Rob Zombie Not Interested in White Zombie Reunion: 'It Wouldn't Be Good'

artist: Rob Zombie date: 07/30/2013 category: music news
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Rob Zombie Not Interested in White Zombie Reunion: 'It Wouldn't Be Good'
White Zombie fans shouldn't get their hopes up for a band reunion, as frontman Rob Zombie recently ruled out such an option without as much a hint of doubt in his mind. While talking to Consequence of Sound, Zombie noted that a comeback simply couldn't meet the expectations. According to the singer, White Zombie ended at their very peak, which is the way to go in Zombie's book. "No," the frontman started. "We did it, and it's done. And it wouldn't be good. That's the thing. I mean, a lot of people forget, because they went to see White Zombie and they were 15 years old and it was their first concert and everybody in White Zombie was, like, 23 years old. They're no longer 15 and they're gonna come to the concert at 40 and look at White Zombie, who are all gonna be 50, and go, 'This sucks now.' I mean, they forget that time marched on and changed." Zombie explained further, "White Zombie stopped at the height of our career. We had a triple-platinum record and we just did our huge, sold-out arena tour everywhere and then we stopped, and that's the best way to leave it." The singer then gave his opinion on a series of reunions occurring in the last several years, branding them cash-grabs with the exception of 1999 Black Sabbath comeback, which he described as "wonderful." "Most of the time - I'm not gonna lie; I never like to lie about stuff everybody does everything for money," he said. "You know, bands that can't stand each other, hate each other's guts, get back together 'cause they can make more money that way. "And that's not a good reason to do it. I mean, I like the band I have now; we're all friends. To get back with a bunch of people that I literally haven't even spoken to in 20 years to go do a run for a bunch of money, I just think that's a big lie and I'm just not into it." White Zombie officially called it quits back in 1998. The band's final studio effort, "Astro-Creep: 2000," dropped in 1995 as their fourth and commercially most successful record.
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