Royal Blood Score Fastest-Selling Rock Debut in Three Years

Self-titled record sells 66,000 units in one week, quite a feat these days.

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Young British rockers Royal Blood have officially scored the fastest-selling rock debut album in three years with their August 25 self-titled release.

As NME reports, the record sold 66,000 units during the first week, quite a feat for a young act these days.

According to the official info, "Royal Blood" marked the fastest-selling debut since 2011 and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' self-titled record.

The band opened for Arctic Monkeys during their Finsbury Park shows this May and have also rocked Glastonbury and Reading Festival, so things are looking pretty bright for Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher. Make sure to give their latest video single "Figure It Out" a spin or two below. Order the album here.

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    Their stuff is fairly good, but it isn't mind blowing, that said, it's no small feat selling that many records in such a short amount of time, especially for an up and coming band in this day and age. They have my respect and I wish them the best of luck, I'll keep my eyes on them.
    This band is awesome and deserve every good piece of publicity they get, riffs just do not run out on this album, great work guys!
    Section 5
    Great sales and well deserved. Sounds quite a bit like QOTSA but wearing your influences on your sleeve is no bad thing.
    There's not a bad song in the album. Maybe they're not the most original band, but does that really matter if the music is good? Best album of 2014 (prove me wrong, Tool)
    Great album. Saw them interviewed on Soccer AM the other day and they come across as good, genuine guys and the drummer is actually pretty funny. Interesting that it's all just a bass and a drum kit, they still manage to achieve a pretty big sound and you can forgive it for sounding less varied or original because of the uniqueness of the set-up. The bassist says he has a specific pedal board setup that he won't show anyone which achieves the guitar/bass sound. Apparently it's really simple but no one has worked it out yet. Ideas?
    I'm guessing it's an ABY-splitter with one side going into some kind of octave-up processor, followed by liberal amounts of gain on each side, going into his multiple amps. He can switch between just "guitar"-sound, just bass-sound, or both at the same time, as heard in the "Out of the Black"-outro. That just screams ABY-pedal into an octave-up. Personally, I can get a pretty similar sound out of my normal six-string guitar into an octave-down pedal, followed by tons of distortion.
    What Sideslick said. If their performance on Jools Holland is anything to go by, he uses 3 amps also.
    Holy shit, just realised u can play snake with the youtube buffering thingy.
    Thanks to Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys for wearing their shirt otherwise I would never had heard about them. This band is really excellent.
    Sounds like music for the background of a Target ad, to show they're "hip". Forgettable.
    Nah, rock needs more balls. Nothing against the guys but this whole new scene of radio hipster almost dancy music is a worry. Every so called rock band sounds the same on the radio, at least the international stuff we get in NZ. Sucks. What happened to all the bands I grew up on? Tool nothing. Metallica died. Rage died. System died. God dammit, make some ****in noise. even new queens sounds like dance rock
    Have you heard any song besides the single? I'd say it's the most pop-ish song, the track Little Monster is pretty ballsy. I do agree that rock needs more balls, but this IMO is a big relief compared to "rock" bands like Imagine Dragons.
    Saw them at their album lanch and it was an amazing gig, I'd recommend anyone to see them live
    I found this surprising not because I think its not very good, I really dig their sound and the album is solid. Its that when it came out I looked everywhere for it. Went to 6 stores on two separate days and couldn't find it. I even got the floor staff of a Best Buy to comb the cd aisles and try to find it woth no luck. I did finally get it and I gotta say its pretty good. The songs are short and aside from the singles there arent any real standout songs. But I'm really looking forward to hearing more from them.