Roger Waters Adds A New Song To 'The Wall'

His new open-air world tour also adds "spectacular" special effects, which Waters himself calls "beautiful".

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Roger Waters wants to add a new song to his renown "The Wall" concert this year.

2013 will be the first time his show tours open-air venues around the world - something Waters has always wanted to do.

The new song is called "The Ballad Of Jean Charles De Menezes", which tells the real story of a man who was shot dead by police in London in the wake of terrorist attacks and fear in the city.

"It's a surprise to people," Waters said of the song. "They've never heard it before."

The new show adds brand new special effects. One example: the plane crash sequence has doubled in length and ends in a "spectacular fireball" thanks to new HD technology and a bigger stage set.

"It's beautiful," Waters told Something Else (via Prog). "I sometimes get stranded at one end. 'F--k, I've got to get back to the middle of the stage in about eight seconds!'"

Watch a short documentary about the new open-air Wall tour here:

YouTube preview picture

Will you attend the new Wall show this year? Have you seen it before? Let us know what it was like in the comments.

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    I saw him in Edmonton last year and it was mind blowing, simply one of the best performances ever. I think everyone should see Roger Waters as well as Aussie Floyd, Waters obviously puts on a better show but the Aussie Floyd is phenominal they sound just like Pink Floyd.
    Ugh are you serious UG? He's been doing this song for THE WHOLE TOUR. This isn't news whatsoever. He even did it at the 12 12 12 concert!
    THANK YOU! He did that song when I saw The Wall in LA on May 2012, and it's in the program booklet they sell during the tour. It's new for this day and age, yes, but it's not breaking news.
    If only I had the money, I saw it last year but it would be absolutely fantastic to see it at Wembley, on the big, open-air stage...
    Was incredibly lucky to see the May 2011 show where Dave Gimour performed Comfortably Numb with Roger, then Nick joining for the last song. It was a beautiful moment in the history of Pink Floyd and my first experience of them sharing a stage. I'll never forget that, it was an event that I will cherish. I've been fortunate enough to get tickets for my brother and I to go to see the big show in Wembley and I'm not going to regret the spend, it's a show that every music/entertainment lover would enjoy. Cannot recommend it enough! Roll on the Blu-ray (with DG & NM footage too please)!
    Why doesn't david gilmour just join him on the f*cking tour already!!! Sh*t! :\ - This is pissing me off. Everybody on the face of the planet wants to see that and they know it!! Grrr...
    I've heard this song before. When he played in Brazil last year, he played in all shows. A beautiful tribute.
    Floyd Phoenix
    Epic show, saw it few years ago and going again in September. Most amazing live event I will ever see. However, he added this new song midway through the last tour, so the news is 1 and a half years old. Great job UG.
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    First time i got to see Roger Waters was on the In The Flesh tour then again on Dark side of the Moon and managed to see The Wall 02 with Gilmour shook hands with Nick Mason awesome night spectacular effects sound waiting now for the DVD Wembley next a 2 to 3hour drive from Wales but well worth it for this Welsh boy