Rock Hall: 'Paul Stanley's Behavior Is Borderline Racist'

"His Rock Hall bashing wasn't appropriate," adds guitarist Ace Frehley.

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Discussing this year's induction ceremony, Rock Hall Foundation CEO/president Joel Peresman touched on KISS frontman Paul Stanley's stance toward the institution, calling it "borderline racist."

Asked by about Gene's "surprisingly gracious" speech, Joel commented, "It was a lovely speech, it was actually kind of classy, as opposed to Paul's. That speech was the best advertisement for [pointing out that] what we did was right.

"He's been almost borderline racist, not in that speech, but in other interviews talking about how hip-hop artists shouldn't be inducted because they don't play instruments. It's like, 'What are you, kidding?'

"And he talks about the nominating committee, and how those guys don't buy records. Those guys buy records! They're f--ing fans! Those guys are writers and critics and musicians. Those are the people who buy records and got into the business because they love music," the CEO concluded.

In related news, Stanley's former bandmate Ace Frehley called his behavior inappropriate. Chatting with Dee Snider at this year's Revolver Golden Gods Awards, Ace was asked to comment on the Rock Hall being "selective" and "changing rules for every band, which is not cool."

"They have the right to do that, you know?" the guitarist replied. "I didn't think it was appropriate that [Stanley] needed to bash them a little when he was giving the acceptance speech. He's making a big deal out of it and he's gotta give them a shot."

Speaking of Ace, the axeman has recently premiered a brand new song "Gimme a Feelin'' off his upcoming record "Space Invader," due out on June 24. You can pre-order the album via Amazon here.

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    Borderline racist? Are you ****ing serious? I see no hints towards racial discrimination! What a load of bullshit.
    I am so sick of people being called racist because they hate rap & hip hop. I hate rap and hip hop no matter what color the person is that's making it.
    I agree. Calling someone a racist because they aren't a fan of rap or hip hop is insane. The accuser is considering rap and hip hop to be "black people's music" which actually IS a racist thought. Sometimes pointing the finger at someone actually reveals more about the accuser than the accused.
    totally agree with you, its almost more racist of the guy who thought by hip hop artist he must mean a black guy
    Unless of course the members of the Rock Hall voting committee view "Elitists" as a race, then Paul was being racist. Though I'd say that's quite a stretch.
    Exactly! No racism in what he stated. Now, for Joel Peresman to state that it was on the borderline of being racist, then I can assume that he believes that Hip-hop and Rap ONLY have black people creating, and releasing it to the people, and no other race does, and only black people are allowed to make it, because if you're a different race, trying to make this form of art, then you're a horrible person. "...hip-hop artists shouldn't be inducted because they don't play instruments." That's his opinion, and that doesn't seem racist to me, unless (as stated above), only black people make this music.
    The claim that Hip-Hop/Rap artists don't have musicians (when many in fact do) is possibly based on the very much racist archetype of a "dumb, ignorant thug." So yeah, it was potentially racist. e.g. Public Enemy has a live band, and not only that, but Flavor Flave writes most of their music, in actual treble and bass clef notation. . . yet a lot of people just assume he is a complete idiot. . . because he's a black hip-hop musician who's go to jail. On that note, do you have any idea how many rock musicians have done the same shit, and more and gotten away with it?
    Isn't Joel being racist by implying that all hip hop is performed by black people?
    everyone who cries racism at every avenue is a closet racist, they say it in an attempt to disguise their inner racism.
    Seems like people are racist even though they know it is wrong so they overcompensate. Like a pedophile who knows it's bad to have sex with kids. They can't fully accept who they are without accepting their inner evil. So they stay away from the dark side like most people. So either they hate themselves or everyone hates them.
    I don't think that's always the case, but I do think it's the convenient, modern way of stigmatizing a person. All you have to say is "They're a racist!", and suddenly everyone is supposed to hate them. It's ridiculous. I don't care if someone's a racist- it doesn't affect my life at all. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, even if it's dumb. I'll respect anyone who says what they think a lot more than I'll respect someone whose opinions are based on societys expectations, which are generally garbage.
    He just doesn't understand racism is bullshit yet, so yeah he is kinda racist. Also he seems to be forgetting about the black artists in the rock 'n roll hall of fame. He also might be forgetting that black people invented blues and rock 'n roll. I'm gonna eat a mayonaise sandwich now and listen to some Jimmy Buffet, you know because my race dictates what I can and can't enjoy in life. I'd rather watch unseen footage of Jimi Hendrix sitting on the toilet taking a dump while fiddling his guitar than watch kiss perform.
    Joel, this is "Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame". Do you see hip-hop in that name? That's like putting Alien in a Disney museum!
    Alien is featured in the Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios park. There also used to be an Alien attraction in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom. But yeah, the R&RHOF is a joke. Hip hop is not Rock.
    Alien Encounter used to be the best part of Disneyland, imo.
    That ride scared the piss out of 12 year old me
    it actually made 12 year old me cry
    12 year old me cried because I never got to go to Disneyland, all I has was The Roundup at the County Fair on tractor pull night. But I'm much better now that I found the gain knob.
    You're correct. Lets also take out all Pop, Blues, Metal, Country, Jazz, Psychedelic, Progressive, Ambient, Electronic and Punk musicians out because they are also not Rock n Roll
    Paul isn't being racist he's just being a bit ignorant. Rock and roll has changed a lot since the 60's and 70's, thankfully. Hip hop, punk rock, metal and all their hundreds of sub-genres were born from rock and roll just like rock was born from the blues. Long story short - Great, innovative, influential hip hop artists belong in the Hall of Fame just as much as a band like KISS does. Long story even shorter - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame isn't important.
    Actually, the origins of hip-hop had very little to do with rock and roll.
    Well, that's bullshit. Yeah soul had a influence, but so did Little Richard, B.B. King, Screamin' Jay, etc. . . I mean if we're looking at roots, actual rock, not that 60s/70s thing that happened, but real rock/rockabilly, Hip-Hop and Punk are the closest thing. . . well, aside from rockabilly revival.
    if this is the case, then why did they name it the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and not the Popular Music Hall of Fame?
    In 10-15 years (or sooner) lots bands that were clearly just as or more influenced by Public Enemy or Grandmaster Flash than traditional rock and roll will be nominated and inducted in the RRHoF like Rage Against the Machine, Korn, etc. So, let me ask this... is it OK for a band that was influenced by hip hop to be in the Hall but NOT the hip hop artists that influenced them? What about a band like Radiohead? Tool? Are they "rock and roll" enough to be in the Hall? What this really does is highlight just how irrelevant and meaningless the RRHoF really is. So many rock-related genres have come so far in the last few decades, evolving, changing... and that's a great thing!
    I agree, there's no one complaining about blues artists being inducted in the RRHoF, so why complain about influential hip-hop?
    It's already happened. Anthony Kiedis specifically mentioned those two artists as to why he became a singer. Without them RHCP wouldn't exist.
    I guess they didn't predict the future very well, or maybe they WOULD have called it the Music Hall of Fame?
    hip hop does not belong in the hall of fame they should have their own shit its hard enough seeing madonna inducted but not journey
    Yo, Journey? Really? Public Enemy is way more rock than Journey. The GZA/Genius could rock Journey into a crater.
    I didn't realize that all hip-hop artists are necessarily a certain race. Who's the real racist here, Joel?
    I.. what?! Where to start? First of all, not all hip-hop is done by black people. Second of all, as Playtodie said, it's called the "Rock N Roll Hall of Fame" Finally, just what the f*ck?! Seriously.
    Umm, where did the "black people" reference come from? I believe the statement was made in general to state hip-hop is not rock, therefore shouldn't be included, not because of skin color.
    Here's the timeline: 1) Paul Stanley said that hip-hop artists shouldn't be inducted in the Rock & Roll HoF because they don't use instruments. 2) Joel Peresman thinks that statement is borderline racist. 3) Ace Frehley doesn't really seem to care that much. 4) UG readers recognize the implication Joel Peresman makes. By playing the race-card, Joel Peresman stigmatizes the hip-hop community. In essence, it's as though he said "all hip-hop artists must be black". The race-card backfired on him. I hope I've been clear.
    Actually I'd say most UG readers fall under the Ace Frehley category. Not a lot of people care about the HOF, they just like bitching for the sake of bitching
    Why do we have to blur the lines of EVERYTHING these days in order to appease the "politically correct"? Rap isnt rock and roll. Doesn't mean he's racist. This reminds me of schools that do away with gifted programs for talented students and special education for the mentally handicapped, and throw everyone in the same class for fear that the less intelligent kids will feel left out, or they give everyone in the class an award instead of embracing competition and awarding the person with the best grades, or best athlete, or best musician, artist, etc. Reminds me of how people are trying to make fat the new thin, because we wouldnt want anyone who's fat to feel bad about having zero motivation to exercise and a poor diet. Maybe they need to be shamed for their own good so they get in shape and lead healthier lives. Reminds me of how the media wants everyone to be an androgynous, pansexual, crossdresser, we can't have feminine women and masculine men anymore because that's offensive to the politically correct. These are examples of how popular culture these days wants to homogenize everything for the sake of being politically correct and it is ruining our society for the sake of being a bunch of over-sensitive apologists.
    Couldn't have said it any better myself, my friend. Good to hear someone say the same things I've been stressing for a while now. Would like to add that the way that I see it, the only racist in any scenario like this one is the person who's claiming that anything similar to this statement is racist. For those of us who don't tie a particular race to things such as genres of music, we don't see a statement about disliking any particular thing as racist because race wouldn't come to anyone's mind unless they actually tied a particular race to that thing. I don't think of any particular race being tied to hip hop and I'm sure Paul Stanley doesn't either. Has anyone told him that there's European and Asian rap too? Who's really the racist here?
    Slow clap. Slow mother****ing clap. Good to see that people who aren't retarded still exist.
    I like your school point. High schools in Ontario have different levels: academic, applied, locally developed, and workplace. At my high school a few years ago, there were awards for highest averages and what not, and a girl who took locally developed won the 'highest female average' award every year I was there. It's not fair to the person who got 92% on 'level 4 difficulty' that they lost the 'smartest girl in the school award' to someone who maybe got 94% on 'level 1 difficulty'. All because we don't want to leave anyone out.
    The fact that this CEO accuses Paul Stanley of being racist, is in and of itself very racist. Makes me laugh my ass off, really. Unless I'm offending asses worldwide, obvs.
    Wait, how is he being racist? He's not mentioning races here, if anything the R&R Hall of fame is being racist by suggesting that hip hop is only performed by black people, my god these people are hypocrites.
    So Joel either just stated that hip hope is only done by black people, or he just stated that music genres are races, and he just proved to everyone that he is a retard.
    Ah the race card, the trump card when you don't like what someone says. Just call them a racist, sit back and enjoy the fireworks
    Dream Theater will most likely never be in the RRHOF, and I feel they are one of the best bands ever. Do I care? No, because the RRHOF is completely irrelevant.
    Definitely the hall of fame is the racist ones for assuming hip hop is strictly a certain races' music. How the hell did this story get turned into Paul being racist instead of the joel??? They should come out with another story, Rock Hall Foundation CEO/president Joel Peresman is assumed a racist for assuming others racists by stereotyping. Damn lol
    My thoughts exactly. Funny how often these days the person accusing someone else of racism is the first one to bring up race at all.
    Don't say anything about hip hop because you'll be called a racist
    I think the rock hall is racist for assuming hip hop is black people music
    Could we just disband the R&RHoF? It's such a f*cking joke.
    That would most likely not end all of the past and present KISS members feuds. kinda stupid, they're fighting over nothing really.
    Nah, KISS have feuds because most of the feuding members have large egos and are engaged in a perpetual dick measuring contest.
    Gray Lensman
    They should just change the name from Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to "The Pop Music Tourist Trap". Let's see... if I don't like Rap or Hiphop I'm racist. Well, I hate Country... what does that make me?
    So, Paul says hip hop artists shouldn't be in the Rock Hall of Fame because they don't play instruments, and Joel thinks that's racist? Why? Because the majority of hip hop artists happen to be black? Pretty obvious which one is preoccupied with race.
    Give Ace his own headline! He's the one with new music, and that tune sounds pretty cool actually. Why bury it at the end of yet another tired RRHOF vs. Paul Stanley article? That said - Joel Peresman is WAY out of line here, regardless of what Paul said...
    Joel is clearly a closet racist himself. Proved pretty much undeniably by his words here.
    Belittling hip-hop artists for "not playing instruments" does not make you a racist. It just makes you look like a stuck up bellend. It's slightly less embarassing for 60-yo dad rockers to say such a thing though, so Paul Stanley can get away with it.
    Artists...yes. While I don't like hip hop and rap you will never hear me say they aren't artists. Musicians on the other my opinion which i know is strictly mine and not shared by many, is a label most of them shouldn't be given. There are exceptions, like the roots and others
    MANY rappers have a background in musical instruments... and I'd be surprised if there's a single talented producer that doesn't. Just because they're not playing an instrument doesn't make what they're doing any less musical. Do you consider singers musicians?
    Borderline racist because he doesn't think hip hop shouldn't be in the R&RHoF? Geeze Paul, I guess it IS that bad huh?
    The racism would be on the side of the accuser for basically showing they think only black people can do hip hop...He's ****ing's the rock and roll hall of fame...inducting a hip hop artist into it would be like having Kanye West perform at Ozzfest...
    I like both Metal and some rap (Such as Eminem and NAS). I have to admit, hip hop has no place in the ROCK N ROLL hall of fame.
    Racist?! Holy moly...that is a reach. Stanley Eisen makes a good point: rock and roll is not about inclusion and hip hop may contain the spirit of rock nd roll,but it aint rock and roll. The same could be said for country music...Rihanna is a real singer,with hip hop roots or influences. Does she belong,one day, in the RRHF? Why not,she rocks,but not all hip hop rocks.It hips or hops,or raps...What I think needs to be stressed in this topic is that the RRHF seems to be misunderstood,haha. I love Public Enemy,but if I had to vote for them or an actual rock and roll band for entry into the RRHF, it is a no brainer. If that makes me a racist then whoop dee frreaking is becoming the US national sport: pin the tail on the honkey. Stanley is right about playing an instrument and the rock and roll connection.
    The instrument argument. So Jim Morrison, Ozzy, Dio, Iggy Pop and Anthony Kiedis are not musicians? Obviously Paul Stanley isn't too familiar with The Roots, Beastie Boys or any number of hip hop artists who can and do play instruments.
    My instruments remain unable to detect a single **** given, requesting clearance to blow it out of your ass
    He's bloody right! Hip hop artists do not play any musical instruments, nor do they sing, they just talk. There is no musical talent in hip hop what so ever. And how can you have these "artists" nominated in the same hall of fame as the true musical greats like Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Pink floyd and Metallica
    all and all hiphop sucks and if your a true rocker its about the music and not about things like hall of fame. we all know rapers and hiphop just wants to show thay can suck at rock. and it ok, let them try, it takes more than just "playing a guitar or drums" to be true, rnrhof is just about who sells and gives more money. you dig hahahaha. (hiphop suck!!!!!)
    'Hip-Hop' or whatever you want to call it is NOT music and did NOT originate from The Blues as Chuck D would want you to believe. I wouldn't consider these 'Hip-Hop musicians' (I use the term loosely) artists as they don't play instruments and they definitely don't SING.
    Hip Hop has nothing to do with it. That's why it is called Rock 'n'Roll Hall of Fame. 2 totally different styles of music! Wonder who smoked what when the comments were made.
    Ah the old racist kneejerk reaction. It's he cool thing to say when you have absolutely no credible responses. Stupid little games like this are why, though I certainly do not 100% ascribe to conservative ideology, I absolutely DESPISE liberals.
    People are willing to ignore the fact that there are plenty of acts already inducted who aren't rock, let alone heavily guitar/instrument driven, they're more than willing to ignore bands being left out entirely, artists being left out of band inductions, artists being included in inductions where they had nothing to do with the creation of vital music, etc. But god forbid those rappers who don't even play an instrument get included. The hall exists to celebrate music that was culturally and musically significant. If you care that much about the name, you're projecting far more credibility onto something that is nothing more than a certain section of the music industry patting itself on the back.
    I'm with Ace. It's a Rock Hall, and Hip-Hop has nothing to do with that. And no it's not racist, because Living Colour, Tobin Abasi and Unlocking The Truth would surely fall into that. The use of 'Straw Man' arguments by journalists to gain a headline with a racist card is getting old.
    Saying hip hop artists don't play instruments isn't racist, not even borderline, not even the same goddamn ball park. I'd go as far as saying that Joel Peresman is in fact racist for assuming that all hip hop artists are black, which is the only reason I can see for him stating the comment was 'borderline racist' in the first place. Boom. And 'Rock and Roll' hall of fame, not 'Hip Hop' hall of fame, just... stfu... -_-
    HIP HOP IS NOT A RACE IS A F**KING MUSIC GENRE!!!!! this article is BULLSH*T. Ever heard of eminem, house of pain beastie boys, Vanilla Ice, Cypress hill. This article is more racist in itself than it is accusing Stanley for.
    Does PE get into a RRHF type place for Bring The Noize? No...I dont think so, and I would be surprised if they would want to belong anyway. Who is getting up in arms...hip hop? I doubt it. How much time would I spend in front of a Kriss Kross exhibit? How many seconds does it take to walk past it to a Who exhibit?
    You realize that Public Enemy is in the Hall of Fame, right?
    Obviously not,haha...I am beaking off because of this whiny Hall of Fame guy.Whenever anybody takes a stand anymore,the response is to attack the integrity of the person taking the stand. In this case,Paul Stanley. PE is one of many who generated their own genre: hip hop/rap. Having them in the RRHF is fine,but it aint rock n roll.