Rolling Stones Sell Out In Minutes

Their London arena gigs were sold out within 7 minutes, and touts are already re-selling them for over $20,000. But will the band book more dates?

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The Rolling Stones are on a roll with their two arena dates which sold out within seven minutes.

The band are booked to play at the London O2 Arena on November 25 and 29. The least expensive seats which cost around $152 were sold inside three minutes, while the most expensive seats at over $600 were sold just minutes later, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Touts also snapped up tickets, which are already being listed for more than $20, 000.

The surge of traffic crashed the Ticketmaster website, and many fans saw this warning: "We're experiencing high demand. You will be automatically directed to the page requested as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience."

A presale for US tickets at Newark's Prudential Center on December 13 and 15 went on sale on Saturday, with a general sale starting from Friday October 26.

The band are set to earn $16 million from these four shows and will probably pocket $1 million each, and Mick Jagger has hinted that more dates will be announced. The organisers of the renown Glastonbury Festival in England have said they are keen to book the Stones as headliners for 2013.

Did you manage to get a ticket for the Stones gigs? Let us know in the comments.

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    Wow. Big news. The rolling stones sold out a show in minutes and tickets reselling for extreme prices. I thought this would be a given by now considering the stones status, not news. On another note congrats to the stones for being one of the few bands that can draw this many fans from multiple generations.
    Ridiculously priced tickets buying officially. Fuck off Stones. You're out of your prime and I certainly won't pay that much to see you.
    All of those people who bought tickets seem to think that's a perfectly reasonable price.
    No they don't. They paid it because they had the money to pay for it. The Stones are for the middle classes now. The weekend rockers. However you want to put it. All the people who sneered at them in the 60s for being dirty druggies are now the ones throwing their money at them to appear "cool".
    I was just at the Prudential Center this weekend for Rush, great concert arena. It all depends on the price of tickets once they hit general sale. I'm not about to go broke ecause the Stones want to have another "last time ever" concert. I just saw Rush for 40 bucks, I'm not going to pay out the ear for this
    152$ for the cheapest seat? Rolling Stones and the strings pullers of these concerts should be disgusted about themselves. They may be good, but no one should be exploited this much by just wanting to go see a concert. You understand when you make millions by selling millions of CD's, but to think that you have to be that much richer just for one show is just unhuman.
    Strong feeling that its not the band who make these ticket prices
    They contribute to them as well. You can expect a nice cut from those ticket prices to be funded directly into their pockets. Hell they even make money while sitting on a sofa, so I don't understand why they have to make money when they've got enough to buy anything they want.
    I think its the record company that makes those prices. I agree that those prices are ridiculous. As every one of those guys is a millionaire anyway. Why everyone cant have a chance to see this "celebration"?
    I'm not saying they are actually the ones to be putting prices on the ticket...I said they contribute to the ticket prices because they are having a cut from the price. They could easily do the concert without taking any money, which would make things a lot cheaper I'm sure, but looks like it's not always just about the music. Just so you know, I do like their music, for those who think this is just a rant about me not enjoying their music. I speak of many many artists when I talk about this issue. Though these prices caught my eye, especially considering the time they've been so popular, so you'd think they'd have more money then space to keep it (I'm also aware banks exist, but I enjoy joking around a bit, or I'd just die by facing these facts so seriously).
    King Bluesy
    Let's see Boston or Toronto for Jan-Apr or next Summer. Please god.
    May want to ask God for a winning lottery ticket as well, because it doesn't look like you're gonna see them even if they come that way, if you don't have some serious cash.
    I think they may have sold out a long time ago...
    They've reported to get 16 million pounds for 4 nights work, when they all millionaires already and have enough money to live out the rest of lives comfortably. allegedly jagger is obsessed with beating U2 on some record for gross earnings from a set of concerts.
    I got a ticket! thank god for the 02 priority pre-sale, i paid 340 for a pair of tickets which are way at the back. I admit it is a total rip off, but who else can get away with it apart from The Stones?
    Plenty of bands could get away with this. Led Zep, AC/DC, Def leppard, Black Sabbath, all the classic rock bands really. They could all charge as much as they wanted and still sell out.
    True. Wonder how much a Pink Floyd reunion could rake in considering Waters was charging 100 for him alone!
    If that's a ripoff, how about what a ticket to the Stones SHOULD cost? Quite simply, the demand for seats vastly exceeds the supply of seats.
    This is england we don't deal in $$$ we deal in The current exchange rate is $16,000,000 = 3
    I thought the title meant it was a slow news day, so UG would gives us the story of the Stones' formation
    And what's with the $$$ signs anyway? Last time I checked, the O2 Arena was in ENGLAND.
    Too expensive for me,I have seen the Stones six times in the past-78 in Buffalo,NY,in 82 in Germany(2 concerts in Munich,and 1 in Frankfurt),89 in phila.,PA,and 94 at Giants stadium.All these shows were great,but I just can't afford them anymore.I hear there is going to be a pay per view for one of the newark,NJ show for $9.00 which I will buy.
    Some kind of charity: Come on everybody! We got to make $5,000,000! Rolling Stones: (Put on Napoleon Dynamite masks) We can make that much in 5 seconds.
    I would not pay 20 dollars to see the Rolling Stones, much less 20,000 dollars. They may be a classic band in some peoples eyes, and ears, but not mine.
    They're the closest thing to the Beatles we got, but no one understands that. People today won't even know if a Stones song was playing on the radio, they deserve much more respect than they're iconic logos. I wouldn't mind paying $200 for a ticket...
    "They're the closest thing to the Beatles we got" You mean besides, I dunno, THE BEATLES?
    Um, I don't know how to break this to you, but John Lennon and George Harrison are dead. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.
    Good that you think that way. I'm sure the record company's, and band, and concert promoters, etc, will be very glad to hear you feel that way. Must make absolute sense to you paying that ticket right? It's not like they aren't making you pay more to see less show then back in the days, and at a time were the economy is running brilliantly everywhere.
    I wouldn't pay a penny over 50 to see ANY band live. A lot of these tickets were probably bought instantly buy big ticket selling corps, and they sell them at a higher VAT. The Live Concert: Music's greatest experience, but it's biggest rip off!
    In terms of a live band yeah they are. Both from the same time period, both from the same era, and arguably both from the same magnitude of influence.
    That sounded dumb I mean both from the same era not time period. Sorry.
    They brought 90 000 people to moncton new brunswick some years ago. These guys certainly have an appeal