Rock Hall: 'Paul Stanley's Behavior Is Borderline Racist'

artist: KISS date: 05/30/2014 category: music news
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Rock Hall: 'Paul Stanley's Behavior Is Borderline Racist'
Discussing this year's induction ceremony, Rock Hall Foundation CEO/president Joel Peresman touched on KISS frontman Paul Stanley's stance toward the institution, calling it "borderline racist."

Asked by about Gene's "surprisingly gracious" speech, Joel commented, "It was a lovely speech, it was actually kind of classy, as opposed to Paul's. That speech was the best advertisement for [pointing out that] what we did was right.

"He's been almost borderline racist, not in that speech, but in other interviews talking about how hip-hop artists shouldn't be inducted because they don't play instruments. It's like, 'What are you, kidding?'

"And he talks about the nominating committee, and how those guys don't buy records. Those guys buy records! They're f--ing fans! Those guys are writers and critics and musicians. Those are the people who buy records and got into the business because they love music," the CEO concluded.

In related news, Stanley's former bandmate Ace Frehley called his behavior inappropriate. Chatting with Dee Snider at this year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards, Ace was asked to comment on the Rock Hall being "selective" and "changing rules for every band, which is not cool."

"They have the right to do that, you know?" the guitarist replied. "I didn't think it was appropriate that [Stanley] needed to bash them a little when he was giving the acceptance speech. He's making a big deal out of it and he's gotta give them a shot."

Speaking of Ace, the axeman has recently premiered a brand new song "Gimme a Feelin'' off his upcoming record "Space Invader," due out on June 24. You can pre-order the album via Amazon here.

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