Robert Plant And The Band Of Thieves?

artist: Robert Plant date: 08/27/2010 category: music news
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In a recent interview, Robert Plant talked about the desperate conditions under which he and then-Band Of Joy drummer John Bonham lived. Plant told the Express, "We all meant it. We were at the point of starvation and would get involved in thievery. We would nick bottles of milk off the doorsteps in Manchester at 5 a.m., while tenants were waking up. We were better at siphoning petrol out of parked cars than we were at pulling crowds. Fortunately for Plant and Bonham, Jimmy Page would soon come calling and all their financial woes would be forever swept away. Plant is currently preparing a UK and European tour with his brand-new Band of Joy. He says that his current group, featuring Country Music Hall of Fame Artist in Residence Buddy Miller, is as fun and carefree as the '60s incarnation: "I feel as committed and as frivolous and, in a way, as carefree as I did when I had a rubber hose in the back of a Ford Prefect." Thanks for the report to Michael Wright,
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