Rock Hall Of Fame Inductees Revealed

Rush lead the inductees for the 2013 ceremony after being snubbed by the Hall for years, and thank their fans for prompting the change. See the full list of inductees here.

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The inductees for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame have been officially revealed, and the artists involved has reacted with joy.

Prog-legends Rush lead the list of inductees after being shunned by the hall for years. They will join blues guitarist Albert King, political rappers Public Enemy, singer Donna Summer, and Randy Newman who scored the "Toy Story" films.

"It's a terrific honor and we'll show up smiling," said Rush's singer and bassist Geddy Lee (via HenneMusic). "It made my mom happy, so that's worth it."

He gave a special thank you to Rush's legion of dedicated fans. "It was a cause they championed," he says. "I'm very relieved for them and we share this honor with them, for sure."

Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart were grateful to receive recognition from such an institution: "We're always traveling and out there doing it. It can start to feel like you're a tree falling in the forest, but nobody notices. So this kind of acknowledgment is really sweet."

Rush led the public vote, which was open for the first time in the Hall's history. However, the public vote only counted for one "fan ballot" among 600 other ballots.

The final ceremony will take place on April 18 2013 in L.A., and will broadcast on HBO on May 18. If you want to attend the ceremony, tickets will be available from January 25.

Do you think other more deserving artists missed out on a place in the Hall Of Fame? Who would you add? Let us know in the comments.

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    Just change the name to Popular Music Hall of Fame or somehting. Seriously.
    Incoming shitstorm about how Deep Purple didn't made it and how Public Enemy sucks for not being rock.
    They're not though.
    I said this previously, punk and hip-hop/rap are the two generas of music that still have aspects of rock music as founded by Chuck Berry.
    I'm more sceptic about that Newman dude, I didn't know scoring for Disney was Rock N roll but hey... Iron maiden and Purple must be happy not being cited along these people, I'm sure they're cool, but Rock n roll? dont think so
    Aw, I was kinda hoping Rush would counter-shun them to show what a sham the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame is. They're being inducted along-side Public Enemy and Donna Summer, for Christ's sake.
    That would have been gratifying as a fan, but Rush are nothing if not class-acts. If anything, their graciousness will further show how foolish it was of the RRHOF to shun them all this time.
    As Geddy put it in an interview, " We're nice Canadian boys. We wouldn't do that."
    That's what I was thinking, they're too nice to do something like that. Although it would be epic, it'll be nice to see them perform.
    I think the other reason they wouldn't do it is cuz they reeeaaally care about their fans. I believe the average Rush fan/geek is dying to see them in the RNRHOF, therefore, they'd never shun it, it's too importtant to their fans so it's too important too them.
    So instead of Deep Purple and Procol Harum we get Public Enemy and Donna Summer? Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Sure it is.
    Public Enemy deserves recognition, but not the from the rock and roll hall of fame. Babe Ruth doesn't fit into the Football Hall of Fame, why put rappers into the rock hall of fame? Also needs more Deep Purple.
    Might be because rap and rock come from a common decendant(s). These days there's a clear definition between rap and rock, but a lot of vocalists in 70's blues/rock bands wanted to sound like they were from motown or some shit, whilst the rest of the band still played what would've been considered hard rock. Its all relative
    First thing I thought of
    Dont forget from a couple episodes before, when Randy Newman sang the theme song for Cartman's Fatty Doo Doo TV show! The south park guys have been all OVER Randy Newman this year lol
    It's from the same episode lol, I was going to post that one as well but I didn't want to spam the feed
    All I'm saying is, Flava Flav is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I'm waiting for Poison to get in now so VH1 can have a reality show boner
    wow what's the point in having a hall when you can't get the people you want in that definately deserve it? Good for Rush, but Deep Purple and Heart more than deserve to be in it. It's just all pointless, the other mentioned inductees are jokes.
    rush fans when they don't get inducted "I don't care about the hof" "it's a joke I don't even want rush to be part of it" rush fans once they get in..."oh my god a dream come true!"
    Same goes with Kiss fans. Its the "rock and roll hall of fame" not the "business and merchandise hall of fame"
    i dont understand how they can induct rush with out yes or king crimson whom rush is completely derivative of
    They just need to change the name to "Music Hall of Fame". Thats the only issue I have.
    yeah, Public Enemy is really influential, but no Deep Purple, so many bands wouldn't exist without them.
    The hall is a JOKE!!!!! People need to stop paying attention to this joke of an organization! Public Enemy does NOT deserve to even be mentioned in the same sentence with some of these legends. When will they get a clue?
    Hm, okay, I assume people are missing the point. IT WASN'T BROUGHT UP THAT PUBLIC ENEMY IS INFLUENTIAL TO ROCK AND ROLL OR EVEN DESERVES TO BE IN THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. What was said, is that Public Enemy was, and still is, a big influence for most rap artists, which is not a matter of opinion, it's a fact. So please, explain the downvotes for every post regarding Public Enemy here? Also, I personally don't care that much about RRHoF entries (and I believe most people here don't either), but nowadays it's become more of a Music Hall of Fame, since people from all genres are getting inducted. So, it isn't absurd to bring Public Enemy into the whole thing (Ok, NOW bringing up if they deserve to be inducted or not), since they played a major role in MUSIC. If they should change the name of the whole thing? Maybe, but I don't care about it enough to enter in this discussion. Ah well, let the downvotes come over again. But I can't make myself more clear.
    Black Mustangs
    Public Enemy were legends in their own right and influenced rap in more ways than you can imagine. They weren't very rock and roll, but if the RRHoF is going to induct artists from all genres of music they deserve to be there 100%.
    Public Enemy plays bars and nightclubs these days. They were such "legends" that they had zero staying power. And go ahead and Google the lists of legends that are not in the hall and then compare them to Public Enemy. It's a joke, the hall is a joke.
    BB King still plays in bars. Lots of bands choose small venues because the music relates better to a intimate audience. Imagine if the Sex Pistols played the O2 arena, it wouldn't have the same impact as a small club.
    And what about Rush? Let's face it. Rush are a great band, but they, and literally every other Progressive Rock band, never really had mainstream relevance or popularity in the first place, let alone staying power. Rush getting inducted into the Hall of Fame is as much of a surprise as it is a relief. Next you'll be telling me Manilla Road and Voivod aren't Metal legends because they mostly stick to bar/small hall shows, too, despite Voivod being one of the biggest influences on Thrash Metal, and Manilla Road being one of the greatest Metal bands in existence. I agree that the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame is a joke (where the ****'s Budgie?), but you're taking this anti-Public Enemy stance to a level that reeks of "LUL I'M LIKE 15 AND INTO ROCK MUSIC, RAP SUX LUL", so just **** off.
    Bands like rush and king crimson have never had the type of widespread fan base that more mainstream bands have but the sheer amount of sounds they innovated have found there way into more different songs, bands, and genres than is comparable with any mainstream artist, they may not get a lot of listeners but when a enough musicians are inspired by your innovations then you can have much more reach and influence than any amount platinum albums will ever give you. and when it comes to public enemy they where definitely one these innovators, they deserve this for the same reasons as rush although I admit the rock n roll hall fame isn't really a good name for what they do at this point.
    Man, the influence of Public Enemy on rap music is immeasurable. It's not even worth the argument, so I won't even start. You know what is a joke? 911 is a joke...
    The influence of Public Enemy on rap music is immeasurable? How about comparable? It's like saying there is a great athlete at the special olympics! At the end of the day, it's still rap. Does NOT belong!
    I don't remember even bringing up if it belongs to the RRHoF or not. I only remember saying that Public Enemy are legends of rap.
    Mainly because it does not even matter, since Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Rap Hall of Fame, Jazz Hall of Fame or any kind of music hall of fame is utter bullshit.
    Sorry, as much as I love Rush, that's a complete joke. Public Enemy are just as important, if not more important, to their field as Rush are to theirs.
    Thanks to Public Enemy and Anthrax, the whole "Nu-metal" movement got a huge boost. Although I will say that I don't particularly enjoy this type of music (I think its absolute shit), it was highly influential on a lot of bands in the 90's "metal" scene. They deserve the credit
    Yeah, but the Public Enemy-Anthrax collaboration was actually good, and Rap-Rock groups like Run-D.M.C and Beastie Boys made some kick-ass music. The same can't be said for the Nu-Metal movement. If that movement was at all influenced by the aforementioned groups, it was not a musical influence.
    Public Enemy are a far more influential group than any other on the list, also their first 4 albums are classics and made alot of people aware about black politics. Also this is my cruising song when driving...
    Yes, much more influential to rock and roll than Rush or Heart....
    Second Rate
    there is no way that uppity, pretentious group of second rate rappers led by a bitter racist is more influential than Rush. Maybe if they would have found some time between Chuck's racist diatribes and Griff's anti semitic outbursts to write some decent songs people wouldn't be so miffed about them being inducted.
    You know what, this comment is getting upvoted, isn't it? I just give up from trying to have rational discussions about music around here. It's really better to just go and "LOL IT RULES XDXDXD" or "LOL AXL XD XD XD" or "LOL I LOVE MUSTAINE XD XD XD" everywhere, at least I don't have to read crap like this.
    Chuck is not a racist, and Griff was thrown out for his antisemitism until he pulled a Malcolm X trip to Mecca when he realized that his beliefs were bullshit.
    Yes, Rush are great musicians, however they really aren't that influential. Public Enemy helped start and influence a whole genre. I'm not at all a rap fan, but even I have to admit that they are much more influential than Rush.
    This isn't that good, if the HAD to choose a rap group for the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, it should be N.W.A. over Public Enemy.
    You know if there were a rap and hip hop hall of game, which I honestly don't know if there is or isnt, I'm pretty sure the likes of Rush, Heart , and Randy Newman would never be considered :I
    if you look up rock on wikipedia, it defines it as an "umbrella term" for every genre, even rap
    Hall of Fame's punchline when bands say they're a joke: If you can't beat 'em, let them join you
    I'm more excited Albert King than Rush honestly. Never been a Rush fan, but always loved the Four Kings of Blues.
    Apparently I am the only UGer that likes Randy Newman...
    Nah, we all like Randy Newman, because he's a boss. We just don't want him to be in the RnRHOF instead of Deep Purple.
    Flavor Flav is a moron. He was only there as comic for relief for Chuck D's important and relevant words. Everyone knows that the RRHOF is a joke and no one really takes its validity seriously. The only validation a band needs is the support of it's fans. Nothing else.
    Why do they even call it the Rock and Roll hall of fame?? I guess you just have to be involved with music in some capacity to make it in these days. Oh well..
    Well, 30 or so years late, but Rush is finally I can't really complain past that. You get what you get with these inductions, and I'm more than satisfied with Rush.
    i like randy newman.... he's use of satire and perfect chord choice makes for a great song. listen to his greatest hits album. amazing songwriter.
    The RRHOF is crap but it's cool to see Rush and Public Enemy get recognition. I guess.
    sir qwerty
    who the **** is Albert King? wtf is Donna Summer? wth is Randy Newman? I've never heard about those people....where the hell are IRON MAIDEN? RNR Hall of Fame is a farce....
    You people really need to get over the NAME of it. By now you morons should realize that they're including ALL genres.
    I think most people are mad about public enemy getting in because of the spectle that is flavor flav, I don't think it will change many people's mind but apperently he's taught himself to play piano guitar bass an other instruments, don't get me wrong he is an assclown, but he may have more talent than people give him credit for
    Public Enemy has every right to be recognized as one of the greatest in their genre. The RRHoF celebrates all great music. There's more to music than pre-1990's Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, you know.
    Angus May
    finally Rush! It's a sin that Deep Purple didn't get in. And I personally think that Joan Jett absolutely needs a spot in there. Especially her first band the Runaways. My personal opinion about who should be in there: Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, Megadeth, Slayer, Black Flag, Bad Brains, the Misfits, Television, etc, etc...
    I wish it said which country we come from when posting a comment
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    The current R&R hall should be remade as a recording artisits hall and a REAL Rock & Roll Hall built.
    Sooo.. Everyone's complaining about Public Enemy, but I see no serious complaints/arguments about Randy Newman. /UG user need to broaden their musical tastes.
    They should call this the music hall of fame. I love Randy Newman, but he doesn't do Rock music.