Robert Plant Eager to Hear New Music From Jimmy Page: 'He Should Do Something'

Led Zep frontman also talks about being one of the few remaining rock giants.

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Although Led Zeppelin return is still not an option in his book, Robert Plant seems to be quite eager to hear some fresh material from fellow Led Zep icon Jimmy Page.

During a recent interview with the Telegraph, Plant noted that Jimmy "should get on and do something," dubbing him "a superb talent."

"That's the sad thing for Jimmy, he knows that I'm his guy, I'm his pal, but the warmth that he needs to actually enjoy the world, it's all there. Come on and give it to us," the singer said.

Drawing a comparison with the way Eric Clapton left supergroup Blind Faith in 1969 to tour as sideman with Delaney and Bonnie blues duo , or how George Harrison brought Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison together in The Traveling Wilburys, Robert noted:

"Why do it the way you always did it? Why think like that? You never think it could possibly work. And yet, you can take off all your trappings of 30 years of playing and step into this other world. You f--k them out of the way and have a good time."

During the rest of the chat, Plant discussed being one of the few remaining rock giants on the scene. "There are only three or four frontmen left, from our time, who actually just kick the mic stand up and do it, and that's me, Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger,” he said. “But the only important thing is, can you contemporise your gift? Can I knock myself out, or am I just going through the motions? Because if I’m going through the motions, I’m f--ked."

On the musical front, Plant is gearing up to release "Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar" on September 8, possibly marking the final album of his career. Page on the other hand, is continuing the series of Led Zeppelin re-releases, you can check out the "Led Zeppelin IV" reissue trailer below.

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    I don't care for all the drama that these articles exude, but he has a point here. I haven't heard anything new Page-related since that Page and Plant album from the 90s. Why isn't this guy tearing up the fretboard anymore?
    That's what I don't get. He created so many memorable riffs and songs, and then after Zeppelin there was nothing (memorable). A magik curse (for those into the history)?
    Pikka Bird
    He named Rod Stewart before either of the two main Pink Floyd guys? Or even Ozzy...? Odd choice, especially since Stewart is basically just a forgettable cream puff who's only ever had half the balls in his voice that Bonnie Tyler did.
    Yeeeees.... What about McCartney?
    Pikka Bird
    Yeah, him too. At least sort of, since the lead was split roughly 50/50 between him and Lennon. A little bit absent-minded of Page there.
    He's referring to straight up vocalists, not vocalists who also play instruments. As in "kick the mic stand up and do it."
    Just because people mythologize old music and old musicians doesn't mean Robert Plant needs to name drop everyone just for consistency. Ozzy did come up at the same time as Rob, from the same area, and Sabbath hit first, but they're different ilk completely. Pink Floyd were still developing their sound and following while Zeppelin had already taken off. After their first two albums, Floyd did a lot of searching before they hit their stride. The only thing any of those bands share besides being contemporaries and British is the blues.
    Paul Rogers is still at it. Jon Anderson has a solo thing too I think. Neil Young, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, Terry Reid...
    Let me interpret Robert's words... "Hey Jimmy! Got much love for you dog. But you gotta come up with some new music. Stop bothering me about a Led Zep reunion. Been there. Done that. Dude, you got mad skillz, and talentz! I would love to hear new stuff from you."
    I like Whitesnake quite a bit. Saw them live last year. Coverdale's voice is not like it used to be. I think the band was playing a full step down.
    "Because if I’m going through the motions, I’m f--ked." This is honestly all that needs to be said about the Zeppelin reunion. If you still don't get why a musician doing something you want them to even if they desperately do not want to, would in fact be phoning it in, you probably don't get much. Zeppelin don't exist. You can either accept the fact that the very concept of time means you can't experience everything, or you can hold it against a guy whose happier for it than you are.
    I agree Plant, you've shown its possible to move on and enjoy...Page should heed your words, everyone loves Page and I'd prefer something with him involved musically than this nothing at all unless Zep returns kinda shtick he's been playing for FAR TOO LONG! Led Zeppelin will stand the test of time as it has...WE HAD A REUNION SHOW ALREADY. THAT WAS IT! Time to turn the page Mr.Page.