Roger Daltrey Clarifies the Who Retirement Comments

Band will continue, but play smaller shows.

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In a new interview with Billboard (via Hennemusic), the Who frontman Roger Daltrey has clarified Pete Townshend's comments that the band would be winding down in 2015. As Daltrey notes, he and Townshend are aware that they have to be realistic about their age: "I think you have to clarify what he said, and what we mean is we cannot keep going on doing these month-after-month, long, extended tours. It's extremely hard, hard work, just the grind of it. So we have to be realistic. The band got better reviews on our last tour (the 2012-13 "Quadrophenia & More" trek) than we had for years. It was incredibly enjoyable. It was incredibly exhausting, and we have to be realistic about our age." However, the band will not call it a day completely, and will instead focus on a different way of playing shows: "But it's not going to be the last thing the Who will do," continued Daltrey. "We're going to be doing events. We're going to be doing shows. We might do other things, more experimental. We might decide to do something in a theater, some small production where we sit down for two or three weeks in one town; that could be managed 'cause we're not schlepping our bodies from city to city. The joy of the stage is wonderful, but the traveling every day is exhausting."

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    They still sound and play incredibly for their age, too, so whatever they need in order to take care of their bodies. Hope they come to Austin.
    If they want to play an unplugged set about once every month or so while sitting in a rocking chair it would probably sound pretty good. If you are enjoying it, keep doing what you can. The deserve to do whatever they wan't. Thank you Roger, Pete,(and Keith and Jon, RIP) for all of the great music, windmill guitars and the lessons on trashing stages!
    In 2015, Roger will be 70 and and Pete will be 69. And Pete has hearing issues. I hate to say it, and they probably don't want to admit it, but 2015 will likely be the last time we hear from this band on a live stage, barring a performance every once in awhile at some random European festival.