Rolling Stones To Earn 16 Million From Four Shows?

The band has confirmed four shows in Newark and London. Standing tickets at London gig start from 400 pounds.

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After much unsubtle hinting by guitarist Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones have confirmed the first four dates of their 50th anniversary tour, entitled 50 Years and Counting, and have also hinted that retired band members Mick Taylor and may be returning to the fold.

As AntiMusic notes, the band announced the news when they posted a video on YouTube which was accompanied by the following message: "The most eagerly anticipated concerts of 2012 are announced today as the greatest rock 'n' roll band, The Rolling Stones, confirm their long awaited return to the stage with four spectacular arena shows in London and New York. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood at last revealed their return to live work exclusively via this video.

As the crowning glory of their on-going 50th anniversary celebrations, the rock icons will play to thousands of fans at London's O2 Arena on November 25 and 29, and then across the pond to perform at the Prudential Center, Newark, near New York, on December 13 and 15."

Mick Jagger ends the video by teasing "maybe a few friends will join us", with regard to who those friends are, the band's @Grrregory twitter account has speculated that they will include "Mr D, Mr G, Mr J, Mr R, Mr W & Mr W. Maybe even Mr W & Mr T. Definitely Mr L, Mr F, Mr J and Mr K.", with Mr's W & T possibly referring to Wyman and Taylor.

The new dates have already been causing some controversy though, because of the high ticket prices that are being charged. As Classic Rock reports, the cheapest entry to the O2 shows will cost £106 including booking fee, while standing room tickets are £406 per person. In an interview with the BBC, Keith Richards had stated "I just want to do some shows and I don't want to charge over the bloody top."

The band is expected to make £16 million from the four shows, with each band member earning £1 million from that.

Excited by the Stones' return, or put off by the high ticket prices? Let us know in the comments.

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    I came directly here from reading the article about Steve Harris comments about quitting before they get too old to perform up to Maiden standards. I understand Mr. Harris better. :
    Great that they are playing, but those ticket prices are too much. I would love to see them live, but I cant justify that kind of price. Someone somewhere is being greedy - I highly doubt its the Stones themselves though as these things invariably slip out of their control.
    100 for the cheapest tickets at the O2 in London is nothing short of a disgrace. I love The Stones but seriously this is too much. They could have created a real splash by pegging back ticket prices....they can make their money with the outdoor shows. They are just out of touch with those prices. They have heard that we are in the middle of a double dip recession haven't they?
    This is ridiculous. I was determined to go see them but there's no chance I'm able to afford that. But as usual, it's probably not the band that chose the ticket prices.
    Ridiculous prices. I'd rather put that money towards a time machine to see the Stones at their best.
    1m for 4 shows? That's pretty insane! Like what's already been said, I'm sure they've not set the prices themselves. I suppose there's always gonna be people stupid enough to pay that for tickets though!
    There's only two options for Prudential Center... $114 for the least expensive and $813 for the other package... without taxes. I think that is ridiculously priced. I wonder if theres anything special about the higher priced tickets. Except maybe being on the floor level or really close...
    gettin 4 of big guys at prudential! bye bye concerts for the rest of the year...