Rob Halford Predicts 'Redeemer of Souls' Will Be 'Revered'

Judas Priest frontman believes that the band's latest album can stand test of time.

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Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has predicted that the band's latest album "Redeemer of Souls" will eventually be seen as "one of the greatest metal records ever made."

He believes their 17th studio outing demonstrates a strong sense of purpose, and that means it'll stand the test of time.

It gave Priest the third-best UK chart position of their career on release last month, leading the singer to confirm it wouldn't be their last record.

Halford tells Rock Cellar (via Classic Rock): "I think, 10 years from now, this will be revered. I don't say that lightly. Knowing how everything works, it feels that good."

And if younger bands are inspired to take Priest's latest ideas and run with them, the singer has no problem with that - as long as it helps them find their own way.

"In today's metal world you hear the expression 'cookie cutter,' which is a bit insulting," he says. "It's about finding your originality. Most people understand that, to get ahead in rock'n'roll, you've got to do something that somebody else hasn't done before. That's very, very difficult.

"The overall state and condition of metal is phenomenal. It started with two bands, Priest and Sabbath and now look at it. Remarkable."

Priest have confirmed a run of North American tour dates starting in October, but haven't yet announced any UK or European appearances.

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    What makes an album a milestone? Context. The time in society when the album is released has a lot to do with the success of the record and ultimately its influence in music. Are people discovering the artist for the first time? Is it fresh and new? And by people I mean teenagers and young adults. Will they eventually be influenced musically by it? Or was everything within the genre vanilla before the record came out and prompted the record companies and listeners to change or look for similar acts? Nobody likes to copy/adapt a sound or style that is view to be an artistic failure. Also, the context within the band's history. If you can create a nice story around the reason for the record, then it can view as something less than ordinary. We all know must albums are recorded the same way. But what was happening to the band at that point. Did the album blow fans expectations away while becoming more popular among other listeners? At this point in Judas' career and with the way the music industry is, plus what most of the listening audience is into, I doubt the album, regardless of quality, could be seen as one to be revered. Perhaps only within Priest's fans.
    I couldn't agree more. Redeemer of Souls will probably be revered by Judas Priest fans and classic metal fans as a quality part of their discography but the chances of it being seen as a real milestone in the grand scheme of things are slim to none. There is so much more music that makes up the metal genre (or any genre of music) in 2014 than there was 20, 30, 40 years ago. "Landmark" metal albums are still possible these days (someone mentioned Carcass's Surgical Steel - maybe? ) but you've gotta REALLY shake things up and impress to stand out. Sad Wings of Destiny and Screaming for Vengeance (among others) are some amazing albums that were released at a time when metal was still evolving and will probably always be revered by metal fans. Redeemer , although pretty good, might be 30 or 35 years too late to make THAT kind of an impact.
    I agree. Its a great album in my opinion, and I recommend any Priest fan to give it a listen but I doubt it will be revered and considered a classic. What the album is, is an excellent summary of the massive 45 year career they've had as a band. Classic albums aren't just a collection of good songs, they also stir things up.
    Nah, it probably won't be revered. I'm afraid the time when rock/metal albums used to become milestones is gone. All we have left is that "been here, done that" kind of feeling, which isn't really bad in itself. Besides, "Redeemer of Souls" was not that good.
    I really liked Redeemer of Souls, sounded like a perfect mix of old and new Priest. Like you said, it probably wouldn't be revered though, especially when they have a few better albums for people to 'revere'.
    "Surgical Steel" This is so highly appraised, I'm pretty sure it'll be a milestone. Especially bringing up such a record after a long time gone is impressive.
    Thing is, the way the metal industry has become, albums released nowadays that would be considered milestones 30 years ago come from relatively new bands that never quite make it big, so they fall into obscurity instead of being recognized by anyone but a niche of listeners. When it comes to the old bands, you're not going to get anything groundbreaking unless there's a major shift in style, and Redeemer of Souls doesn't accomplish that I'm afraid.
    "I'm afraid the time when rock/metal albums used to become milestones is gone." More like, the pretentious "critics" won't admit about new albums that they are milestones. But milestone albums are still made, and will be perceived as such. I'm pretty sure some of Opeth or Meshuggah albums will definitely be - if aren't already - seen as milestones of extreme metal in a few years, for example. Need to listen to "Redeemer of Souls" though.
    As much as I like Priest, Redeemer did sound like out takes from Angel of Retribution. They're just missing something. When I heard the first few seconds of Painkiller for the first time it was like been shot in the face with a shotgun at close range. Just when you thought that Priest's glory days were between British Steel and Screaming For Vengeance- ****ing BAM! That said, I dug Jugulator. So what do I know?
    They're just missing something.
    KK Downing.
    I was so wanting to defend Richie when he first joined up and everyone was whining about him, but I have to say I don't think there's very much interesting about him. Glenn Tipton sounds like Glenn Tipton, KK Downing sounds like KK Downing, and Richie Faulkner sounds like... Zakk Wylde?
    It's an outstanding album. Will it be revered... Dunno, we'll see in ten years time but for me Redeemer is a very fine example of what Priest is about. It's a shame KK left but he did choose to do exactly that and because of that Richie has re-energised the band. Long live Priest.
    Man I really dig the new priest album. I am burned out if it though now after jamming it everyday for weeks. I was very surprised and this album needs to be cranked through good speakers to really appreciate it
    Redeemer has a couple of good songs, but sadly Halford sounded very uninspired in most of the album, and I don't mean he should be wailing shrieks everywhere I mean the way he felt passionless (i.e the title track). Heck even the best song IMO is on the bonus disc. But sadly the production is a bit lackluster, after Angel Of Retribution and Nostradamus both had that top notch sound. But is far from be revered. I'm a Priest fan in case anyone is wondering.
    Good album, but more so because it was unexpected. 13 was as well, but it is completely unmemorable. Also, since when did metal start with Priest and Sabbath? What about Deep Purple, Cream, and Zeppelin?
    Are you talking about hard rock or metal? I personally consider Sabbath to be metal and DP, Cream and Zep hard rock/blues rock. I don't know much about 70's Priest to comment on their music.
    Most people agree metal started with Sabbath, period. Priest came later.
    There's also the saying, that while Sabbath was heavy, Priest were metal.
    YEP, i remember watching a k.k. downing interview where he said he heard that saying. sabbath was heavy, but priest were metal!
    errr...weren't both bands formed in 1969?
    Sabbath was formed in 1968 Priest was formed in 1969 The point still stands. Sabbath were blues rock until around 1969
    For a second I thought he said, "reversed" as in someone will try and sue them again claiming subliminal messages.
    Haven't heard it yet, but Nostradamus was awful.
    nostradamus had some really good tunes on it but too much filler crap. if it was condensed into one disc of all the great tunes then it would be liked much more
    It seems more often that the things you feel will never be revered are what end up being revered lol
    A Decent Priest album but one of the WORSE mastering jobs in the history of music,right up there with Death Magnetic.When you turn it up past 4 it distorts badly. It is far to bass heavy in the mix (which is funny to begin with since in the 16 previous JP albums the bass has always been an after thought). The funniest thing about it is that the 5 (demo) songs that are included in the deluxe version are mixed a million times better that the actual album. I always respected Rob Halford for his modesty and his stand up guy attitude,but in this case his is way,way off.
    I think the album is phenomenal. One of the best "classic" metal albums to come out in the past few years. Can't beat "Halls of Valhalla" and "Tears of Blood." They're what you would call classic Priest.
    I don't think it's even in the top 5 of Priest albums TBH. It all sounds a bit tired and it could pass as an 80's hair metal album in places.