Rock Is Dead?

Hard rock bands are not getting the kind of attention from radio stations and mainstream media that they did two or three years ago.

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Hard rock bands are not getting the kind of attention from radio stations and mainstream media that they did two or three years ago.

Staind has gone from co-headlining Xcel Energy Center in 2001 to playing the smaller Roy Wilkins Auditorium on Tuesday. Likewise, Canadian pop metalists Nickelback have failed to repeat the success of their 2002 hit "How You Remind Me". At Target Center last weekend, Nickelback played to only 5,500 fans, about a quarter of the arena's capacity.

Most telling, '90s rap-metal kings Limp Bizkit and Korn are playing Roy Wilkins together Monday, when each of them used to headline arenas twice that size. The pair still had not sold out the Wilkins at press time.

Although Linkin Park remains a huge succees[sic], rap-metal as a whole is seen as a dying genre. Korn's last album stiffed. Limp Bizkit's new CD had strong first-week sales of about 500,000, but with little radio or MTV play, it has slipped to No. 21 on the Billboard album chart.

Staind, too, might have fallen victim to too much, too fast. Its new album, "14 Shades of Gray", has barely sold a million copies after four months, compared to the nearly 10 million that its previous disc, "Break the Cycle", sold.

Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, a friend of Durst's, said the backlash is just a temporary result of "overexposure."

"I honestly never really understood why when a band gets big, people want to knock them down, but it happens," the guitarist said.

"It's how the music industry works nowadays," Mushok said. "It's harder for everyone to maintain a career in the music industry right now, whether they're rock, hip-hop, whatever. Album sales are down across the board, and stardom is totally fleeting."

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    Meh. Whos f*ckin cares? Hope Fred Durst falls down and dies.
    Emenius Sleepus
    I've just happened to read the comments, and most of them are aboud defending someone's favourite bands at the expence of hanging shit on any other band they can think of. The music industry has a way of clinging on to POPULAR music trends, whether it will be R&B, death metal, rock, teenybopper shit or whatever. Within each genre there are always some talented bands that have awesome songs, that are great musicians and stay true to the ideals of the genre - that goes both for rap and punk and rock and whatever the *** else. So anyway, what happens, is people just happen to like the music these artists are playing, so instead of just another band or solo performer, they become popular, their songs are requested on the radio, and appear on the internet, which means a lot more people have access to it. SO they happen to like it too, and next thing you know that song you heard the other day is played everywhere. So those good bands play their music, and because so many people like that style, some big record company takes a business approach on things (it is their job, after all - business needs profit) and manufacture another 20 wannabees that lack the talent but want to be just like their idols. Except they dont last as long. And that's why, for instance, you might see 20 Nellys or 50 Cent look-alikes taking the first 20 chart spots. I'd say that it's very lucky if a rock or punk band ever gets that high - it's just a passing time. It is disappointing that real musicians that play real instruments have to make way for DJ scratching and monotonous rhymes of fake gangsta rappers, but there is no way that is gonna endure because ppl will just get sick of it. Also, once a band takes a new direction, they immediately get slammed by some fans or not fans, because supposedly they instantly "sold out" or lost talent. Of course it happens, and there are bands that were corrupted by record companies. However, a lot of artists are simply making music they like, they don't want to be stuck in a rut making the same formulaic approahc over and over again (by that I don't mean a distinct sound, but rather just playing the same sort of music, because if System Of A Down played blues it would probably still have the signature System sound to it somewhere). So they try something new. If fans try to control what the band plays, they are as bad as the record companies. Music is art, and art is supposed to be free. For all it's worth - and this next comment is especially for all the guitar players on this site - listen to everything. Being open minded reduces irritation, which is undue mental anguish, and there are good things to every genre.
    Brand Nizzle182
    OOOOHHH THE REVOLUTION!!! who will be our savoir to lead up to the promised land??? TELL AND I WILL FOLLOW...VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!
    Brand Nizzle182
    if pop punk is such crap why is Anthem Part 2 the top viewed tab on here every other day. IT OBVIOUSLY HAS AWESOME GUITAR LIKE OTHER ROCK. IM SO FUCKING SICK OF THIS WHINY SHIT!!!!!
    FAGS LIKE RAP MUSIC!!!! GO ROCK!! I DONT WANT ANY NIGGERS IN MY MUSIC, WELL AT LEAST ONES WHO TALK ABOUT STUPID SHIT. GO STRAIGHT TO HELL EVERYONE WHO LIKES RAP. PS. FUCK FAGS AND NIGGERS ----- -----> I find this a very VERY very racist comment posted near the top so *** u *******! rocks not dead!
    Brand Nizzle182
    Listen to Brand New creativity boy. There have never been better more thought out lyrics in any generation. Listening to their songs makes me feel stupid beacuse they can use words so unbelieveably well...
    abd kid
    rock, and i'm talking heavy metal, and al lthat stuff, may be may not be, but in my opinion, punk rock will never die!
    abd kid
    no, actually, blink-182 is the best as of right now...their new album kicks major ASS.
    abd kid
    punk rock DOES rule. heavy metalers are just jealous cuz they're less popular and focused on all this crappy shit....well, punk rock will continue to live on!
    Brand Nizzle182
    theres so many people who listen to pop punk and emo but there scared to admit it beacuse they want to look like a bad ass on these forums.
    abd kid
    yeah, no shit. the album comes out tomorrow, but you can hear every song off of it at
    Brand Nizzle182
    I cant find anywhere thats gonna open at midnight to sell the blink CD in the toledo area. they would have done that back in my hometown. college sucks.
    real rock isnt dead yet, its just got every single disease and on the verge of having a heart attack and a stroke at the same time. but there are a couple bands holding on, such as audioslave and the chili peppers. most of the music considered "rock" these days is pop-punk. thats a bunch of crap. this article is talking about nu-metal. i dont give a damn about nu-metal. its almost as bad as pop-punk.
    Brand Nizzle182
    pop punk is rock. punk rock??? i dont understand. if were gonna split hairs then metal isnt rock. nu metal isnt rock. all these other shitty genres arent rock. whatever...its so retarded.
    i have a feeling something big is gonna break soon, some new amazing rock band thats different than anything thats out now. soon...
    Brand Nizzle182
    Exactly Rat Trap. people are getting scared becuse theres just more rap getting played on pop radio. but theres still rock radio stations. its not a big deal.
    i was gonna say its time for a revolution... like Nirvana or the beatles... hmmm lets see, theres lots of grunge, lots of sparkle and glam, lots pop, lots of rap... not much really to revlutionalise! oh i know! ROCK N ROLL! WORKING CLASS HEROS PERFORMING GOOD SOLID ROCK N ROLL, NOT TRYING TO REVOLUTIONALISE! JUST ENJOYING MUSIC
    It is disappointing that real musicians that play real instruments have to make way for DJ scratching and monotonous rhymes of fake gangsta rappers, but there is no way that is gonna endure because ppl will just get sick of it
    ^best piece of text ive ever read on here and i agree all the way, nice one emenius
    rock is not dead its just been infested with all this commercial pop crap like busted and avril lavigne its just a phase give it time and the hardcore bands and fans will live on
    anyone else realize that the bands mentioned in this article suck anyway????
    Brand Nizzle182
    For now rock is staying alive from the underground up with emo acts like Brand New, Taking Back Sunday and Dashboard Confessional. You dont have to like them. Thats rock right now. ITS SO FUCKING SWEET
    As long as there is a kid who has the ability to make music or play with a band, rock will never die. No matter what is popular or what is being played on the radio.
    rock is dead because its all the same. play some ***in power chords and complain about your ex or how the world treats you. when everyone does this no one stands out. oh yeah the next big thing? be patient im workin on it
    Just so that racist prick knows, white people are actually less evolved than blacks, due to the fact that all civilization stemmed from Africa.
    jag stang
    i would also like to add that staind is sweet. why the hell did they not mention audioslave system of a down is kickass adn limp bizkit is just a watered down version of ratm, minus the talent adn intelligence(i stole that by teh way)
    sorry but rock is dying not dead but dying the bullshit pop punk ***ers are killing rock its true ,we need a messiah band, not to mention rap its ***ing pathetic money hungry ****s, anyways lets just say *** you to avril and all of the corprate shits and pay attention to OUR scene by the way pop punk is an oxymoron
    blimey this has to be the most comments ive ever seen, hes right, mainstream shitty nu metal is DEAD DEAD DEAD hope they never come back to life, get some real talent on the radio underground black/thrash/death metal is the way forward
    jag stang
    u know what rage, nirvana soundgarden adn audioslave are all the shit. i have respect for everthing they do musicwise. audioslave gets to pass teh torch with system adn tool. racists can die. snootch to the noonch
    abd kid
    i've been waiting since the first day they went into that house in cali to start working on the new ..i want that record....NOW!!!!!