Rush: 'Hall Of Fame Is A Popularity Contest'

artist: Rush date: 10/19/2012 category: general music news

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Rush: 'Hall Of Fame Is A Popularity Contest'
Rush have finally commented on their long-awaited Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame nomination, calling it "a popularity contest". Bands are eligible for the hall 25 years after their first album release, which means they missed out on a nomination every year since 1998. "I'm really happy for the Rush fans who feel that it is really important, and I hope we're inducted for their sake", guitarist Alex Lifeson told "Personally it never really mattered to me, but at the same time it's nice to be nominated." In June, before their nomination, Lifeson had said he didn't care if hall of fame wanted them in there or not, and added that the band were more honored to receive the Governor General's Performing Arts Award. "That's really the highest accolade you can get in this country for the performing arts", he said at the time, "and I felt so proud as a Canadian to be in this esteemed group of artists that have been there for the last 20 years." Other acts nominated for the 2013 Hall Of Fame include Deep Purple, Kraftwerk and Public Enemy. Founding Deep Purple guitarist Richie Blackmore recently said he would never appear at the ceremony, and is more concerned about paying his bills. Is the Hall Of Fame just a popularity contest? Does it carry any real prestige? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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