Robert Plant Says There Is 'Zero' Chance of Led Zeppelin Performing Again

The band will reissue their first three albums in July.

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Robert Plant has ruled out the chance of Led Zeppelin performing live any time soon, saying there is "zero" chance of another reunion show.

In an interview with the BBC (via NME) about the forthcoming reissue of the band's first three albums, guitarist Jimmy Page said he was sure fans would be keen for another reunion show, like the one the band did at London's O2 seven years ago.

"I'm sure people would love to hear it," Page said. "I'm not the one to be asking, I don't sing."

When asked about the possibility of a show, however, singer Robert Plant said the chance of it happening was "zero."

The three reissues, which will be released on June 2, will feature dozens of previously unheard recordings. Page has spent the last two-and-a-half years working on the reissues. "I don't want to die and have somebody else do it," he said. "I'm authoritative about what was done in the first place."

Page says it was "reassuring" to revisit the band's early recordings. "It's undeniable that we're good," he adds. "The band was the real deal."

However, he said that listening to the tracks years later has given him a different perspective. "My enthusiasm sometimes got in the way of finesse. I listen to it and go, 'Wow, why didn't I shut up a bit?'" he laughs. "I kind of overcooked it."

There will be "lots of surprises" on the reissues, Page promised. The final three will be released in 2015.

"These things aren't to study," he said. "They're to turn up very loud and say, hey, once upon at time, everything was just as easy as this."

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    If Plant doesn't want to do it, he doesn't have to do it. I'm sure he's been offered crazy amounts of cash to reform Led Zep, so it's refreshing to see that it clearly isn't about the money. Better to keep the memory of the reunion gig in 2007 and everything that came before it as the bands legacy, rather than reforming and the possibility of disappointing some fans with some less than perfect performances. (Mainly because the guys are getting older and it'd be difficult to keep the same standard going forward)
    True. I was baffled by Plant his voice at the reunion show. Would be a waste to replace that memory with something half done
    See, I thought it sounded like shit. All the songs were 2+ notes lower, and Plant himself found doing it traumatic.
    The reunion show was as good as many of their performances in the 70's. They were very good at the reunion show and Plant sang very well for how old they are. And most surprising was how well Jimmy played. Most performances Ive seen from the 70's were EXTREMELY sloppy, and not to say he was perfect at the reunion show, but for the most part the whole band was very tight.
    And yes, all the songs were 2 notes lower, every song was lowered to D, except Kashmir which is already DADGAD, they played that normally. I thought the songs sounded way better in the live environment in D tho, that and the timing and slowing down of em. They were great at the reunion show honestly.
    I mean, whatever gives John Paul Jones more free time to work on a new Them Crooked Vultures record.
    Yea like there is some comparison between TCV and Zeppelin...child please!
    He didn't say or imply that there was... Just said he'd be happy for JPJ to be working on new TCV. I wholeheartedly agree with him.
    Kinda dissapointed, but my guess is that Robert knows that doing a reunion would leave most of us dissapointed by the final result, of course it would be epic if they did a reunion, but I rather live in a constant "this would be epic" state than have a final result that ended up letting me down
    Saw Robert Plant last year in Manchester, trust me, you wouldn't be disappointed.
    Atleast some people stand behind their words. Respect Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin.
    Why are people still surprised by Plant? He has said he will not do a reunion for years and people keep choosing to forget. I love Zeppelin but it isn't going to happen and people need to get over that. It's Plant's choice and he made his decision clear a few years ago.
    Because he said a year ago he was free to do a tour and record with them in 2014....
    If I was to watch a reunion show for a big name band from yesteryear, I would rather watch a show by a group who still wants to perform their old music over a band who is only doing it because other people want them to. Clearly, Plant doesn't want to. Being that his heart would not be in it I don't mind that he doesn't want to. Sometimes its better to just let things be.
    This just makes them even more legendary. But I would like to see Page, Jones and Bonham head out on a tour with someone who could sing the songs pretty well. ****, I'd settle for a Page solo tour playing nothing but old blues songs at this point.
    You are aware that Bonham is dead right? Or are you talking about his son?
    Pretty sure he's talking about Jason Bonham. Eh, let's just enjoy what we have and call it a day. It sucks that I'll never see them, but I'm content with the live content they've released and, of course, the actual albums themselves.
    You had to ask this? Of course he meant his son Jason who's played with Zeppelin whenever they've done shows.
    Velcro Man
    If Zeppelin reformed, Jason would be on drums, so yes, that's who they were referring to.
    the cock song!! I want a give you my cock..awe..I want a give you my cock! awe way deep down inside, I want to give you my prick OOh OOH OHH!!!
    I mean, whatever gives John Paul Jones more free time to work on a new Them Crooked Vultures record.
    To quote what Robert Plant said in 2008 he does not want to "tour like a bunch of bored old men following the Rolling Stones around." He's not in it for the money, he's happy doing what he's doing now and that should be enough. Other guys like Slash, AC/DC, Metallica, etc are happy doing that. Robert doesn't want to so let him be.
    so we can expect another dog shit easy listening album from robert huh? he'll take that garbage out on the road, but **** the millions of fans who made him who he is today. what a selfish old bitter man.
    And you hate on an old man for wanting to finally stop performing music he wrote more than half a lifetime ago, and just let it rest. What a selfish, bitter "fan".
    The Judist
    Bloody lead singers, always holding bands to ransom.
    No its always the drummers that are problematic and that's not a knock against Bonham. Just ask anyone you know thats been in a band....
    What was the lastvthing the drummer said before getting kicked out of the band? "hey guys I had some songs I thought we could work on".
    Rob doesn't sound bitter, but you sure do. The only 'fans' he's ****ing over are the kinds not worth having in the first place. You know, the ones who will completely shit on and bury you for not doing what they want. The fact that Plant loves what does and can afford to play whatever he wants must bother you, but he's not doing it for 'easy listening', he's paying tribute to the kind of roots music that inspired him. You don't have to like it, or even respect it, but you're going on like an idiot just because the guy doesn't have to play music he doesn't want to for your money, like a puppet or something. Good on him, that kind of integrity and unwillingness to look backwards is rare among his peers.
    Okay I love Zeppelin, prolly the biggest fan. But I've come to realize they were the greatest. But they know they are old and can't perform at the high pitch they were back then and the fast as hell tempo. And the power behind the drums is just not there. And I heard Robert doesn't like performing to huge stadiums anymore, he says Zeppelin shielded them. And when Jimmy says "once apon a time, everything was this easy" He means that todays youth and music isn't as appreachieated as Zeppelin was. So to take it on a tour would ruin the Zeppelin name. Page and Plant on the other half wouldn't be too bad to see in an acoustic set.
    Zeps like the Beatles with having millions of fans, so not you, or anyone is else is the biggest fan; they have millions of biggest fans.
    Never mind a tour... how about a new record? Get together and write some new stuff and record it. Write the material to suit your current vocal abilities and current musical interests. Led Zep was always a versatile band. There's no reason the new stuff has to sound just like the old.