Roger Waters Calling for an Israel Boycott

Pink Floyd co-founder claims that boycotting Israel is the "way to go."

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Co-founding Pink Floyd member Roger Waters has publicly called for a boycott of Israel after accusing the country's government for running an apartheid regime. It is in bassist's opinion that a cultural boycott similar to the one implemented on South Africa is definitely the "way to go."

"I think that the kind of boycott that was implemented against the apartheid regime in South Africa back in the day is probably the most effective way to go because the situation is that the Israeli government runs an apartheid regime in Israel, the occupied territories and everywhere else it decides. Let us not forget that they laid waste to most of Lebanon around the time I started getting involved in this issue. They destroyed airports, hospitals, any public buildings they could.

"They are running riot and it seems unlikely that running over there and playing the violin will have any lasting effect," Waters tels the Electronic Intifada.

Bassist has even went far enough to personally ask fellow musicians to start the boycott themselves. Despite not wanting to reveal the names of the colleagues he has spoken to, Waters confessed on reaching out to Stevie Wonder prior to his performance at a gala dinner for the Israeli Defense Forces last December.

"I wrote a letter to him saying that this would be like playing a police ball in Johannesburg the day after the Sharpeville massacre in 1960. It wouldn't be a great thing to do, particularly as he was meant to be a UN ambassador for peace. It wasn't just me. Desmond Tutu also wrote a letter."

Waters also criticized the UK's Prime Minister David Cameron and his government's support for Israel by saying he is "entirely content for Great Britain to be a satellite nation of the US."

"Cameron has absolutely adopted Tony Blair's wolf's clothing that he [Blair] adopted so eagerly and happily when he went to war in Iraq on George Bushs coat-tails. Cameron is entirely content for Great Britain to be a satellite nation of the US. None of us can quite understand why.

There is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. The EU's diplomatic emissaries [in the West Bank] joined together [recently]. They protested the settlements and asked for sanctions. This is almost unprecedented. But the governments of these emissaries have done nothing and continue to do nothing."

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    Right on Roger!
    He wrote a letter to Stevie Wonder? He's blind!!! Here's your sign.
    He was probably REALLY surprised when the letter showed up. Bet he didn't even see it coming.
    As in Israeli I am very disappointed by my racist goverment, but to go as far as that is really being blind. Lots of people in Israel want peace, hopefully things will change in the next elections.
    "to go as far as that is really being blind". I see what you did there.
    I'd like to see him try to reach out to Ted Nugent Fair play to Roger for this, it takes guts to speak out against Israel, you're liable to be accused of being anti semitic. Time to end this disgusting apartheid and give the natives back their homes/stop destroying their homes.
    Fuck this guy! Isn't he known as "the ***** in pink floyd"
    He isn't known as the one who fought for the name and then after winning it, disbanded it. That would be Gilmour. OT: Power to Waters for having the guts to say anything against Israel, I feel like they are beyond reproach at times. Having that said we can never forget what happened to them and the fact that a large portion people want them gone/dead.
    Actually David Gilmour is the a**hole
    I'd rather be the ***** in Pink Floyd than the ***** in the comment section.
    losing battle
    My solution give the Jews long island and be dome with it. To be fair sll the leaders in that region need to die in a ****ing electrified iron maiden..
    The Europeans and the UK create not only the state of Israel, but the need for a state of Israel. Then they complain when Israel defends its impossible situation. I dont agree with many Israeli's policies, however I abhor European whinning. The continent's cultural has been seriously degraded.
    Btw, why don't we gift a new protected holy land to those millions upon millions displaced and killed in Sudan in an onslaught of brutal genocide that's been going on non-stop for decades... Oh wait they're black and we don't care what happens to them. Long live the police state of Israel! Unbelievable.
    Music is a universal language understood by everyone around the world. To not bring politics into music is like a cheese burger without the burger.
    This is just way too complicated to get involved, yet so many of you guys do it
    Well, while that was well-said by Roger, this -is- a political post on UG, so I think he'll remain the only one who has anything good to say. tldr: You people dunno wtf you're talking about when it come to politics. Stick to scales.
    Roger, please keep your misguided political opinions to yourself. Like Dave Mustaine should. Or, at the very least, show some consistency: There's a genocidal civil war happening just North of Israel in Syria, where studies how more than 70 000 killed since last year, including dozens of thousands of civilians. The casualty count in the entire Israel-Palestine conflict since 1948? 14500. Why not boycott Syria too? Oh right, Syria's not full of Jews. I hate to say it, because it's fallacious, but if you blame Israel for x,y,z and another country is doing x,y,z but you don't say a word about them, then you are a plain anti-semite.
    Countries are already boycotting Syria and support a change in regime...
    circus musician
    Almost everyone already condemns Syria. You'll get virtually no-one in the West defending Syria's government. Whereas with Israel, the USA has been aiding them for years, and the US media is biased in favour of Israel. That's the difference, not Jews vs Gentiles. There's no need to jump to accusations of anti-semitism. It just makes you look paranoid.
    and yet no word on weather roger waters is condemning syria... why is that?
    circus musician
    "And yet no word on whether Roger Waters is condemning Syria... Why is that?" Just thought I'd correct that for you. Anyway, Roger, like any other person, does not need to make a statement about whether he agrees or disagrees with every issue and every government in the world. I think it's very safe to assume he disagrees with Syria's government and to expect that if he actually supported Syria, he would make a statement saying so. Assuming he disagrees with Syria, he's not going to change anyone's mind by coming out and saying that. Whereas with Israel, there are people who are not aware of opinions like his and the reasons he holds those opinions. He could feasibly change people's minds by making this statement. That's the point.
    Fuck him. He performed in Israel a few years ago. 50k people came to his concert, he got a ton of money, and then he boycott israel. By the way, most of the comments here are by people who never been to Israel, try living in Sderot, a city which the palestinians attack almost every day for 12 years.
    bad f'in call, sderot is a former Palestinian village called Najd, so good for you, I hope they wake you up at night to remind you that you live on palestinian ground and that people used to live there before your kind kicked them out
    go back and learn some history, you don't know jack. go back and try to find out when was the palestinian people "created" and why no other arab country wanted them. even jordan massacred them, and drove them out. there never was any other sovereign state here but israel.
    Yeah well, long before your kind settled there, the Jews were kicked out of there by the Romans, so your argument is invalid. That's besides the point though, which is that Roger Waters doesn't have the slightest clue what he's talking about.
    i agree for the most part about keeping politics where it belongs, but man is he right about this. we've been supporting that nation for far too long. i am so happy to see such a well-known artist taking this stance
    Second Rate
    I know antisemitism is all the rage right now, but the U.S. also financially supports many of the "evil" Arab states that our politicians whine about wanting to destroy Israel. Quite funny, really. And judging by your post, I'm sure you are one of those types that dislikes the "jewish lobby," but you should also know that Muslims have lobbyists as well. Never trust any religion that has a lobbyist.
    Anyone ever heard of keeping politics and religion conversations out of bars... I think that should apply to ug news forum as well
    I would agree that the article is far from music news, but this forum conversation has been the most interesting one I have ever followed
    circus musician
    What a great way of making sure nothing ever changes. Sometimes saying things that aren't considered 'polite' is the way to go.
    i got an idea, how about this: anybody who hasn't lived in the middle east, or studied it extensively and knows what he is talking about shut up. starting now. you've never been there, you just hear bits n pieces on the news. if it's pro palestine, it's a tragedy if it's pro israel, jews control the media. unbelievable
    shut up trying to play the victim, jews are doing what no other country is doing to another, the last country to do that was south afrika, and the level of mobilisation is nowhere near the one that S. africa had in the 80's aroudn Mandela, thanks to media and jew control
    Never a good idea to bring politics of this level to a site like UG. Nonetheless, both sides have committed wrongs. However, if you plan on making a case for either side, you need to get your facts on both to do so. I won't take a side but I'd love to see peace in my lifetime in the Middle East.
    try this every body -
    Now let's here another side, one with less (barely disguised) one sided propaganda...
    Miko Peled, an Israeli born Jew, son of a high ranking Israeli general who explains both sides of the conflict in an intelligent manner. It's really quite illuminating, and much easier to stomach than the bullshit video you posted.
    with all due respect to this "israeli born jew" i want to understand one you think that if there would have been a palestinian state here, would they allow jews to live in it and have the same rights as arabs have here? arabs are being elected to parliament here, is this apartheid? they have all the rights that we have here, so what is the claim? to give those rights to non civilians who want to destroy this country? let's try it in your state and tell me what you think then...
    "Israeli born jew" why the quotation? Are you trying to imply he is a fake Jew? Or a left wing or Muslim actor pretending to be a Jew to discredit Israel? He is an Israeli born Jew, his family and their role in Israel are well documented, this isn't propaganda, this is an Israeli speaking up against his country and it's religious and political ideology. Fact. It really depends on who exactly would be running Palestine, moderate or extremist elements. Had the zionists not done what they have in the region, there certainly wouldn't be the current animosity in the Arab world towards Jews. But yes, considering Israel's grotesque war mongering, genocidal history, I probably wouldn't expect Jews to be treated well, were a Muslim Palestinian state established on the currently illegally occupied lands of Israel.
    sorry, genocidal was the wrong word, ethnic cleansing was what I meant to accuse the Israeli zionists of...
    yaronberry, what a ****ing load of propaganda bullshit. Here's an even simpler explanation: Arabs lived on the land. Jews kicked them out and took their homes. The Arabs want 100% of their homes back. Israel says it wants to give 30% back, but it's actions state everything to the contrary, it's actually taking more every day. If you evict me from my home and call it Israel, you can be damn sure that I won't recognise it as yours. If you offer 30% back to me I'll tell you to go **** yourself, because I want it all back!
    That is just historically incorrect
    Do elaborate...
    even the quran states the jews living here in those times. i must even point out that the quran very clearly commends any muslim to respect the jews. to your post i'll just say that there hasn't been a time in history that jews weren't here. this video i posted claims aone very true and clear statement - we want to live in peace with them. i'm very doubtful about what they want. and regarding the concept of apartheid, watch this -
    True, some Jews did live in the region prior to the invasion from 1947. And they did own land obtained legitimately, that was not obtained by wrongfully evicting the natives. Most though, have no ancestral ties to the region, and do live n land that rightfully belonged to Arabs who's land was wrongfully, and illegally taken (by a member of the UN!). "Let us not ignore the truth among ourselves ... politically we are the aggressors and they defend themselves... The country is theirs, because they inhabit it, whereas we want to come here and settle down, and in their view we want to take away from them their country." -- David Ben Gurion First Prime Minister of Israel "This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy." -- Golda Meir "[Israel will] create in the course of the next 10 or 20 years conditions which would attract natural and voluntary migration of the refugees from the Gaza Strip and the west Bank to Jordan. To achieve this we have to come to agreement with King Hussein and not with Yasser Arafat." -- Yitzhak Rabin "Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories." -- Benyamin Netanyahu "It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands." -- Ariel Sharon I can go on all day... Israeli leaders can admit that Israel has been attempting to evict natives and seize their land, and that zionists are the agressors, I don't know why you can't accept this truth. And I'm not watching another one of your Prager University vids, the first was offensively and blatantly one sided propaganda...
    your posts are just as one-sided as those videos. the arab leaders doesn't want to extinguish, not evict - kill, all the jews, not just the israelis? that's o.k. i guess, but letting the israeis have their piece of land, next to the palestinian state is not. the difference is that we're o.k. with them living next to us, they don't want us to live, period. not next to them and not anywhere else.
    lol at you calling mu posts and videos one sided after that crap you linked to... Not all Arabs want to kill all Jews, just the extremists, and they are a minority, and they get the most press. This Arab war against Jews (which so far has been mostly empty rhetoric with a few crazies doing kidnappings) is a result of Israels aggressive foreign and domestic policy in the region. You cannot separate Israel's behaviour from the animosity of it's Muslim neighbours, they are deeply and intrinsically linked. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, the hatred from right wing extremist Islam is a response to Israel's aggression, not vice versa.
    You sir are very wrong. Arabs and Jews lived there, Arabs had control of the area, more and more Jews began to move into the area peacefully (for religious reasons), the Holocaust forced a mass exodus of Jews into the area, this coupled with U.S. support and British withdrawal lead to the creation of a Jewish state, and an Arab state which was controlled by Jordan (Israel never owned this land). Through war tactics Israel took much of this land back in 1967, creating the boarders we know today. Now Israel controls all of the West Bank. What Palestinians want is actually less than what was given to them by the UN in 1948 and never rightly belonged to Israel. I want to know where the F*** you got your information from, it definitely wasn't from a book.
    common alsagino1, don't bother him with facts, he's too busy ignoring videos he can't refute.
    Fuck you Roger Waters. Why don't you and Obama strap on a suicide bomb vest, walk out into the desert and blow each other up, you terrorist sympathizing ass clown
    Any country that is ruled by fundamentalist religious beliefs is also incapable of reconciliation with anyone outside of those religious beliefs. I'm with Roger on this one, but unfortunately it could also be applied to just about every other country in that region of the world with just cause. I know it won't happen in my lifetime, but I would love to see the human race finally wake up from these stupid religious beliefs and the world is populated by atheists.
    you are absolutely right except for one detail. israel is not ruled by fundamentalist religious beliefs. you're allowed to be gay allowed to make porn. allowed to do whatever you please, like any other free nation.. none of the countries surrounding israel is keeping up with that standard
    I'm pretty sure a lot of people here supporting a boycott on Israel are against the Cuban embargo. Just saying.
    Sorry, but I have to give credit to Waters for this one. I don't like the fact that if you are critical of Israel, you are labeled as an anti-semite. That's bullshit. It's about the way the country is run, not the people.
    you counterpoint yourself because if it's about the government and not the people then who exactly is he punishing? the government? he is punishing his fans, the people.
    Anyone that's looked up the history of the whole Palestinian thing (from varied sources, objective as possible) knows that they're there specifically as pawns in the Middle East game. The Palestinian leader in the 1970s admitted that there ARE NO PALESTINIANS, just Jordanians, Egyptians, and others that want to keep an Arab foothold in Israel. The situation is horrible for the Palestinians, but if the Arab world really did care...they'd move them out of there. Iran and Syria, strangely, are major supporting players in this mess. The Palestinian leadership is also tied to terrorism, and proudly. Sorry, Roger. Can't follow you there.
    people just don't know the facts. the fact that thers no such thing "Palestinian" the Philistines were an ancient people that extinct from the world long long time ago. This is a historical fact. So who are the people who call themselves Palestinians today? If you explore in depth so you will find amazing answers. Just do not be ignorant.
    This is a little different from South Africa. The Israelis do treat the Palestinians poorly, but that might have something to do with the fact that the Palestinians want to exterminate the Israelis due to their religious beliefs. If there's someone to blame here, I think it's the UN's fault for arbitrarily giving the region back to the Israelis in the first place. The Israelis might have voluntarily moved back in, but giving them land right in the middle of multiple states loosely unified under a religion that demands their destruction wasn't the best of ideas. EDIT: Sorry, let me clarify: religious leaders who claim the religion demands the Israelis' destruction.
    People have been trying to wipe us out for thousands of years. There's not too many of us compared to the billions of other people. We will survive this as well
    Personally, I think that musicians should keep their mouths shut when it comes to politics. That's just my humble opinion.
    The majority of the people on this forum don't even understand what the word apartheid even means, Including Waters. by the way. Palestine is a name given by the romans to Israel a thousand or so years ago. It doesn't mean Israel stopped existing. Jews have always been here. Even during the arab rein, the turk rein and the crusaders. Did any of you know that Arafat the head of the terrorist organization was from Eygpt? He called himself a Palestinian and he wasn't even from the area. What a farse.
    First of all, more than half of the world is muslim israel is just a small dot on the map, and its the only place that the israeli jews have in the whole world. once again the muslims owns on more than half of the world. just for you people can get a clear picture, the size of israel is like the size of new jersey. that what it all about. if mister waters was truly fighter for justice he would come out against the genocide taking place in Syria. but i gouess that to go against israel is in style these days. It's just sad how over the years we are slowly discovering the dark side of the moon... peace&love for everyone
    okay, i wanna make something perfectly clear. israel is not an apartheid state, and i will prove it. first of all define apartheid: some segregation by race, but also could be by religion right? ok, let's start with race: where did israelis come from? all came 60 years ago from the europe, africa, and the middle east. about 60%-65% of israelis are arab by race, me included. is there any kind of descrimination against them? hell no, we are actually a majority! let's see for religion: are muslims being descriminated against? well, if you've ever been in israel you would know it's a free democracy, no religion is descriminated! you are a free man whatever you are, weather you muslim, jewish, christian or a scientologist. arab-muslims, like the rest of israelis, could even get elected for office, because they have the EXACT SAME RIGHTS as anybody else a list of knesset members (israeli version of the senate) who are muslim-arabs. so what do people talk about when they talk about segragation? a lot of people talk about the wall. well, let's say mexico was declaring war on the us. wouldn't they build a wall to keep them out? oh wait, THEY ALREADY DID! so why is it so goddamn astounding when israel is building a wall to keep out a people that are their enemies?! there is war in israel, nobody likes it, nobody is a fan. the u.s is also at war, also the u.k why isn't roger waters boycotting them? cuz that matters, he can skip doing a show once a decade in israel just to look like the new jesus christ. but boycotting the u.s? his career would be at risk! fake loser, lost all respect for him...
    Thank God, someone speaking with some actual knowledge of the situation! What a concept... Very well said
    I urge you dear sir to get a copy of the movie "Slingshot Hip Hop" and view the treatment Arabs get, and the dominance of Ashkenazi Jews in Israel(thought that it is not the point of the movie , the videos in it speak for themselves). On a side note I find both sides to be hypocrites, each a terrorist.
    so being of arab descent and living in israel for 22 years doesn't cut it? i have to watch the documentary to get it?
    Finally! a person who actually knows facts about this whole Israel-palestinian situation who speaks! I hope to see you around more fine sir.
    lol you're talking pure crap israelis are arabs by race? wtf ahskenaz are not arabs one bit, being jew comes from the mother, meaning you can't be jew if your mother isn't jew, meaning you all come from the same place, you can't become a jew coming from another race/religion arabs in Israel are like blacks in south africa in the 80's, they have the lowest jobs, mopping floors and shit arabs at the knesset are just a smoke screen, it's as useful as having a green party or a communist party " let's say mexico was declaring war on the US" first noone called war, then never in history did a country ever build a wall to separate it from another,then the wall was build INSIDE the palestinian territory that's a violation of any international right, and dont get me started on the gaza blockade, water monopoly, checkpoints INSIDE palestinian territory and the inequality between the third army in the world ( US equiped and founded) and home made rockets and that " there's bad things elsewhere, leave us alone and let us do our dirty job as we command" bullcrap just exposed your stupid biased jewish ass
    1. no ashkenaz are not arabs: everybody else is. they are called "mizrahi" which means eastern 2. as i've said i am of arab descent. 3. my brother, also of arab descent, is a doctor in israel. 4. my father a lawyer. 5. being of arab descent has nothing to do with judaism one is a religion, the other a race. that's like saying you are not canadian because you are catholic. 6. how would you know how much arabs do in the knesset? have you ever read on the subject? i'm taking a wild guess that you just made that up. 7. well, blowing up busses for 20 years is kind of a declaration of war, if that's not enough, they did declare war at least 10 times in history officially. 8. no one in history has ever built a wall to separate them from another country? ALMOST EVERY WALL IN HISTORY WAS BUILT TO SEPARATE ONE COUNTRY/TRIBE/PEOPLE FROM ANOTHER! 9. not israels fault that it has water resources. 10. not israels fault that they are stronger, never heard that as an argument for why the country is wrong, because it stronger... at least that's original. 11. i didn't say that they should leave israel alone but: treating one case in one way and another in another way just for gain is hypocracy. and i believe he should be called out for that.
    Couldn't agree more.
    couldn't care less. Leave your politics elsewhere, no one likes a dave mustaine
    the difference is just that Roger Waters actually makes sensible and coherent statements, compared to Mustaine who hates all liberals and Obama, and just likes to talk about it too often
    At least Shaggy is being consistent. On this site. Musician makes a liberal, anti-republican comment = Genius. Musician makes a conservative, anti Obama/democrat comment = Moron.
    More like Musician makes a coherent liberal, anti-republican comment = Genius Musician makes a batshit insane, incoherent ignorant conservative, DERBAMA, SOCIALISM BAD DERR = Bad. Haven't seen a whole lot of educated, conservative statements reported by this site so... Plus, Morrissey probably gets just as much, if not more flak, for his bullshit so stfu.
    I can assure you that it is not only on this site and it is for a very good reason.
    Thing about Dave is his "conservative, anti-Obama/democrat" comments are fuelled by Alex Jones and his nutty remarks, making them "conspiracy theorist, anti-Obama/government/shadow puppet/THEY LIVE" comments, not anything worthwhile. Labelling every nut job that calls himself a conservative as a conservative harms legitimate conservatives.
    Good point from Roger, something like this would be necessary. The problem with the Israel-Middle East conflict is that the elite stratum of both sides is dominated by extremists that are trying to eliminate each other, and the ones who are struck the hardest are the ordinary people, who are then also drawn into the conflict to fight the other side - It's a terrible downward spiral of violence, oppression and misery. I'm all for Israel's right to their own country, but the world community shouldn't tolerate the way that its government mistreats and discriminates Palestinian citizens, and a cultural boycott would a good way to display this.
    You sir, win the award for the most sensible comment of the day. Thank you!
    Wow, someone that really understands whats going on here in the middle east instead of shouting their opinion they just thought by watching the day's new's
    I don't think Israel has a right to their own country. The West watched the Holocaust unfold, and it's good that there was a desire to give back to an entire population of people who had everything taken away from them. But taking land away from another group of people was not the correct way to do it. By alienating the entire Muslim population who for generations had been living in Palestine, the West and Israel's policies are almost entirely responsible for the religious and political tensions that the area is now suffering from; and so if Israel had never been established, that would be one less problem for the region to deal with.
    and i dont think you have a right to open your stupid mouth, yet you still do it. go open a book read some history and ull see when the jews moved to that region there was nothing there, no one wanted that area, they only started wanting it when people started making a beautiful country out of it. so instead making theyre country just as nice they used all theyre resources and money fighting and so called "boycotting while the could have used it to build jst as nice of a country. your stupidity make me sick to my stomach, shittt
    The problem with this kind of thinking is that the people today that call themselves "Jews" aren't the people that were Hebrews/Jews centuries ago. This is a very deep subject that takes a lot of research and study to understand. Simply stating that "the Bible says it", isn't going to explain the whole history of this group of people from Europe that all of a sudden called themselves "Israel". The Palestinians have more ethnic ties to the Hebrews and Israel than these European variety have.
    It has nothing todo with ties to the land **** face, those europeans took the land even though by force just like America to Hawaii, Britain to hong kong and Africa, yet no one is making a deal about those. though some europeans take the smallest piece of land with basically no settlements everyone has to make the biggest deal about it. this is a simple case of anti semitism from a person with a 5th grade education ( saint_berzerken)
    Um, so there was no settlements so it wasn't a big deal, you realize your talking about the most important peace of holy land on this planet that inspired almost half a dozen bloody crusades in which europeans stormed over killing thousands of jewish and muslim civilians on the way. Where talking about historic tensions going back thousands of years, it was contested valuable land when the Israeli's originally took it and it still is. We decided to pick favorites in this high tension game of king of the hill and then we act surprised when it makes a bunch of people in the region hate us and chalk it up to them "hating our freedom".
    arborhov, you're just talking out of your ass, just type on google palestine before 1948 and see for yourself... oh and also F' you
    haha mouldoudo by the way talk a can surmise that you probably have a shitty taste in music which brings me to my second point what are you doing on a music website. wait scratch that UG is full of people with shitty taste in music.
    it would have been nice if you knew what you're talking about. israel didn't take land from nobody when it was created. the un decided on two states, israel and palestine, the palestinians opened war and lost.
    Couldn't agree more NK508, you don't right the wrongs of an opressed people (the european Jews) by helping to evict and oppress another people the native Arabs of the region). But that's exactly what the British mandate of Palestine was all about. Give the majority of the land and control of the water resources to the smaller migrant (or invading) population. That was never going to end well... And it didn't...
    there was never a land or nation called Palestine, Palastinians only claim to have rights to the area besause of their muslim beliefs, Just like Israel does. It's good that israel is a nation, palastinians have done nothing but wage war and refuse to unite
    Doesn't matter what the land was called, or which countries it was part of, Arabs still lived there, they had homes, schools, hospitals and lives. The fact that it wasn't actually a coherent country does not excuse eviction of the inhabitants of the region.
    Wow read a book or two. The Holocaust was not the only thing to happen in WWII. Take a look at what the Japs did to China, or the fact our Allie Stalin killed more people then Hitler. hummmmm makes you think. How about the Batan Death March? How about the Fire bombings of German towns killing 700,000 Plus Children and Mothers which was carried out by the US and the British. Read a book and stop acting like the Jews had it so bad. Everyone has it bad at one point. Many many members of my family died in WWII yet you dont see me killing and wanting my own State.
    It's very true that the holocaust was not the only thing to happen during WWII, but you imply at the end that Israel was the only state established as a result. Many of Europe's maps were re-drawn, and several other nations were established. Conflict continued in many eastern European nations, and the East/West German divide is well documented. The big difference seems to be that these other nations were established and operated secularly. As long as Israel and Palestine claim that their relatively young nations are in fact centuries-old religious dynasties, there is little hope for compromise.
    you my good sir are more full of shit than any one on this page, for that a brand u the ultimate guitar retard. (toxXicsix.....)
    Tell me one thing I said that is not true? Whats the matter Arborhov brainwashed into thinking the jews are always victims?
    The problem I have with the term 'cultural boycott' is Jewish culture and Israeli culture are intrinsically related. What would a cultural boycott look like, I'm not familiar with the term? And if both sides are extremists than why only boycott Israel? I'm not disagreeing with you by any means, just curious
    http://www.chomsky.inf o/books/dissent01.htm Cultural boycott is probably just a poor choice of words. Waters isn't anti semitic, just anti zionist. What he means is boycotting Israeli exports and refusing to bring American/English cultural exports to Israel. The reason why some liberals side with Palestine, even though there are extremist elements in Palestine, is simply because Israel is the agressor, Israel is a member of the UN so should act in accordance with international law, because Israel has the fourth largest military force in the world, and because Israel kills alot more Palestinian men, women and children than Palestinian terrorists have Israeli men women and children. More Israeli's have died in car accidents over the past 10 years than by Palestinian terrorist attacks, it's literally David vs Goliath...
    Speaking as someone who was in Israel two weeks ago and has done some in depth research on Apartheid, I can confidently say that this is a gross overstatement. The treatment of Hispanics in the US is a much more accurate comparison. It is really frustrating to see the way the situation is portrayed in the media, and how eager everyone is to jump on the anti-Israel bandwagon. No doubt it is far from perfect, but calling for a boycott is ignorant and wouldn't remotely address the issue
    omg you guys are so ignorant. you really don't know what's going on in Israel. you only know one side of the story, how about you learn history and then talk about these issues. you all say it's not fair of how Israel is treating the Arab people but do you really know how they treat Israel?!? no. you only listen to their problems. do you know how hard Israel's working for peace and how much they negotiate with the Arabs?! no. you don't know how they treat the israeli people and how much they hurt. seriously go learn the history of how israel became a country, and you'll see that they shouldn't be blamed for making the arab people suffer. Roger Waters also doesn't know that much about it and thinks he has it right, he's a condescending man who thinks that just because he herd a few one sided stories about israel he has the right to lecture israel about terrorizing the arab people when not too long ago his country was in charge of Israel and many other countries, terrorizing them. don't you dare think that Israel is wrong just because you listen to the Arabs. you need to know much more about the situation before you judge, i suggest to really learn the history of this dispute and the way the Arabs behaved until now.
    Just because Roger Waters is British doesn't mean he agrees with everything Britain has done for the entire span of history. He criticizes the UK government in this very article.
    Holy ****ing shit how biased. Look up the creation of Israel and you'll see they shouldn't be blamed for the Arab's suffering??? I'm pretty sure the creation and constant violent expansion of Israel onto property privatly owned by Muslims is what's pissing them off...
    you're sadly so mistaken, israel and a palestinian was created by un decision, israel embraced the decision, the arab, all the arab states opened war and lost. ask obama what's it like to be ehre this week with missiles falling and ask your self what would your country do when fired upon, when being attacked by four neighboring countries.
    Arabs attacked the Israelis once in the Yom Kippur war all other wars were started by Israel. Also note that Egypt started that war to take back the land Israel took in a previous war. Please do not compare the 500 gram handmade Palestinian missiles,which at most can crack a wall, to a JDAM.
    you're wrong. arabs have opened war on israel many times in the past, like yaronbeery said, the un dicided on splitting israel to two part with two states, arabs and jews and the arabs went to war against the jews and lost. it's their fault. the six day war yom kipur and many others were started by the arabs. also, the arabs are in no way mistreated in israel: they get all the advantages jews get except they don't have to go to the army so if anything they're treated better than jews because they can go study in university while jews risk their lives defending them.
    Of course the Arabs didn't embrace the British mandate of Palestine! The Arabs had nothing to gain from it, they would only lose land, homes and resources, and the invading white european Jews had everything to gain. If your government decided to give half your house and property as well as control of all the doors and locks to some random guy on the street, I'm sure that guy wouldn't complain... But you'd be mad as hell!
    your wrong go study history! it is well known that throughout the Palestinian- jews dispute Britain always acted on benefit of the arabs and against the jews. you can see the restrictions against jews by Britain in the white books- their rules regarding the jews in several books called the white book. make sure you ****ing know what your talking about before you decide to talk bullshit.
    How do you have any idea what other people know? Just because this is a music website doesn't mean there aren't any people who are familiar with the History of Israel. The international community overwhelmingly condemns the actions of the Israeli government against Palestinians. I'm also not sure what you mean when you say Israel is working for peace? They control the West Bank and continue to impoverish the Palestinian people there, while expanding there settlements throughout Hebron and East Jerusalem. If they were working towards peace they would not be doing this. Finally, if you're trying to sound smart never start of with omg, and try using capitals at the beginning of sentences.
    im not saying i completely agree with Israel's actions against Palestinians right now, but if look at the history of Israel you'll definitely see that the Palestinians are not capable to compromise. In the the past you'll be able to see many examples of Israel trying to make peace but peace can't happen without compromise, and the Palestinians don't want to share, they want all of it- because of that they can't compromise or start to really negotiate for peace. trust me most of the Israeli people want change, want peace but peace definitely requires compromise.
    Thats just wrong! Palestinians want the land they had in 1967, that's less than they were given by the UN in 1947! It's Israel that wants everything and is unwilling to compromise. Politicians like Eli Yishai continue to push Jewish settlement into the West Bank and most importantly East Jerusalem, a process that has been deemed an Illegal action by the UN. Until this stops, peace negotiations can't go anywhere. I'm tired of people just saying "look at the history" or "know the history" without giving any specific examples. I do know the history, and I know that Israel has been far from cooperative.
    after many tries to take more than what they had in 1967 they agree. like i said i don't agree with the Israeli government right now, they should give up the land they gained since 1967 but keep in mind that meanwhile the Hamas- the Arab government in the Gaza strip keep bombing Israel and don't knowledge Israel as a state. over the years they kept bombing Israel so there's that issue- it's not that black and white considering the territory Israel has gained since 1967 was because of wars the Palestinian started, it's not like Israel went and conquer the land just because they wanted to, but as a part of a war the Palestinians started. like i said i still think that Israel should give up that territory even for her benefit because Arabs living in these areas are a part of Israel, and therefore are allowed to vote, so soon enough Israel will stop being the Jewish state. all i'm saying is that even though the Israeli government isn't right not giving up these territories, the Arabs are still being treated equally in the state (even more than Jewish people because they can start to go to the university at the age of 18 while the Jews go to the army until they're 21) so saying that Israel is like apartheid, or a dictatorship is wrong and anyone who says otherwise should try to live in sderot where they are bombed every day, or to just come to Israel to see that Arabs are definitely not mistreated if anything over treated.
    The issue isn't with Palestinians in Israel, but with Palestinians in the West Bank, where access to water, agricultural land, education and healthcare is nearly non-existent. Also Hamas is an entirely different issue because they are a terrorist group. The Palestinian authority that is involved in peace negotiations is the Fatah party running out of the West Bank and lead by Abbas. Fatah is being praised by the UN and the U.S. for their efforts towards peace and are in no way liked to terrorism.
    Sleez Boy
    not a lot of people are usually aware or probably don't care when it comes to Israel gov. treatment towards the Palestinians. There's some bad and there's some good. I'm too for the counrty right to exist, but common. It's a cycle, one man goes boom or does an attack and in minutes, jets fly by and drop a 500 lb.
    i have never bin a fan of roger and what his stupid mouth has to say, now after his uneducated ramble give's me reason to doubt how such an idiot could write such beautiful music. this is truly a mystery to me
    arborohov you're so right!!!
    this issue is extremely complicated and if you think one side or the other is the 'good guys' or 'bad guys' then you're a fool.
    It's more like a thousand of these civilians died because there governed by violent extremist's vs a dozen of these civilians died because there government frequently takes neighbors land.
    Best comment so far... Apart from the one about Waters sending Stevie Wonder a letter, that one was just epic
    Pointing to either side in this conflict and saying 'they're right and the other side is wrong' does nothing but reveal your own prejudices because neither side is right. Both commit atrocities preemptively and in defense. I'm Jewish, Israel is my cultural homeland, yet I disagree with them almost every day. However read their history (and the history of anti-semitism in general) and you will see we have been fighting this war for a very very very long time. I would love peace in the area but neither side is approaching the right way. And one-sided boycotts called for by foreigners who know nothing of the area are not going to help, just increase animosity. Who the f*ch does Waters think he is? Shut up and play music you're only fanning the fire with your extremist opinions. And shame on those who are following blindly. Educate yourself so egomaniacal rock stars don't have to
    this issue is as grey as nazis over jews and other european populations, or afrikaners on black people, or japanese on other asians matters are grey... And no dont serve me that " how can you compare us to our butchers the nazis" it's not because you have been oppressed one day that you will never opress someone else someday
    Really? are you really that ignorant? GIve me the Israeli equivalents of Sobibor, Auschwitz, Belzec, Chelmno, Treblinka Bregen-Belson (I can keep going) Sajmiste, Majdanek, Maly Trostenets. The list goes on. Im not saying Israel doesn't do (a whole lot of) messed up things but after being invaded nonstop since 1948 you'd get cranky too. Yes, the can be belligerent but not 'Rape of Nanking' belligerent as you seem to think
    Ed Hunter
    Israel is not your cultural homeland. You were presumably born and raised in the USA so the USA is your cultural homeland whether you like it or not. My grandmother was from Northern Ireland but I don't have an opinion on the "Troubles" or other Protestant/Catholic issues because it's none of my business because I don't live there and it's not my "cultural heritage". You're not exactly being balanced in your post and are attacking someone who has an opinion that is just as valid or invalid as your own. American backing of Israel is a massive problem in that area and you pretty much fully endorse it.
    You have no right to tell me what is and isn't my homeland. I'm truly sorry for you that you have no connection to your heritage. What a shame I'm attacking Waters (who is in no way shape or form an expert on the issue and has a history of being d-bag) because he's taking a hard stance on an extremely grey issue. Yes I have my biases, but I don't believe that one side should boycotted while the other is not. I would never condone a 'Palestinian boycott'
    There are two concepts of belonging to a nation: Ius Sanguinis (belonging by blood / birth) and Ius Soli (belonging by being born within the nations borders). Israel, Japan, and Germany (especially Nazi Germany) are three examples of nations who focus on blood heritage. Most countries use borders because it means that I, for example, am considered Australian instead of Dutch / Maltese / Scottish / Australian. Personally, I think if your parents were born in the country in which you currently reside, that's your homeland.
    Law of Return buddy, I could become an Israeli citizen at any point if I should so choose. The concept of Isreali as our homeland is extremely deep seeded in Jewish culture.
    Right on. I don't think any sane person could agree with what the israeli government is doing.
    do you actually know what the israeli government is doing?!? no you barely know you ignorant dumbass
    **** you Metalloy! i definitely dont agree with AmirT but how dare you to disrespect what happend to the jews in the holocaust! maybe the Muslims also suffered but not like the jews! do you have any idea of how big the number of jews that died in the holocaust?! 6 million. you can't even begin to grasp that kind of number. and when you'll hear a testimony of a holocaust survivor, you won't even dare to say that jews were marketing this to their own benefits. you really don't know what they have been through! i've heard horrific stories you can't imagine- a son carrying his fathers body to a grave, men starving to death, dying from disease, from gas. the world have never seen such systematic killing in all of it's history. so don't you dare talk about the holocaust like that!!
    Kain Highwind
    Mao killed 40,000,000 Chinese people 20,000,000 Soviets died under Stalin Why aren't we coddling and bending over backwards for them?
    im not say we shouldn't (also they aren't asking for it) but im also saying that people should definitely not disrespect the holocaust of the jews saying that they taking it to their benefit.
    I didnt disrespect the jews, I said they are the only who were "marketing" it for the lack of better words hence the use of quotations. Now althought you insulted me, I'll keep my ethics and request from you to not keep your cool, this is the ineternet. About those stories, the arabs suffered countless more, not just palestinians, I am a lebanes and my country suffered greatly from israel in recent history, summer 2006 to be exact. And there's a video, not a story, of a palestinian man holding his son who was shot by the israeli army and they kept shooting leaving no chance for the father to take his kid to the hospital, until he died in his hands... I'm sorry for everyone who have ever suffered, wether jews, muslims or others, and i hope that this non sense stops already.
    Jews have been playing the holocaust card like it's going out of fashion. Many more Russians died under Stalin, but how many movies, tv shows, documentaries etc do we see about that compared to World War 2? Jews controlthe media and entertainment. Nothing wring with that. But it is in zionist interests to keep WW2, Hitler and the Holocaust alive in our consiousness. As long as people still see Hitler as the face of evil, and the Holocaust as the single worst thing to heppen in history, the Jews will remain victims in western consiousness, and zionism will seem almost excusable.
    jews control the media. anti-semitism at it's most stupid
    You can't ignore that a big percentage of billionaires, politicians and other ifluential people are Jewish. And anti-semitism is used wrong. Semite-family also include Arabs.
    My grandfather fought in the war to get dem jews out of their camps. My family got deported by stalin. I don't give a damn about the jews. My ancestors are hero's.