Ronnie James Dio Receiving Posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award

Dio given SAMMY award in recognition of achievements.

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Ronnie James Dio is to be given a lifetime achievement award by the Syracuse Area Music Hall of Fame. As Syracuse. Com notes, the award acknowledges that Dio was "one of the greatest (and most under appreciated) metal singers of all time."

The award will be collected on Dio's behalf by his son, Dan Padavona, who had the following to say about his father's work:

"I was a rock fan and a huge fan of his music, especially Elf and Rainbow. But most of what I knew was from reading in magazines. It was very surreal."

"I hope it's a way to get closer to my father in his death than I did in his life," he said of the award. "I'm sure he'd be very happy that I'm up there with Rock (David Feinstein) and a few of his closest friends."

As Padavona also notes, the home town recognition for Dio (who grew up in Cortland, New York) is long overdue:

"When he was alive, beyond his faithful friends, not a lot of people knew much about him other than there was this guy who went off and joined Black Sabbath. If you open the Cortland Standard all they talked about was who bowled a 300 the other night. Which was very true. I never once saw a mention in the paper of the fact that an album had gone platinum or anything like that. And he was as accomplished a person to come out of Cortland artistically as anyone else."

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    One of the best, he deserves every single bit of recognition this world can and could throw at him in life and death.
    Absolutely deserving of this award. Even in his later releases his voice sounded just as strong as 30 years prior. The amount of talent this man possessed is bewildering. RIP.
    Been a fan of RJD since the Rainbow days. Voice is like nothing I have ever seen. When I saw "Heavy Metal" in the theaters (yes, I am old-er) and "Mob Rules" played, I went nucking futs. Besides, he helped young Jables....
    "Voice is like nothing I've ever heard" . That's be more correct than " voice is like nothing I've ever seen".
    "That's be more correct than" Wow. I remember my first pube...Troll.
    Im the guy who disliked it cause I'm still angry. Amy Whinehouse and Whitney Houston die and people care. One of the greatest persona in the history of rock dies, nobody cares.
    Because its about album sales, not the quality of music.
    Both Winehouse and Houston did contribute quite a lot as well to be honest. They had their ups and they sure had their downs, but after all I still find their music more than alright compared to most of that other stuff called pop music these days. Give them some recognition for what they did, not how they acted as "role models" etc. Since we're not condemning Hendrix, Morrison nor the other guys from that 27yr club, to me it's quite hypocritical to bash Winehouse for being a junkie. Dio sure deserves this one.
    Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston were incredibly talented. Im not exactly sure what you are on about. When did death become a competition? The man will be remembered forever. That is all that matters.
    Dio had more talent in his little toe than both of them combined.
    I disagree. In my opinion Whitney Houston had a much more powerful voice. I don't like her music, I'm just being objective. Try it for once.
    I have enjoyed Dio's music for many, many years. I remember during the time Ozzy and former members of Sabbath were feuding publicly and it got really nasty at times. I refused to take sides because although I loved Blizzard of Ozz and Diary, I also loved heaven and hell and Mob Rules. The painful split of Sabbath certainly resulted in some incredible music being released. I remember being very impressed when we heard Sabbath we Dio. We thought they would suck without Ozzy...WRONG! Finally, I went to see Dio live in the early 80's during the Holy Diver Tour. I had a van full of girls with me. A couple of them wearing cellophane outfits. They were hot. Dio thought so too. The two girls in Cellophane got backstage/ I thought they were doing the groupie thing but no, they came back from backstage and they freaking had DIO with them! He went out to the van with us. He had a bag of bud. We got stoned, listened to him chat. Then he gave all of the girls a big hug. Nothing crazy, just a mellow time with one of Metal's greatest. What a great evening...thanks to this humble man who really appreciated his fans. There was nothing snobby or douchebaggish about Dio. He was totally cool.
    He had some ego, but his voice sure as hell matched and surpassed it.
    Some ego?? Everyone who had met him have always pointed out how humble, cool and down to earth guy he was.
    Reward the living while they're still alive. Worshipping the dead is useless.
    Proud that Ronnie was from Cortland,which is about 40 miles from where I live(Binghamton,NY area). He was a great Rock/Metal singer,He helped Black Sabbath create a new sound after Ozzy was kicked out.A great and unique singer!
    I find it soul destroying that he is now my favourite singer of all time, yet I can never ever see him live =(