Robert Plant Slams Jimmy Page Over Led Zeppelin Reunion Remarks

artist: Led Zeppelin date: 06/05/2014 category: music news
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Robert Plant Slams Jimmy Page Over Led Zeppelin Reunion Remarks
Robert Plant has responded to comments made by bandmate Jimmy Page about his role in preventing a Led Zeppelin reunion.

"I was told last year that Robert Plant said he is doing nothing in 2014, and what do the other two guys think?," Page told the New York Times (via Hennemusic) last month. "Well, he knows what the other guys think. Everyone would love to play more concerts for the band. He's just playing games, and I'm fed up with it, to be honest with you. I don't sing, so I can’t do much about it. It just looks so unlikely, doesn't it?"

"I think he needs to go to sleep and have a good rest, and think again," Plant told The National. "We have a great history together and like all brothers we have these moments where we don't speak on the same page but that's life."

Plant raised the hopes of Led Zeppelin fans about a possible reunion tour when he made the comments in February of 2013 during an interview with Australia's 60 Minutes.

"You know, the two other guys (Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones) are both Capricorns and they keep schtum (quiet); they don't say a word," Plant told reporter Tara Brown. "But they are quite contained in their own worlds and they just leave it to me to do this (interviews)."

" be the bad guy?", asked Brown. "I'm not the bad guy," replied the singer. "Well you are for all those Led Zeppelin fans who'd love you to say 'yes, we're reforming'," she challenged. "Well, then you need to speak to the Capricorns... 'cause I've got nothing to do in 2014."

Plant's plans have since changed: he will spend the summer on the road with his current band, The Sensational Space Shifters, with dates beginning today, June 5, at the Mawazine Festival in Rabat, Morrocco. Plant will also release a new solo album on September 9th.
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