Rock Hall Reportedly Not Letting Deep Purple in Because They See Them as One-Hit Wonder

artist: Deep Purple date: 08/07/2014 category: music news
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Rock Hall Reportedly Not Letting Deep Purple in Because They See Them as One-Hit Wonder
As rock icons Deep Purple are getting snubbed by the Rock Hall year after year, vocalist Ian Gillan explained that the reason behind such a state could be the fact that the institution sees the band as a "one-hit wonder."

"I've heard quotes of somebody on the [Rock Hall voting] committee saying, 'Well, Deep Purple can't be in it, because they were a one-hit wonder,'" he told the Rolling Stone. "I don't know if they were referring to 'Hush' or 'Smoke on the Water' or 'Child in Time' or 'Highway Star' or 'Perfect Strangers,' any of those one hit wonders that we were.

"I think it would be undignified for us to enter the fray and stamp our feet and say, 'Yeah, we don't need it anyway.' It's really an American thing. We don't really understand it, but if I treat it with respect, we'll see what happens. That's all I can say."

Prompted to comment about reunion chances with guitarist Ritchie Blackmore in case Purple are ever inducted into the Hall, Ian categorically refused such a scenario, calling it "unconscionable" and unfair towards Steve Morse.

"Well, we are the living, breathing Deep Purple. This is the longest that any lineup has ever been together in this band. And it would be unconscionable to think about bringing Ritchie in," he said.

"I don't have an issue with Ritchie, nor does anyone. I've been in touch with Ritchie recently and everything's cool, so there's no bitter, personal problem. We're too old for that and everything's in the past, but no. That would be out of the question. How insulting that would be to Steve Morse, for example? So if that's the stumbling block, fair enough. Never the twain shall meet."

Further elaborating the Blackmore situation, the vocalist confessed that he was "just as much of an asshole as Ritchie was. But Ritchie carried it on for a little longer," also pointing out that "had Ritchie stayed with the band, it would have been all over," therefore dubbing the axeman's departure the group's chance to rebuild.

Purple's latest studio effort, "Now What?!" saw its release in April 2013 via earMusic. Check out the "Vincent Price" single below.

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