Ritchie Blackmore: Would I Reunite With Deep Purple

"Their management wouldn't allow it, I'm sure."

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Ritchie Blackmore: Would I Reunite With Deep Purple

Ritchie Blackmore was asked by The Rock N' Roll Reporter about chances of rejoining Deep Purple, to which he replied:

"I think if they would be interested, and our schedules aligned, I would be available for one show - for nostalgic reasons.

"But I don't think Deep Purple have any interest in that. They have their niche and are not into doing things like that.

"We are friends, I've been doing my music for 20 years, and they're doing their stuff for 20 years. It's probably not likely to happen.

"Also, their management wouldn't like it, even if it was for just one show. Their management wouldn't allow it, I'm sure."

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    He should call Slash & Axl for tips.
    Richie - hey guys, how did you do it? Axl/Slash - $$$$$
    Money money money - must be funny! Wait a sec, doesn't RB the guy who hates laughing? Jeez, it's not gonna be funny for him. :O :/ Sorry, if this joke is bad, I just try to improve my english
    He should do it with david coverdale Best fit, best DP album, burn that is...
    Burn / Lay Down, Stay Down / Sail Away / Mistreated... that would be great! Get Stornbringer and Lady Double Dealer in there too and you have an awesome show right there.
    they planned on doing a deep purple covers album but because both have huge egos, Dave did it on his own
    And what a great outcome it is. I love whitesnake and the purple album does genius tribute. You fool no one... Burn...
    "We are friends"... Then why weren't you at the Rock N Roll hall of fame induction?
    DP management actually prevented him from attending.
    I did hear something like that. However, management works for the band, so if the band wanted him there, he would have been attending? Still think there is bad blood between them?
    ffs management should let ritchie play just one note in the concert..just 1 single fckn deep purple note..1 note wont hurt