Rob Zombie Witnessed A Murder

artist: Rob Zombie date: 11/05/2012 category: general music news

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Rob Zombie Witnessed A Murder
Rob Zombie witnessed a murder on his first day in New York City. The shock rock musician and film maker was shocked when he witnessed somebody's death on his first day in the city, after he moved from Massachusetts aged 18. He said: "I was up in my room and heard screaming so I look out of the window and saw someone being killed. Day one and I was already involved in a murder case." While in New York, Rob formed his first band, White Zombie, but his early experiences in the New York rock scene were far from glamorous. He added: "I was serious about what we were doing. When your guitarist shows up without a guitar and say, 'I sold it to buy drugs', that's not a good situation. Drugs were everywhere in New York. Everyone knew at least five people who had Overdosed." White Zombie rose to fame in the early 90s before disbanding in 1998, at which time Rob went solo, releasing four albums to date, including "Hellbilly Deluxe" and "The Sinister Urge". He has also directed six full length films. Rob will be touring the UK with fellow rocker Marilyn Manson this month on the Twins of Evil co-headlining tour. Twins of Evil tour 2012, UK dates: Nov 26, London, The O2 Nov 27, Manchester, MEN Arena Nov 28, Glasgow, SECC Hall 3 Nov 29, Birmingham, National Indoor Arena
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