some serious bangers on it. I have nothing to say about Endgame.