Ronnie Wood Wants Stones To Headline Glastonbury

artist: The Rolling Stones date: 10/24/2012 category: music news
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Ronnie Wood Wants Stones To Headline Glastonbury
Ronnie Wood says he will push for The Rolling Stones to headline the legendary Glastonbury Festival next year. It follows comments from Glastonbury organisers who wanted to book the band on what could be their last set of tour dates. "There's been no mention of [Glastonbury, within the band] but I'm gonna bring it up," Wood told. "They'll probably go 'get out of here Woody, shut up, no!' I don't care, I always take risks like that, so I'll put it forward." He added: "I have great respect for [Glastonbury] because it is an institution, that there frolic in the mud. No festival would be complete without the mud! The ghost of Woodstock, I regard it as." Weekend tickets to the next Glastonbury Festival have already sold out, but a sale of returned tickets is expected before the event next year. Tickets to arena dates in London, England and Newark, US to celebrate their 50th anniversary sold out in minutes and have been seen on the resale market for more than $20,000. Hear their newest song "Doom And Gloom" here:
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