Robert Plant Says There Is 'Zero' Chance of Led Zeppelin Performing Again

artist: Led Zeppelin date: 04/24/2014 category: music news

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Robert Plant Says There Is 'Zero' Chance of Led Zeppelin Performing Again
Robert Plant has ruled out the chance of Led Zeppelin performing live any time soon, saying there is "zero" chance of another reunion show.

In an interview with the BBC (via NME) about the forthcoming reissue of the band's first three albums, guitarist Jimmy Page said he was sure fans would be keen for another reunion show, like the one the band did at London's O2 seven years ago.

"I'm sure people would love to hear it," Page said. "I'm not the one to be asking, I don't sing."

When asked about the possibility of a show, however, singer Robert Plant said the chance of it happening was "zero."

The three reissues, which will be released on June 2, will feature dozens of previously unheard recordings. Page has spent the last two-and-a-half years working on the reissues. "I don't want to die and have somebody else do it," he said. "I'm authoritative about what was done in the first place."

Page says it was "reassuring" to revisit the band's early recordings. "It's undeniable that we're good," he adds. "The band was the real deal."

However, he said that listening to the tracks years later has given him a different perspective. "My enthusiasm sometimes got in the way of finesse. I listen to it and go, 'Wow, why didn't I shut up a bit?'" he laughs. "I kind of overcooked it."

There will be "lots of surprises" on the reissues, Page promised. The final three will be released in 2015.

"These things aren't to study," he said. "They're to turn up very loud and say, hey, once upon at time, everything was just as easy as this."
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