Rob Halford: 'I Trademarked the Name Metal God Because I Don't Want Anyone Else to Be One'

"I would never put myself on that pedestal, the fans gave me that title," Judas Priest singer explains.

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Back in 2009, Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford made somewhat of a peculiar decision by trademarking the name "Metal God."

During the band's recent appearance on "Later With Jools Holland" show, Rob discussed the reasons behind such a move, explaining how much he cherishes the fan-awarded title.

"I would never put myself on that pedestal," he said. "That's the title the fans started to give me after the famous 'British Steel' album, where we had 'Breaking the Law' and 'Living After Midnight.'

"It's something I really cherish, and I don't want anybody else to be the Metal God but me," Rob added.

Oddly enough, the trademark refers to "computer games, video games, and game controllers for computer games." Furthermore, according to US Patent and Trademark Office info, the trademark was abandoned in December 2012, seemingly leaving it open for someone else to claim.

The new Judas Priest studio record, "Redeemer of Souls," is set for a July 15 release and was announced with a series of track teasers, the latest one being "Battle Cry." Check it out below.

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    Way to contradict yourself there, Rob...
    He wants to be the metal god but needs affirmation that he actually is one, so he trademarks it. That makes him a god that doesn't believe in himself. It's not just contradiction, it's blasphemy.
    That's kind of selfish of him really, because there's definitely more than one metal god!!! He's awesome don't get me wrong, but he does kind of sound like a dick here.
    Metal God is not a title you call yourself, it's a title other people give you. Trademarking it? WTF LOL you don't see Ozzy Osbourne needing to trademark to be known as the Prince of Darkness.
    Dimebag Darrell, Chuck Schuldiner, Chris Adler, Dave Mustaine, Phil ain't only one, bitch!
    As much as I dig Phil, I don't know that I'd include him in that...
    He saw the opportunity and took it, and damn straight he did so!
    He saw an opportunity to be a douche and he took it.
    I disagree, it was his fans who started to give him the nickname, I'd say it's his right to use it as a personal title if he wants to, it's his own special connection to the fans. Not too much different from Ozzy calling himself the Prince of Darkness, at the end of the day. He didn't come up with that himself either.
    Trademarking the word the title is completely different from just using it.
    I really cannot understand why this is voted down. Rob sounds like an absolute selfish ******* for trademarking this title to him. He's always been kind of a **** in my eyes, tbh. At least he's made good music though.
    I'm confused. "I wouldn't put myself on that pedestal". That's cool, but why say, "I don't want anybody else to be the Metal God but me"? That's like saying I'm very proud to be so humble. Some articles shouldn't even be written.
    Face R1pper
    I wonder how many people would have called him a "metal god" if he didn't write Metal Gods. He shouldn't pretend that he didn't set himself up for this.
    Pablo Mortis
    I did wonder why he decided to say that people called him that because of British Steel, then didn't name the song itself...
    The song is basically about robots taking over (Terminator-like scenario), not "hurr durr we're metal gods". They definitely wrote this as a title for themselves, no ****ing way.
    He is A metal god, but he is not THE metal god. Sabbath breathed life into metal, there for they are the true metal gods. no one deserves the exclusive rights to this name, especially this DICK.
    Wow, people, don't get so hurt about it... It's not really that important.
    You people are actually upset with this? lol is all I can say. I find it more humorous than anything.
    You can't deny he looks like a selfish prick by saying that though! at least he writes rockin tunes though!
    Halford is the one true metal god! Not dio, not dickenson, not ozzy, not axl, all others are impostors!
    Ok. suck dicks and take it up the are NOT a metal God or any other kind of God. Sorry. You and your band have made some great music though, i will grant you that.
    Doomzdayxx You sound like you are mad because he isn't ramming it down your throat.
    If he only GIVES the cock into the ass then he can be a true metal god as to give is a sign of dominance. However if he RECEIVES the cock into his ass or sucks them, then yes he cannot be a metal god as he would be submissive.
    was g4y god taken at the time? but srsly tho, the producers and engineers did a fine a job on the new album, especially with rob's vocals.