Romantics Sue 'Guitar Hero' Publishers

artist: Romantics date: 11/23/2007 category: music news
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The Romantics aren't exactly enamored with Activision Publishing at the present. The rock band filed a suit Tuesday against the video game developer and publisher in federal District Court in Detroit. The suit claims Activision's videogame, "Guitar Hero, Encore, Rocks the 80's," uses a version of the band's "What I Like About You" by musicians which sounds a great deal like them. The recording makes it "virtually indistinguishable from the authentic version" and therefore confuses listeners into believing the band actually recorded it. The suit names California-based Activision, Harmonix Music Systems and Redoctane as developers, publishers or distributors of "Guitar Hero" as defendants. Wavegroup Sound was named as performers of the music. The band members, composed of Master Beat, Wally Palmer, Mike Skill, and Coz Anler, want compensatory and punitive damages for an unspecified amount Thanks for the info to
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