Rolling Stones Kick Off Anniversary Tour

They played a storming 23-song set to the crowd in London, with former members rejoining the group and other special surprise guests.

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The Rolling Stones played the first of their 50th anniversary celebration shows in London last night, with frontman Mick Jagger joking at one point about the controversially high ticket prices.

A range of special guests introduced the show, with testimonials from artists including Pete Townshend, Iggy Pop and Nick Cave.

The band lineup featured former bassist Bill Wyman for the the first time since 1990, and ex-guitarist Mick Taylor for the first time since 1981. There were other surprises, included a guest appearance from Jeff Beck and Mary J Blige.

From the special stage shaped like their famous lips and tongue logo, guitarist Keith Richards said: "It's good to see you though I can't see anybody!"

The lower lip of the stage was built like a catwalk, according to Classic Rock, with some fans paying £1140 ($1830) to sit on the "tounge" of the stage. Standard tickets were £406 ($650), while fans at the back of the arena paid £106 ($170) - still a high price by any measure.

Frontman Mick Jagger even acknowledged the controversial ticket prices, according to NME. "How's everyone in the cheap seats? The problem is, they're not so cheap!"

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Rolling Stones setlist:

01. I Wanna Be Your Man 02. Get Off of My Cloud 03. It's All Over Now 04. Paint It Black 05. Gimme Shelter 06. Wild Horses 07. All Down the Line 08. I'm Going Down 09. Out of Control 10. One More Shot 11. Doom and Gloom 12. It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It) 13. Honky Tonk Women 14. Before They Make Me Run 15. Happy 16. Midnight Rambler 17. Miss You 18. Start Me Up 19. Tumbling Dice 20. Brown Sugar

Encore: 21. Sympathy for the Devil 22. You Can't Always Get What You Want 23. Jumpin' Jack Flash

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    I seen the stones back in 2007 it was the first gig i ever seen and its amazing how 4 guys in their late sixties and early seventy playing this good better than some bands in their twenties or thirties...
    I was there last night and i gotta say it was amazing! it's incredible to believe that Mick is just below 70, he was running around and dancing for 2 and a half hours non-stop! Jeff back was fantastic as a special guest as well as the ex-stones member who should of stayed on for longer. Honestly I know some people are saying this is the last tour, but if you were there last night it's truthful to say that this is just the first 50 years! LONG LIVE THE STONES
    It's pretty cool seeing 4 guys in their sixties, some pushing seventy, and still giving their all in their performances!
    they ran out of time so they never got to play it. a little disappointing but it was other wise the best gig I've ever seen! absolutely incredible!
    Little surprised "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" wasn't played. But still seems like a pretty good list.
    Thing is with a band like the Stones, they've got so many legendary songs, they'd never be able to play them all at one gig.