Rolling Stones Lyrics Are Banned From Tombstone

Church of England disallows "It's only rock and roll" phrase.

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The Church of England has decided that the Rolling Stones' lyrics "it's only rock and roll ... but I like it" are too flippant to be featured on a tombstone.

As Classic Rock magazine reports, Darren and Rick Clapham from Standon near Stoke-on-Trent, had planned to include a variation of the Stones lyrics on the headstone for their late father, Charles. The pair also wanted to describe his death by saying that he "finally fell of his perch."

However, a Church of England judge Stephen Eyre has decided that the words are too "flippant" and "irreverent" to appear on a grave stone.

"I would be prepared to authorise an inscription going beyond the recording of Mr. Clapham's age at death, and his attributes as a loving father and grandfather.

"What is essential is that any such inscription gives a message which conveys something of Mr. Clapham's character without being capable of being seen as inconsistent with the Christian Gospel."

While agreeing that an epitaph could reflect more of Clapham's personality, Eyre added: "The words 'finally fell off his perch' are unacceptable. They cross the line, going beyond quirkiness and humour to undue flippancy and irreverence. The ending of a human life is a serious matter and the proposed phrase goes too far."

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    How dare anyone say that a dead man's simple wishes aren't appropriate. I say this man's judgement is inappropriate, and should not be allowed.
    How dare the Church of England decide what we can and cannot put on our graves.
    Mr. X-RaY
    As always, I will be demonized and shit for this, but f**k religion..seriously. Religion ruins everything. It just s***s.
    There's a difference between this and actual Christianity. This is not how it is. Do you actually think that all Christians are like this or Westboro Baptist? No. It's not. Judging religion from social media is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. That's like if I were to judge atheism by saying all they do is judging other religions. But I know that's not it. Hell a lot of my friends are Atheists and I really don't care. As long as people don't shove shit down my throat I wouldn't care at all.
    Or people who think they know religion but in reality are blithering idiots
    Mr. X-RaY
    Idiotism is far away from me, as I've probably studied religions more than you'll ever do, you "blithering idiot". Catholicism is all about money and blinding people, so they'll call everyone else blind. So damn cool, isn't it? A religion that teaches us hate is exactly what we need in these days.
    The Church of England isn't Catholicism though, sorry. It is arguable that it is worse than Catholicism, though, since it was practically born corrupt.
    There is a difference between Catholicism and the Catholic Church. The Church is a business like any other, and it needs money to survive. But because it's a religion as well, it donates vast amounts of money to Aid projects in Africa. Also, could you please tell me how the Church teaches us hate?
    The conditional aid that the catholic church offers to Africa may help feed people in the short-term but contributes massively to the continent's long-term social, economic and health problems. But as long as it makes catholics feel better than everyone else, that's the important part...
    I'm a Christian and here's one thing. A pastor does not represent God in any way. It's the man's only wish is to put it on his head stone. Pastors don't have a right to judge any man. Only God represents himself. And when and where did he say "thou shalt not rock n' roll"?
    Pastors do represent god in a very real way. They represent the faith to those outside it, and relay/interpret scripture to their congregation. To an extent, all Christians represent god, as (according to their beliefs) they are called to live as witnesses to the holy spirit. Don't get me wrong, it's a real shame that this guy couldn't have his wishes carried out.
    I normally try and be polite when it comes to my views on religion even though I'm strongly against it. However, Fuck this shit.