Rob Caggiano: 'James Hetfield Kept the Peace on Big 4 Tour'

"Words can't even describe that feeling," ex-Anthrax axeman recalls.

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Former Anthrax and current Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano has been speaking with HardDrive (via Classic Rock) about his experiences on the Big 4 tour.

As Caggiano notes, that the tour went off without a hitch was in part down to the peace-making efforts of Metallica's James Hetfield.

"There was one really cool thing that happened at the start of the tour, and I've got to give it up to James Hetfield and those guys because I think it was a brilliant idea.

"The first show we did was in Poland and he had the idea of getting everyone together to have dinner. It was this really private little Italian restaurant. Over the years there has been tension between the Big 4 bands, but that just cleared the air and really set the tone for the whole tour.

"I think it was absolutely brilliant - we all walked out of that restaurant just totally excited about everything."

Caggiano went on to further praise the headliners and their treatment of the other bands on the bill:

"It was magical, every night. Metallica would do this thing where they would call the other band members on stage to do a jam. For me that was the ultimate high. Words can't even describe that feeling. Those guys were awesome - they treated everybody so great."

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    James Hetfield sounds like a really cool, down to earth guy, you have to be to get 4 bands like the big4 to not kill each other
    James always has been, it's Lars who is the douchebag with the ego, Lars fueled the Megadeth shit forever.
    really what has lars done that makes him a douchebag? I was under the impression that he was the one who reached out to Dave Mustaine to end the personal feud between the two bands.
    Not even close, it was the media that kept poking Dave about it that kept it alive. And funnily enough, while he has an ego in the press when you actually talk to the guy he's one of the best rockstars to talk to..Tends to make you feel really comfortable and the like.
    That's not true. Sure Lars might say some questionable things, but he's not saying them to be a douche. He's saying it because he has a different perspective on the world than us being that he's from Denmark. I've gotten to meet him and he's one of the nicest guys to talk to and he really cares about the fans. He loves talking about music and art and nearly any other subject you can think of.
    Much respect for Caggiano, seems like a top bloke!
    He is a top bloke and a very nice guy. I met him when Volbeat toured the UK last year
    Of course Rob Thought it was cool ..... it was his idea for everyone to do a runner and leave Ulrich and Ian with the bill !!!!
    It's always cool to hear that the members of some of the biggest bands in the world are still cool, down to earth people.
    Seriously? As if these guys were gonna fight and cause the Big4 shows to get cancelled or reworked. Hetfield is an ego maniac. Metallica sucks.
    You jelly? Metallica is one of the most down to Earth bands ever. They love performing and meeting fans and talking to them. I've met the band on several occasions, and each time I do, James and Lars always remember me the last time. Metallica was the band who had the idea for the Big 4 shows. They were the band who had the idea for the jams at the end of the shows.