Robert Plant: Why I Refuse Led Zeppelin Reunion

"It's tough enough repeating yourself with something that's a year old, never mind 49 years old."

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Robert Plant: Why I Refuse Led Zeppelin Reunion

Robert Plant has once again shot down the idea of Led Zeppelin reunion, telling The Telegraph (via Team Rock):

"You can't ever really go back. It's tough enough repeating yourself with something that's a year old, never mind 49 years old. I've got to keep moving."

Plant also talked about the impact recent deaths of rock musicians made on him, saying:

"How many voices are disappearing? The contributions to our time of listening and wonder. There's always a trip going to say goodbye.

"Maybe that's how people think about me! 'Fucking hell! Better go and see Planty! How much longer can he keep it up?'"

Last month, Robert acknowledged that the band's 2007 reunion was "magnificent," telling Rolling Stone:

"It was magnificent.

"We hit a home run that night, which is something that we were really fearful of. There was probably more riding on that than we would care to believe.

"Our performance was crucial, but we could reproduce sound in a much more reliable way, so we could be kickass, and sound kickass.

"Some of those horrific gigs way back were lacking in quality."

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    Mud Martian
    Plant has the right idea.  A lot of people get hung up on the past.  Maybe certain people would love to keep doing the same thing for 50 years.  Not Plant.  He's aware of his mortality and he's eager to keep life interesting and new. Playing songs with his old rock band from 50 years ago isn't how Plant sees himself spending the later years of his life.  And honestly, I wouldn't want to do it either in his shoes! How could anyone disrespect that choice?
    Yet he keeps playing all the songs with his solo band.
    I would agree that Plant's point is valid if not for this fact. I remember, specifically, him saying he couldn't sing songs about being a back door man in his 60's, yet he's singing the song every night. It just isn't with Zeppelin. Everyone's got their reasons, and you don't have to justify why you don't want to perform something, I just hate being fed bullshit.
    yes but they are reinterpretations of the songs which he would not be able to do with Led Zeppelin and Page. 
    So that means going solo and still playing Zep songs half the set list and then do an interview being arrogant about your past and how its sooooo long ago (and beneath him - what an insult Jimmy and JPJ)  Robert Plant is a bullshit artist.  I love him and Zep but his set lists since 1980 "solo" have always been full of Zep songs.  As the Brits say, enough of the bollocks.  
    Mud Martian
    If you think he's such an asshole, what do you care what he does then anyway? There's going to be an obvious demand for Zeppelin songs.  He is Robert Plant, and everyone expects to hear it.  It was his bread and butter, and as a paid performer he won't deny the crowd those songs, that would be dumb! But I'm behind Plant's choice not to run around the world with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. There's freedom in being a solo artist, and for someone his age, I doubt he wants to be - musically speaking - tied down.  And as I said before, he obviously doesn't feel the need to relive something he did when he was a young adult.  Why's that wrong? That's just my take on it, as someone who respects Plant's choice not to revive Led Zeppelin.  That's all.
    I'm not so much bagging on YOUR specific post - really not - but this "Cycle" by Plant has been repeated since 1980 - Tells everyone hes done with it via interview  Rejoins in 1985 for Live Aid - Starts Page and Plant in 1996 - 2007 02 Arena -  Plant every 10 years needs $ and he reunites with Zeppelin. Then does interview saying he's "put Zep in his past" 
    I'm gonna call you on your BS. He's done one show and one reunion since 1980. He clearly does not need the $. He wrote most of those songs by the way and they were very popular hence he plays them in his solo show. 
    ..."Cont'd" he wrote what songs?  He wrote Jimmys Guitar parts on ANY Zep song?   Calling you on your BS - please nbme 1 Zep song that Plant is the ONLY writing credit - (Pretty sure it doesn't exist 98%) 
    Ok - Live Aid he probably didn't get paid - O2 arena he did and the Page and Plant Tour was a regular Tour like 30 cities - 2/3 fella 
    Nope, Im wrong on 02 - Im pretty sure 02 was on him - and the 1988 40th was on him too - my point is really not to call him a $ Whore - just he plays this BS like hes better than the other 3, like he was SOMEBODY before Zep -  He wasn't - him and Bonzo were basically farmers - Jimmy was in the Yardbirds as we all know - JPJ a Professional Session musician.
    Im gonna keep going -  Plant and Page reunite - leave Jonesy at home - it's "Page and Plant...not Zeppelin everyonel, Page and Plant noooo way is this Zep and we are gonna go out of our way to say it's not Zeppelin, but PAGE AND PLANT"  Bollocks Takes out Allison Kraus and slows down a few Zep songs - it's "Plant and Kraus the American Spirit Tour" and we will play some Zep songs slowed down with a slide guitar and different tempo....and with a female lead...but it ain't Zeppelin -  Eff Robert Plant
    I'm with you on this one. When I see him with the band of joy if I remember it correctly the ledzep stuff was more folky. He doesn't have the same power anymore. He's not disrespecting anyone he clearly doesn't want to do it andwhatever reason he gives should be enough its his life and he shouldn't need to qualify his decisions. Bonam and Jones were my favourite bit about the band so a reunion would never be the same for me.
    I agree completely with this, nostalgia can be quite the fickle mistress? Especially people and the 90's nostalgia. Let's all move forward and accept the changes to come. As long as we have learned from pur past the future can be a wonderful thing. The good ol days are gone and greater days are to come.
    So does this mean the next bit of news in the days to come is going to be along the lines of: "EXCLUSIVE! JIMMY PAGE AND JOHN PAUL JONES TO TOUR WITH ROBERT PLANT & JOHN BONHAM HOLOGRAMS! THEY WILL BE PLAYING LED ZEP IV ALBUM IN ITS ENTIRETY" 
    While I certainly respect his ethic and desire to do his thing, one thing and one thing only really confuses me: the fear of "destroying your legacy" by playing reunion shows. If Zeppelin did reunite and did a couple of shows, or even a worldwide tour to horrible reviews, assuming they play horribly. How does this make their recorded music, inferior? Even if the tour they sounded horrible, I can always put on my Zeppelin on the turntable and enjoy everything they made. It reminds me of how people claim a sequel to a movie "ruined the franchise/first movie". No, it did not change anything regarding the previous installment, unless of course you're George Lucas.
    Except it kindof does ruin the previous work. Case in point: Alien. Noone talks about it as a great piece of cinema anymore, they talk about it as the start of a shitty film franchise. Rocky and Rambo also.
    I'm a huge zeppelin fan, but it's for the best that they don't reunite again. Years ago I felt the opposite, but time isn't on their side and it's best not to mess up their great legacy. Their show ten years ago was great and they should just leave it at that.
    As a relatively younger fan of theirs, its a sad existence knowing I probably won't get the chance to see them (made worse by the fact Bonham is a huge influence) so I'm kind of holding onto hope. To be honest they're all still fantastic musicians, I think another one off show whilst they still can would be a much appreciated opportunity for those who missed the Celebration Day gig. However...I do understand what you mean, but I think messing up their legacy is not something they'll have to worry about. 
    Good tune to learn alternate tunings on - get a cheaper acoustic and use that - it's a C something and then you can tune 2 other strings to a different C and make it the tuning for "Bry-on-yaur" ? Stomp AND another 1 string (I think) you can play the regular Bron-y-aur (think "Song remains the same movie" - cool instrumental when they are in city I believe) also some Tea Party songs - 
    Given that he had to go drink himself into a stupor after the O2 show, it's for the best.
    I'll answer the question for Plant. It's because he cannot sing those Zeppelin songs anymore. He's way too old
    Agreed.  Listening to his new album he does not have the pipes anymore and that's fine.  He doesn't want to go out there and act like he does.
     'Fucking hell! Better go and see Planty! How much longer can he keep it up?'"  Thats me I have tickets to see him in Glasgow. On the point of always moving forward thats 100% the same people that have a go at plant are the same ones that have a pop at pink floyd or bob dylan for not doing what they want. 
    OK, I get it about the past. But why not work with two of the most talented rock musicians on the planet, Jimmy page and John Paul Jones? Why not move forward in the future with a chemistry of a collaboration that we know will be outstanding? I
    Plant's put out a good amount of solo material since 1980. I actually listen to quite a bit of it, Fate of Nations being my favorite of the albums. I enjoy his solo stuff a lot, and am also a massive Zeppelin fan. There's a certain standard we set for Zeppelin when all the surviving members are back together, and the reunions in the past were not good at all we know this. O2 was amazing, it was done right and it was something special leave it at that. You can't expect a 70 year old man to sound the same every night, because he doesn't either. The songs are challenging and brutal for a young man alone. For everyone talking about him being an asshole for doing Zeppelin songs live while he's solo, he's not held to the same standard as he would be if Page and JPJ are on that stage with him. He's allowed to experiment and change those songs that would otherwise be set in stone if they were there. So what if his set list has those songs in them every night, if you haven't seen a Plant concert live then go watch or see him. It's vastly different than Zeppelin, so I don't really understand why he's getting heat for it. Kind of silly that he gave us something we desperately wanted, now that he's closed that chapter of his life for good we blast him for it. Something that I might add has hundreds of millions of dollars on the table, so I also don't understand the greedy comments. Take what they give you, enjoy it or don't listen but stop bitching about a guy that's set on his own path.
    Was it "amazing"? It sounded like a band playing three tones lower, with a singer struggling to carry a note. The fact that Plant had to drown himself in a bar afterwards speaks volumes.
    Apparently none of you have seen The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. And JP is always saying it can happen. SO, yes, you have two members pulling fans in different directions. Not everyone has had the privilege to see Led Zeppelin in concert. Also, my sex life is epic and none of your damn business.
    "Because I can't sing the songs in anywhere near the correct key anymore, nor could I get much closer in the 70's"
    Jesus, he shouldn’t have to keep explaining why he doesn’t want to do a reunion. Fuck off and leave he guy be.
    Celebration Day live album has a much better sound than The Song Remains the Same live album from 76