Rock Albums Dominate US Charts This Week, Claim First Three Spots

Tom Petty scores first-ever No. 1, Clapton follows at No. 2, "Guardians of the Galaxy" rounds up the Top 3, followed by Theory of a Dead Man.

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Classic rockers are truly rocking the charts this week, as each of the Top 3 spots on the US Billboard 200 chart got occupied by a representative of the guitar-driven community.

So off we go - Tom Petty scored his first-ever No. 1 album with "Hypnotic Eye," shipping 131,000 copies within the first week. It's worth noting that "Wildflowers" still stands out as Petty's top record in terms of first-week sales.

Further on up the road, Eric Clapton's tribute to late icon JJ Cale, "The Breeze," claimed the No. 2 spot with 61,000 units sold. Interestingly enough, Tom Petty made a guest appearance on the album, along with Willie Nelson, Mark Knopfler, Derek Trucks and more.

Rounding it all up comes "Guardians of the Galaxy" soundtrack. Granted, it's not a typical rock performer, but the record is packed with vintage rock, rightfully earning it a spot within the guitar-wailing domain. With 60,000 copies sold, the No.3 effort features such classic acts as David Bowie, 10cc, the Runaways and more.

According to a Billboard report, Theory of a Deadman round up the rock representatives of the Top 10, securing No. 8 spot thanks to 28,000 units moved by "Savages." To sum it all up, not a bad week for rock on the charts, not at all.

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    Am I the only one so far who saw the "further on up the road" pun when they switched to eric claptons 2nd place?
    Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and more Rock songs on the charts
    Rock is dead.
    I think he was saying that sarcastically given all the recent articles focused on the death of rock music.
    At least it isn't 'rock' bands topping the charts. And the reason why rock was in inverted comma's, is because of all these pop bands/artists claiming to be rock but aren't, if you didn't know. But yeah, hopefully rock will become more popular, like before. I missed those days