Robert Plant Confirms Marriage To Patty Griffin

artist: Robert Plant date: 07/17/2012 category: music news
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Robert Plant Confirms Marriage To Patty Griffin
Robert Plant has confirmed the rumors that he married Patty Griffin last year. "I eloped and ran off to Texas," the singer tells The Independent. "So now I spend half my time there and half here [in the UK]." There, the couple lives in what the former Led Zeppelin frontman describes as "an old crack house in Austin," a rented place infested with termites. "I tap my hand on the table and they fly out the walls in this huge cloud, like something from a Disney film." In spring of 2011, rumors that the two were a couple started with a report by Austin Music Source blog Austin 360, with writer Michael Corcoran describing a passionate make-out session at the baggage claim area of a local airport as Griffin picked up Robert upon his arrival. Last fall, the two were rumored to be seen around Austin sporting wedding rings, although neither singer had confirmed their status publicly. Plant and Griffin worked together in the Band Of Joy, who released a live DVD last week. "Robert Plant & The Band Of Joy: Live From The Artists Den" was filmed at Nashville's War Memorial Auditorium for the music TV series; it is now available on DVD and Blu Ray. Thanks for the report to
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