Rob Halford: 'Lady Gaga Is a Total Metalhead, F--king Amazing Singer'

Judas Priest singer once again confirms collaboration plans with pop superstar.

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Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford has once again confirmed plans for a collaboration with pop superstar Lady Gaga, calling her "a total metalhead" and a "f--king amazing singer."

Chatting with 107.7 the Bone, Rob was asked if he was the one who started collaboration rumors. "No, she said it to me. She just said, 'Let's do something.' And I went, 'OK.' [Laughs] I don't know what that means: 'Let's do something,'" he replied.

Halford explained further, saying, "I've gotta say, all of my metalheads out there know that metal is at the heart of everything that I do, but I love to see a big show, I love to see a big production. And I went to see her show in San Diego, and it was just great to watch. It was just a very complete presentation, as far as what a good show should be about."

Singing massive Gaga praises, the singer added, "And I love her just because, for a singer, she's a f--king amazing singer. And then she writes all this material. She's got a live band. I was hanging out with the band afterwards, and they're all metalheads. And, of course, you look at her past and she's a total metalhead.

"She started off strongly into rock and metal and you've seem pictures of her with Alice Cooper or Bruce [Dickinson] from Iron Maiden and all of these other people in metal; it just shows you that she's committed to that. So I just wanted to go and check it all out, and it was amazing.

"And then she comes off stage, instantly, [she was, like], 'Ah, I can't believe you're here. Give me a hug.' And 'Let's do something.' And she's just a really sincere, complete person as a musician. But what we'll do, and if we do it, I don't know," Rob concluded (via Blabbermouth).

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    Why are they trying to shove Lady gaga down our throats so desperately? IESOUS Stop it already
    "Lady Gaga Is a Total Metalhead" No.
    And who are you to make that call? Just because she's a pop singer isn't to say that she's not a metal fan.
    I think metal head and metal fan are two different things. One keeps you cool, one has lost all brain cell function.
    I'm neutral about this. I mean, who cares? Rob can do whatever he wants to, he'll always be a metal god and the legendary Priest frontman.
    There are two ways this could turn out. It could either be really good or it could be really bad. I love my metal and occassionally enjoy some pop, but an aging metal head and a fading pop star could be a recipe for disaster.
    She does seem pretty independent for a pop artist but I just can never find her songs very interesting except a few.
    If I was forced to pick a pop singer of the past ten years to listen (that came out in that timeframe) Gaga would be it. She can sing and is interesting compared to pretty much every other female singer. I would love to hear her take on a metal song to be fair.
    I think it'll work really well, as a side project for both, he's excited about the metal element that she's brining, if anything lady gaga will have to back up rob because he's a dragon on the vocals. Hopefully it isn't pop.
    Lol I'm confused now, she's a pop artist, who is a total metalhead, who just finished recording a Jazz album with Tony Bennett. I see...
    Not enough high-on-fame-and-greased-pockets-with-money in Metal. Besides Metal is not music that everybody should make, there's a huge difference between what you listen to and enjoy and what you can come up with as a musician. Let her stay in the Pop territory, she's perfectly fine over there. Halford has his own band and he can sure as hell invite anybody for collaboration, he is the God after all. Would that mean a Heavy Metal record by Gaga? Not even a slightest chance of it, so let him just get on with it and be done with it.
    Damn UG. How many more articles about this creepy "romance" between Halford and Gaga?
    Yes. Legendary gay rocker Rob Halford banging Lady Gaga is the only explanation for why these stories are posted.
    I guess they're *puts glasses on* caught in a bad romance...yeeeeeaaaaah..... I'll go home now
    I keep on hearing that Lady Gaga is a metalhead, I think I remember something about her being buddies with somebody from Anthrax too. Big names in the metal world keep on mentioning her as a cool person, I'll trust their judgement. Plus, she was in Machete Kills, which would increase ANYBODY'S metal cred.