Rush Frontman Explains Guitarist's Bizarre Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech

"I wish he would have warned us," says Geddy Lee.

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Rush frontman Geddy Lee has noted that the and drummer Neil Pear were taken aback by Alex Lifeson's bizarre acceptance speech at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Lifeson's portion of the speech, which went on for several minutes, consisted entirely of the guitarist repeating the phrase "blah blah blah."

"I wish he would have warned us. We could have thought it was planned, as opposed to feeling like maybe he was losing his marbles."

As Lee notes, the speech was an extension of the light-hearted stage personas that Rush fans have come to expect from the band:

"Left to our own devices out ideas are usually pretty goofy," he says. "It seems a shame to not share that goofiness with our fans, who have obviously come to love it."

You can check the speech out at the link below:

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    not sure how they managed that one???
    Yeah, it couldn't possibly be a simple typo, could it? The guy who wrote the article must genuinely believe he's called Neil Pear. Anyway, I loved Lifeso's speech but his bandmates looked ready to club him with their trophies.
    I missed the typo, I thought you meant the LOL WUT pear. Seems entirely appropriate in the circumstances.
    When I first saw that I was like "Is he really going to do this the entire time?"
    He's badass.
    no, he's an idiot. Good musician, but an idiot.
    Coming from the kid who says there are more good songs on Green Day's Dookie than in Rush's entire catalog, I don't think anyone will be taking your opinion seriously here.
    How is he an idiot? It was a ballsy thing to do, and it was really funny! I can't see how this makes him an idiot in any way.
    My comment is butchered. Read my other one. Mods, could you please delete this?
    I like how when he starts his 'speech' he gets a little glimmer in his eye like he's about to say something really hard-hitting and inspirational.
    He totally did though personally thought it was one of the best speeches I've heard this year at least..
    What I love about that speech is that if you pay attention you can actually tell what he's saying.
    Oh man, that got pretty awkward after the first minute or so... haha. And I totally knew that Neil was a pear all along.
    Darth Crow
    I love that speech you can actually see what the "real" words would be, or at least the general meaning of what he was trying to say. Alex, to me you're a genius
    LOL I think Alex is trying to tell the story of how Rush got inducted
    Yeah, honestly, was a little disappointed he did that. Would have been funny for a few seconds, then transition into some actual commentary. Particularly after Neil's heartfelt comments, was a bit of a sour note.....
    Neil and Geddy pretty much said it all so I think Alex just wanted to leave the audience laughing rather than spool off some humble clichs. There's nothing sour about it.
    Not saying he was sour, saying listening to it was less than satisfying. And I'd be willing to bet that after the first 30 sec or so, much of the audience laughter was of the "nervous" kind.
    With one word he not only presented to total emotional journey the band took in getting the award, he also conveyed the humility of trying to find the right words to convey his appreciation from what can be such an overwhelmingly egocentric podium. Keep living in the limelight Alex!
    Love it! Watched it 10 times and it's my favorite music related speech since Flea inducted Metallica. People need to lighten up and, well, be more like the Rush guys.
    whoever wrote this article should be fired. unacceptable typos for a professional webpage.
    Most Rock and Roll Hall of Fame speeches are essentially "blah blah blah" anyways. Lifeson just kept it real.
    so people are upset that alex lifeson's speech was joke, the concept of a rock n' roll hall of fame is the real joke...noobz
    ha, ironic that Dave Grohl handed him the award! Loved Dave's Grammy speach don't get me wrong, still ironic.
    Most HOF speeches are clich and not sincere. Alex satirized that in a way that Rush fans would know he was sincere to them. He topped pulling out a shopping list and reading it, when they received a Lifetime Achievement Juno Award.
    This was by far the best speech of the night. Not that others weren't good as well.... I was literally cracking up the entire time. Wouldn't expect any less from Lifeson.
    Anyone who's seen/heard Lifeson's La Villa Strangiato rants during concerts shouldn't be surprised by this. Peart's speech and Geddy's speech had me in tears - Lifeson's speech had me laughing. That's Rush for you.
    Yeah.. awkward. Don't know what was going though his mind but to know Alex is to love Alex. But I would have liked to have seem a moment or two of seriousness. Maybe he was commenting on what little esteem he may have (I don't know his thoughts) for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Have you seen some of the crappy artists in there?
    It's not awkward at all... This sort of thing is to be expected from Rush, and it seems the crowd there ate it up. Lifeson has went on saying he doesn't care too much for the HOF in numerous interviews/podcasts.
    Guys, guys! If you pay attention to Alex's speech, IT'S ALL THERE! Every "blah blah" has meaning. He's actually talking about the beginnings of the band, how it's taken so long to get into the Hall of Fame, how with the help of fans they're finally there. And he's saying how much he owes to Neil and Geddy, his family, and most of all THE FANS. It was absolutely brilliant, whimsical, nutty, and terrifically RUSH.
    Alex Lifeson..... Fantatstic. Very Funny. Rush....Fantastic and well deserved.
    Wow that was embarrassing. I don't like Rush but i respect what they do....i now respect them a little less
    It was funny and had a message behind it, but he dragged it on way too long. I laughed for the first few seconds, and after a few more, I started hoping it wound end and he'd save himself some embarrassment.
    I loved it! I almost cried at the end, when he said "blah blablabla"
    As I'm writing a speech myself that I'm pratically forced to deliver next week, I'm tempted to just **** it all, and do like Alex...
    I honestly knew what he was saying. He couldn't believe it took that long with that many albums to get to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I loved the speech! It was actually original and it fits with the quirkiness of Rush!
    wow really??? it was funny and more than a little over kill but really ...its ruck other bands have a wall of marshalls they have washer and dryers...and the count from sctv... oooohhh very scary! if your a real rush fan it was more than a little funny and same olde' weird stuff from them...
    This article is loaded with typos. And that speech was annoying after the first two minutes.
    Never ceases to amaze me how many people didn't and don't "GET" Alex's speech. Some day, you'll wake up and get it - the proverbial light will go off in your head and you will smile - perhaps after watching your 500th acceptance speech at an awards ceremony of your choosing - but when that light goes on, you will feel really dumb - maybe a little embarrassed, but you will never look at the canned and vanilla acceptance speech the same way again.