Rob Halford Praises Five Finger Death Punch: 'They're Absolutely Amazing'

Judas Priest frontman discusses his recent collaboration with US metallers, saying that "the band's going to explode this year worldwide."

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Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford recently discussed his collaboration with US metallers Five Finger Death Punch on their latest single "Lift Me Up," revealing nothing but praises for the LA five-piece.

During an interview with Full Metal Jackie, the singer called the group "absolutely amazing," saying that their golden age is likely to come very soon.

"I absolutely love the band, I think the band is absolutely amazing," Halford said (via Loudwire). "I've been watching the band from the early days much like I've been doing with much of the metal scene, Im just feasting on it all the time especially since it's so easy now through the internet to pick up on things."

After stating he was "absolutely thrilled" to receive the invitation from the band, the frontman elaborated further, saying, "I was excited because I started following the band's career and I just had a feeling they're about to go over what we call a tipping point and I think the band's going to explode this year worldwide, I really do. I asked for the track to be sent to me just to check it out and as soon as I heard it coming out the speakers I went, 'Man, I want in on this.'

"We just bonded right away and they just have their hearts in the right place, I love them for that and I love them for the fact that they believe in themselves a thousand percent and not letting anybody get in their way. I'm just happy for them that the single is doing so good right now and I'm sure it's going to get better over the coming weeks."

Five Finger Death Punch are currently preparing to release their fourth studio effort, a double record titled "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell." The album's first volume is scheduled to drop on July 23, you can check out the official "Lift Me Up" lyric video below.

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    why do they get so much hate? actually this reminds me of very early Stone Sour
    Don't you know that the new music trend is to show which bands you hate, instead of focusing on which bands you love? This site and its facebook page shows those people all the time.
    Don't you know that the internet allows people the opportunity to express their opinions on topics freely, both negative and positive? Don't be butthurt just because someone out there has a differing opinion from your own. You've got as much right to post gleaming comments about music you enjoy as other people do posting scathing thoughts about it.
    no i respect peoples opinions...I just don't get which part of 5FDP people don't it the vocals/lyrics/guitar work etc...
    IMO, it's the general cookie-cutter nature of the band. It's the same stock, uncreative radio rock as literally nearly every "active rock" band is pushing. There's a general cheesiness to the music, the lyrics are bland and thoughtless, and they come off as a band who lets business drive the music, instead of letting music drive the business. In a nutshell, Five Finger Death Punch is a somewhat heavier version of Nickelsuck.
    that's really weird...Where i live i never hear them on the radio, so i don't listen to them that often which is probably the reason why i don't hate them.
    Blame the elitists who hide behind the ever so old "EVERYBODY'S GOT THE RIGHT TO EXPRESS THEIR OPINIONS!!!!11!" argument.
    It's extreme Nickelback. It's frat boy work out music. They put one somewhat metal riff at the beginning and then the same double bass through the whole song so that lazy radio listeners who don't know anything about metal think that THIS is metal. The lyrics are either about how bad ass they think they are or some sissy crap about being wronged by someone. It's the same song structures over and over and the guy's 'clean' voice is unbearable. He sounds like a fat guy singing opera. I get frustrated because my girl loves this band, but she won't listen to real metal bands Exodus, Testament, Forbidden, etc. Why? Because FFDP is on the ****ing radio.
    "she won't listen to real metal bands Exodus, Testament, Forbidden" No offense but in this society no one wants to listen to bands that are considered uncool nobodies with the same repetitive morbid lyrics. Yes I said that most old school thrash bands are repetitive with the same morbid lyrics just like radio metal except they have lyrics about relationships. "real metal"? are you 13 year old who thinks he's superior because you listen to underground shi*t? you gotta understand every generation is gonna have their "metal stars" and you can't take that away from them, yes even if their music sucks ass.
    Face R1pper
    What kind of world do you live in where Exodus, Testament, and Forbidden are underground?
    those Thrash bands covers plenty of topics then just the morbid. There's songs in those bands discography about relationship and feels, and their range is far more then radio rock. But you're unfortunately right bout the rest of your comment.
    Real metal as in not manufactured for the radio so people will buy the one hit single. Where there's substance and every song on the record is worth your time. Thrash isn't repetitive; it's riff after riff with drumming that's actually technical, not the same du-du-du-du through the whole song. Lyrics about everything from politics to films to comic book characters instead of the same old tough guy crap followed up with the sappy relationship garbage.
    So Testament and Exodus are considered underground, now? Ok, then. You're the expert.
    Holy S**t balls batman! That song is freakin awesome! Rob sounded good in there, fit right in.
    If "having their hearts in the right place" means "making generic, lowest common denominator, by the book music with little or no real creativity", then yeah, Rob's right... Seriously though, when I first heard this band (Year of the Fist album), I didn't enjoy it, but didn't loathe it either. Different strokes for different folks, it just wasn't my thing. I didn't get the feeling it was a desperate attempt to make generic-money-grabbing radio rock. And then they kept making music, and unlike that first album, it seems to me it's all been a desperate attempt to make generic-money-grabbing buttrawk. This band is Red State rock at it's utter worst...and even names their albums to appeal to the conservative, redneck, "'Muricah" buttawk crowd.
    I take solace in knowing that they reak to high heaven of "tail end of fad" bs, this comforts me because these bands tend to arrive at the very end to hammer the final nail. The true longevity of this band and it's fanbase's interest will be on par with Limp Bizkits in an even quicker time.
    "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell" Volbeat, anyone?
    a double album from these guys..oh dear there will be cringing involved
    Crappy bro metal. Halford's the man, but I cringed when I found out he sang vocals on a song with these guys.
    There first couple of albums had some pretty good mosh-pit worthy songs, great for having a good time. There third was well below par, and this single, although catchy, is just the same stuff over all over again. I wrote an article about this on my music blog, here's the article: