Rolling Stones Movie To Screen Live In 250 Theaters

The documentary "Crossfire Hurricane" will air simultaneously in 250 theaters across the UK and Ireland on October 18. Find out how to get tickets here.

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The new Rolling Stones documentary "Crossfire Hurricane" will premiere at more than 250 theaters across the UK and Ireland on October 18.

It will include live coverage and interviews with the band as they walk on the red carpet to the London screening before they settle down into their seats for the main event.

The film directed by Brett Morgan will document their entire career, from their first tours in the 1960s to the present day. It includes a tonne of new and unseen footage of the band, and commentaries from the members themselves.

Brits who want a ticket to ones of the screenings can buy them from the "Crossfire Hurricane" website.

The 'Stones have found plenty of ways to celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. An exhibition in London will showcase some of their most iconic photographs, though if you can't make it there the images will feature in a hardcover book available from the Rolling Stones website.

A greatest hits album titled "Grrr!" will be release on 13 November in North America, and one day earlier in the rest of the world.

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