Rumor: Mike Portnoy's 'First Full Return to Prog Metal' Will Feature Bumblefoot & Derek Sherinian

As reported, the drummer announced working on first prog metal project since the Dream Theater days.

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Rumor: Mike Portnoy's 'First Full Return to Prog Metal' Will Feature Bumblefoot & Derek Sherinian

Blabbermouth reports that Mike Portnoy's mysterious project announced as "first full return to prog metal" since Dream Theater is rumored to feature former GN'R guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal and ex-Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian.

The report reads: "Although the former Dream Theater drummer has not yet confirmed Thal and Sherinian's involvement in the new project, he has been actively deleting comments on his official forum from fans who have concluded through various social-media posts that the pair are working with Portnoy in the freshly launched band."

Portnoy's original announcement reads: "Hmmmm....what have we here?? I'm in L.A. recording an album with something NEW... Sorry, this is all you're gonna get outta me on this for a while... More will be revealed at a later date... stay tuned! #ProgMetalSupergroup Coming soon..."

Stay tuned for updates.

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    Steve Harris on bass and Russell Allen on vocals. . . . . . I've just made that up, but wouldn't that be awesome?!?!?
    I always hoped for a rendition of DT with Russell Allen. That would be fuckin awesome.
    My thoughts exactly. I'd love to hear some DT tunes with Russell Allen on vocals, I've seen him live many times and he SLAYS both the high notes and the low aggressive stuff without missing a beat.
    Too little...too late... Considering how DT hasn't missed a step with Mangini and Mike's myriad of missteps, I doubt that it will be anything that will make an impact. Regardless, I'd be willing to check out anything with Bumblefoot and Sherinian.
    Dream Theater have been missing a lot of steps, especially since Portnoy's departure, although I wouldn't say it was precisely because of that fact
    Irwin Navarro
    IMO, the biggest misstep DT has made ever since hiring Mangini is not giving Mangini a decent drum sound both in the studio and in live shows. Had the past 3 albums with Mangini had the Black Clouds drum tone, they would have sounded a lot better.  A part of me thinks Rudess and Petrucci are stifling Mangini's drum tone on purpose cos they're afraid to get upstaged by him. Mangini himself probably knows this and is just putting up with it for the sake of the $$$$
    I've actually thought Mangini has had the best sound, at least considering the Breaking the Fourth Wall recording. Petrucci and Rudess' tone and sounds were just way too processed and fake for my liking. Even Myung had a very processed tone in parts. As for LaBrie - let's not go there.
    Irwin Navarro
    I have no problem with Sherinian, the guy has worked with Portnoy and is a proven name in prog-rock. It's Bumblefoot that's the problem. If he really does have a role in this project, it better be the vocalist, bass player (if he knows how to play bass), or even just a guest guitar solo spot- just dont give him the lead guitarist spot.  Bumblefoot is a great guitarist when it comes to his genre, but he is nowhere near progrock/prog metal. Portnoy forming a prog rock/metal band with Bumblefoot as lead guitarist would be like Petrucci reforming the Liquid Trio Experiment with Meg White on drums. It would be a stupid decision, perhaps the stupidest decision in his entire career.