Robert Plant Eager to Hear New Music From Jimmy Page: 'He Should Do Something'

artist: Led Zeppelin date: 08/28/2014 category: music news
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Robert Plant Eager to Hear New Music From Jimmy Page: 'He Should Do Something'
Although Led Zeppelin return is still not an option in his book, Robert Plant seems to be quite eager to hear some fresh material from fellow Led Zep icon Jimmy Page.

During a recent interview with the Telegraph, Plant noted that Jimmy "should get on and do something," dubbing him "a superb talent."

"That's the sad thing for Jimmy, he knows that I'm his guy, I'm his pal, but the warmth that he needs to actually enjoy the world, it's all there. Come on and give it to us," the singer said.

Drawing a comparison with the way Eric Clapton left supergroup Blind Faith in 1969 to tour as sideman with Delaney and Bonnie blues duo , or how George Harrison brought Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison together in The Traveling Wilburys, Robert noted:

"Why do it the way you always did it? Why think like that? You never think it could possibly work. And yet, you can take off all your trappings of 30 years of playing and step into this other world. You f--k them out of the way and have a good time."

During the rest of the chat, Plant discussed being one of the few remaining rock giants on the scene. "There are only three or four frontmen left, from our time, who actually just kick the mic stand up and do it, and that's me, Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger,” he said. “But the only important thing is, can you contemporise your gift? Can I knock myself out, or am I just going through the motions? Because if I’m going through the motions, I’m f--ked."

On the musical front, Plant is gearing up to release "Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar" on September 8, possibly marking the final album of his career. Page on the other hand, is continuing the series of Led Zeppelin re-releases, you can check out the "Led Zeppelin IV" reissue trailer below.

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