Rumor: Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones and Ghost B.C. Prepare US Tour

Several sources say these metal superstars will tour North America this Fall, and more than a few people are excited about it.

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Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones and Ghost B.C. could be touring together across North America together this fall.

While there has been no official confirmation, but Under the Gun says this rumor weighs more than most, and several news outlets are reporting it after hearing the same from their own sources.

"According to forum posts, tweets from people tangentially connected with music, and the loose lips of booking agents in the plains states, Avenged Sevenfold are supposedly planning a Fall tour with support from Deftones and Ghost," says Under the Gun. "No dates for the rumored outing have surfaced at this time, but we have been told to expect stops across the country and that further information will be available sometime in May."

It's not the first time that we've heard Avenged Sevenfold will return with a splash in 2013, and a lineup like this could be the perfect way to do it.

We last reported on Avenged Sevenfold in December, when they announced they would return to the studio in the New Year to record their sixth studio album to follow "Nightmare" in 2010.

Deftones, meanwhile, have been hit with the death of their founding bassist Chi Cheng who had been battling ill health since a major car crash in 2008.

Will you be jumping for the chance to get tickets to a lineup of metal superstars like this? Have your heard similar rumors? Let us know in the comments.

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    This will be one of the best tours of 2013 if this is true. Glad to see Avenged is picking some great bands to tour with, as opposed to the bands they usually do. They're a great band, just terribly mismarketed. This is a huge step in the right direction for them.
    matteo cubano
    Avenged better have an album to promote before or during this tour, or else, as a fan I'd hope they just skip this year and get that shit finished
    I don't know...I saw them touring in support of Nightmare and half of their set was Nightmare. The next year I saw them and most of their stuff was from City of Evil and Self Titled, which I much preferred. They even played I Won't See You Tonight Part 1. That being said, I would EASILY go to this tour.
    If you go on their site they have a radio timeline of each of their albums and once you get to the end it's just static, pretty sure they're about to release the first single any time now.
    The album is probably done they're just messing with everyone. Kind of annoying actually.
    I've seen A7X live that shit is awesome! I would definitely check this out and A7X can help Deftones with the passing of their bassist since they lost the Rev not to long ago either
    That's a interesting line up of bands that don't really sound like one another. It would be nice to go to a concert with some variety to it. I've been streaming the new Ghost B.C. album on spotify and it is really great stuff, kinda shows you don't need a wall of distortion to create ominous and "dark" music.
    Avenged and KSE got me into metal seven years ago. Ive been a Deftones fan for a week and really like what I hear. I would love to see this tour!
    Stephen Vaughn
    Ghost Deftones Avenged Sevenfold
    Exactly man, I'm picturing about half the audience leaving after Deftones haha. A7X is f***ing terrible. Now watch me get downvoted by 10 year olds.
    matteo cubano
    i'm 19 and I down voted you, I rarely listen to a7x much anymore but at least it has the nostalgia factor from 8th grade to junior year of high school when I was a huge fan and saw them right after the rev died.
    Fuckin hipsters... At least admit syn's a decent guitarist, and you can draw parallels between M shadows vocal style/individuality and Ozzy's trademark sound... M shadows is probably gonna be one of these guys who creates a legacy - Besides, most 10 year olds hate on a7x cause its too "soft" for them too, but they're as heavy as any other band, its just they dont feel the need to molest their vocal chords and play guitars with bits of steel cable for strings like most younger bands, they have skill, good melodies, and they're nice guys... next you'll be on a BVB post saying "oh they're shit and ruined metal" or on a Dforce saying "They cant play for shit"... people need to stop jumping on the ****ing bandwagon
    Culler Amps
    If you want to be a fanboy thats fine, but there is no need to label the people who feel different than you "hipsters"...
    I stopped listening to Avenged after listening to only 6 tracks off of Nightmare (Which sucked since i was a huge fan since 2004). Sorry but people's taste changes. I'm not a lot of the same bands i was into back in high school. Unlike Avenged, Deftones put out one of there best records without Chi (IMO) Ghost on the otherhand is just amazing. Plus, bringing up black vail brides as metal just makes me cringe. Sorry dude, you get down vote just for that sentence.
    Funny, because if you're in it for the heavy, metalcore roots of Avenged, "God Hates Us" is track #7...
    Avenged wrote Nightmare with the rev, and Portnoy's recording was flawless... shame he got kicked from DT. yeah people's taste changes, band's still good, personally I think Nightmare explored territory they didnt before, and some songs were even slightly prog-metal, which was nice. Yeah Ghost are amazing, just not the same feel as A7x for me, sorry yeah man, BVB are more hip hop tbh
    their debut album was great, then they became soft.
    I know some bands have a style and they stick to it, but they really are getting predictable.
    Ghost and Deftones should be an awesome lineup. Not the biggest A7x fan, but I'll put up with em for this.
    I agree, but it kind of depends on who is headlining and how much these tickets are going to cost.
    Never really listened to Ghost B.C. but i'll sit patiently and wait for them to announce this ****ing awesome tour.
    Although I'm not really a fan, I respect Avenged Sevenfold for their musicianship and skill. That being said, there's no way Deftones should be supporting them. It should definitely be the other way around. Just my $0.02.
    I'm a huge fan of both, and I know Deftones have been around a lot longer, but A7X puts on the full headlining show with the stage theatrics, pyro, everything. Regardless of how great Deftones are, I can't picture them going on AFTER A7X. It would be an underwhelming show closer, much like when Disturbed (I know Deftones and Disturbed are in WAY DIFFERENT ball parks here) went on after A7X.
    If you wana talk about putting a show with theatrics etc then Ghost should headline
    With respect, I'd argue that Avenged Sevenfold can pull bigger crowds than Deftones could. For example, I probably wouldn't go see a Deftones concert normally, But if they were opening for Avenged Sevenfold, I would jump at the chance to see both bands.
    Avenged Sevenfold drummer is dead.. Deftones bassist is dead.. Ghost B.C. are famous for their lyrical themes.. Maybe Ghost B.C. could... ...forget what I was going to say
    Ghost is famous for their satanic pope and evil monk-type getup and for freshing up old school doom rock with pop rock in a way that we can sing about Satan and sound overly happy about it. Anyone can sing about Satan and the antichrist but only Ghost does it the way they do.
    It's a band that surprised me. Honestly, I don't really like the type of lyrics but the music they do is great!
    Oh my God. Avenged Sevenfold and Ghost (NO BC DAMNIT) are touring together. I just died. I can't wait for this.
    E. Graves
    Hope not, touring with Iron Maiden and Slayer is great. Touring with a7x and deftones... not so much
    Well I guess that's unlucky for us since all these bands suck, particularly Deftones
    Don't mind this guy, he's only heard the lullaby versions of theirs songs and thinks it's the actual band.
    If you dont like the bands? what the hell are you doing on this post? Go and vote, comment on the music you like
    My main problem with this tour would be that they would have to have it in a large venue (in a pro hockey arena for example) because of the large fanbases A7x and Deftones have,it would ruin the Ghost and Deftones show because they thrive in a small venue and on a giant stage it would just ruin it.
    I've seen Ghost last year in The Netherlands, the show they gave was amazing. Really hope they come to Europe again to promote their new (and awesome) album