Roger Daltrey: 'The Who May Make a New Album This Year'

Record could coincide with band's 50th anniversary.

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The Who's Roger Daltrey has been speaking to NME about the possibility of new Who material.

As the singer notes, Pete Townshend has started working on material, and he's waiting for the call to get back in the studio:

"Pete's got hundreds of songs," he said. "So the only question is whether we get around to it, but he wants to make an album and I'm always ready and raring to go. We'll see. I never know what I'm doing next, it's about what comes through my letterbox tomorrow, but I don't see why we wouldn't. My voice is still in good shape. The hearing isn't so great, but the voice is fine."

When asked what The Who were doing to celebrate their 50th anniversary, Daltrey replied:

"I don't know. Possibly it'll be this album. I haven't thought about it, to be honest. We didn't think it was going to last the week, let alone 50 years. We were The Who, we used to break up after every show."

Daltrey also spoke about his collaboration with Wilko Johnson, and the upcoming show that the pair are playing on February 25th. As Daltrey notes, Wilko's cancer makes the situation "a tricky one:"

"Wilko and I have got a show on February 25, but as I'm sure you know Wilko has terminal pancreatic cancer so we can't make plans for things like that. His tumour is like a grapefruit and getting bigger by the day, but I will say if he's still with us, and let's hope he is, we will do something. It'll only be a quick support slot, but we'll be there."

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    Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend might make a new album this year, but The Who certainly won't. They survived without Moon, but without Ox their music just sounds empty. And I freaking love the Who
    a-****ing-men, Queen and The Who need to take a tip from Zeppelin, that's like if the Beatles were still touring.
    Totally agreed. I quite personally think they should have stopped when Moon died. He made up so much of their sound. But yeah, losing Entwistle was just the nail in the coffin.
    Sometimes I think that musicians need to know when to call it a day, I think it was best said by Harvey Dent "you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain".
    If you think its "played out" then dont listen to it. There is nothing I hate more than when someone says an album is terrible before even hearing it. You are the worst kind of person. You are boring.
    No John Entwistle? No Moon is hard enough to swallow, but no John Entwistle to me means no Who.
    I can't imagine it being anything other than god awful. Not because they're old, or missing members, but because that type of rock is so played out.
    I remember The Who performance who was for some benefit not long ago maybe 2012 (katrina hurricane maybe?, I'm not sure) and as much as I love The Who, Daltrey could barely put the "reduced" setlist. They played like 5 songs and Roger was already out of air.
    I saw Daltrey a couple years back when he did the Tommy show. He performed all of Tommy from beginning to end damn near flawlessly then proceeded to play another hour and a half of Who favorites. The benefit show may have just been an off night (or we were incredibly lucky) but if it were any indication of what he;s still got left in the tank, he's got plenty.
    Let's hope they never make a new as The Who. This kind of thing can only end badly and ruin their reputation. It always does no matter who the band are.