Roger Waters: 'I'd Consider Starting a Church - You Can Make a Fortune With No Talent'

Pink Floyd co-founder also unveils "Why are we killing the children?" question as the new album's focal point.

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Rock legend and Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters recently touched on the matter of careers he'd consider doing apart from music, sarcastically singling out church founding. "The only other thing I would ever consider doing is starting a church," Roger kicked off during his keynote Q&A at last week's Billboard Touring Conference. "Then you don't have to pay income tax. All you need is the gift of the gab, you need to be able to lie really well and you make a fortune with almost no talent." Switching to the current state of affairs in his career, Waters discussed his upcoming studio record and first solo effort in two decades. As he explained, the album's storyline revolves around a six-year-old Northern Irish boy and his grandfather as he comforts his after having nightmares about children getting killed. The grandfather then "enters into a covenant with the boy that he will take him on a quest to find an answer to his question, 'Why are we killing the children?' And that's what the record's about," Waters explained. During the rest of the chat, Waters discussed original Pink Floyd singer Syd Barrett, calling him a "very talented" musician that was only "incandescent for a year or maybe two." The bassist also labeled the band's Live 8 performance as a "very important moment," just to focus on advice he could give to young musicians. And in Roger's words, such advice doesn't exist, as he remembered the time when someone asked him on what he'd say to his 19-year-old self. "I wouldn't talk to that little f--ker," he said, "standing in a corner, smoking cigarettes, snarling at everybody - he had to go figure it out for himself."

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    tjm91 his The Wall Show, he criticized Shell and now, he's sitting in front of a commercial of them...quite ironic picture
    Why is he relating the church with talent? Makes no sense. The church is not really about talent, but mostly about charities and will to help (although to be fair, I'm sure there are some corrupt churches out there). I really enjoy this guy's music, but it's a big disappointment that he is yet another religion hater.
    He is very bitter for a multimillionaire who hasn't wrote anything I particularly like in over 30 years. While I love some of his songs, his politics are idiotic and bashing on churches means he hasn't found a decent one. Some churches do great work for the poor.....why bash?