Robert Plant Ready For Led Zeppelin Talks?

Robert Plant admits he's "thinking about talking" with the other members of Led Zeppelin, with a view to playing together again.

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Robert Plant may perform with Led Zeppelin again.

The British rock group's legendary singer has for a long time been adamant he would not reform the "Black Dog" group, although he has now admitted he could be open for discussions with surviving ex-bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

When asked by if Led Zeppelin were thinking of playing again, Robert replied: "I think we're probably thinking about talking."

Robert reunited with the group for a one off show in 2007 in tribute to Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, but said he was left questioning himself about it.

He explained: "I was driven to distraction with fear and reminiscences and huge reflections of my mortality and, like, can I do it? Is it best I leave it as it was? Is it some kind of pulsing fun machine? But we had to do it. We had to say goodbye to Ahmet and that was a great way of putting a lot of things back in the box that were all over the floor."

Jimmy has previously expressed his desire for the group to play together again, but said their future lies in Robert's hands.

He said: "You'd better ask Robert Plant what the future of Led Zeppelin is. Musicians can always play together but I don't think you can go out with a band called Led Zeppelin if you haven't got the original vocalist."

Robert's latest album, "Band Of Joy" is available now.

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    "I think we're probably thinking about talking." Newsworthy development here folks.
    Wow, he's thinking about talking to the other band members. That might as well mean a reunion,there is the next headline for UG.
    I thought it was funny how he keeps going on about how he's older now, and shouldn't be singing about getting chicks and stuff, but a lot of his songs from Band of Joy were sort of about that. Also, one of the big reasons Zep didn't reunite is because of Bonham, but naming his new album after their original band kind of defeats that. Plant's just fighting off the press. He wants to do it I think, but is skeptical if he can. Or he simply doesn't want to do it, and doesn't know how to say it.
    T.W.S.D.A. wrote: "I think we're probably thinking about talking." Newsworthy development here folks.
    I would agree with you in most cases but come on its Led Zeppelin if there is ever even any hint that they might get back together its gives us all who aren't 50 years old hope
    I think I probably wont read a Led Zeppelin article again. How much of this back and forth crap can he pull out of his ass? Sh*t or get off the can.
    Robert plant is also thinking about thinking about joining maybe velvet revolver? Stop doing void news. We already knew that.
    "This just in, Robert Plant thinks about thinking about thinking about a Led Zeppelin Reunion"
    Be careful in your thinking about this. In Late-August, he said that he just wasn't into heavy rock anymore and that it wasn't about the vanity, ego and visible success for his future. While the article seems to contradict that, note that their interview was conducted in JUNE, well before his latest which were made after a recent Them Crooked Vultures show.
    There's an infinite amount of music that's better than Zeppelin. At this point, they are like the the first stepping stone, an introduction to hard rock music that everyone seems to go through in their early to mid teens. The godly regard in which society views bands like Zeppelin or the Beatles is sorely misguided. People should consider the music, not the status. Zeppelin is good music, but by no means is it something that I should hold in the highest esteem. Nothing should.
    Everyone bashing UG for bad news but come on, this isn't a flat out NO which is what always happened before. Maybe Plant just wanted to dick around with that country chick and his band of joy to get his rocks off and now he realizes how kick ass Zeppelin is. Just sayin
    Wasn't there an article a few weeks ago where Plant said the heavy rock genre did nothing for him anymore? Granted, "probably thinking about talking." isn't exactly showing a complete change of heart.
    sherry07 wrote: He's confirmed he's thinking about it.... How enlightening. Typical Ultimate Guitar.
    It's not even that concrete if you look at his quote... he's "THINKING we're PROBABLY THINKING about it." That's three layers of uncertainty, wow.
    I agree it seems like non-news but it's an improvement to past statements, I mean in the past it was always a flat-out NO from Plant.. An example of non-news was an article of a few months ago that basically said ''Led Zeppelin was asked to before at X festival, however they said no''.
    sherry07 wrote: He's confirmed he's thinking about it.... How enlightening. Typical Ultimate Guitar.
    UG needs a like button I can click. It's an easier way to praise the awesomeness of your comment.
    He's confirmed he's thinking about it.... How enlightening. Typical Ultimate Guitar.
    Freebird79 wrote: if he waits any longer for a reunion he'll be in a wheelchair
    Wouldn't be the first time. Most of Presence was recorded in a wheelchair.