Rush Reveal Secret To Their Long Career

Most bands who formed in 1968 are long gone. What is it about Rush that keeps them going? Frontman Geddy Lee thinks he knows the formula.

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With a career spanning 44 years, Rush know a thing or two about keeping a band together through good times and bad.

How did they stick together when so many bands have been and gone? Frontman Geddy Lee thinks he knows, and told that it's a combination of sharing a taste in music and paying a little respect to each other that keeps them productive.

"There's a particular obvious chemical reaction we have with each other as players," he said. "We all like making the same kind of music, which I think is the one thing that kills a lot of bands: the fact that their tastes start changing, and the thing they want to put in their music is not something the other guys agree with. We don't have that problem here."

He continued: "The other thing that breaks up most bands is interpersonal relationships. We don't have that problem either, because we do get along well and we respect each other."

Lee says those things combined have kept them rocking for years but there is one thing the band compete over.

"Most of the time the biggest concern we have is, who is going to say something funnier? Where we get into one-upmanship is in the comedy department, not the music department."

Meanwhile, Rush won Album Of The Year at the Prog Awards last night. See our rundown on the event here.

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    You know how? Having a carrer of 44 years, 19 studio albums, being one of the most influential bands in the world and still not having any rockstar douchebaggery and loving to make music. Hail Rush.
    "loving to make music" That really is the bottom line isn't it. Too many musicians get caught up in the rock star life and forget their passion for making music
    That's true. But like I've said, thank god they don't give a **** about being rockstars!
    "Most of the time the biggest concern we have is, who is going to say something funnier?" Awesome... Rush rule
    Geddy Lee's wearing a Batman shirt in that picture.
    -----(--|-----|- -----____\--\-----LIKE!!-----/--/_____ -(____ _)----\-----/----(_____) -(_____ )--- _)__(-̮̮̃̃__(_---(_____) -(__ ___)--------█ ----(-----(_ ____) ---(_____) __/--_/\_----\---(_____)
    best band ever
    wrong i believe that you meant to say that PINK FLOYD is the best band ever i mean whats better than THE WALL or
    While Pink Floyd is an excellent band... A good band songwriting wise... The individual members (Besides Gilmour, who's tone is godly) can't shake a stick at Rush technically, and lack the same scope when it comes to topics.
    come on man, can we just agree that comfortably numb is better than stairway to heaven and that the wall is one long ass record!!! oh and dio is badass
    Why bother Comparing two different bands. your acting like a five year old that just discovered music or something, Pink Floyd Are my favourite band but They're not the best. Someones Favourite band and the best band are two different things because Pink floyd appeals to me because of certain things and they like rush because of certain things, neither one are better and if it came to it neither of them would be the best band ever.
    The Wall isn't that long...I can sit down and listen to the entire thing. A really long album: Stadiu Arcadium. That album was two hours long. Really though, let's not compare. PF and Rush are both amazing bands who each have their own thing. @Revocati0n, they never wrote a song about ODing on heroin....ever...Comfortably Numb was probably in reference to heroin, but definitely not about overdosing on it.
    You sir, are what I like to call, an idiot. Rush far outplay and outwrite Floyd. All PF ever did was write songs about overdosing on heroin.
    No need to start name calling just because his (or her) opinion differs from yours. I'm not a fan of Rush at all and I still can respect and honour those who like Rush as long as the feeling is mutual. No respect gains no respect.
    "Most of the time the biggest concern we have is, who is going to say something funnier? Where we get into one-upmanship is in the comedy department, not the music department." Who could ask for a better dynamic in a band?
    and i guess having a 44 year career and 19 studio albums still isnt good enough for the hall of fame, makes sense to me
    Listen to/buy all of the "Classic era" albums in order which are 2112, A Farewell To Kings, Hemispheres, Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures and Signals. That is all you really need the rest of their discography is pretty much the definition of hit or miss until their newest album which is awesome!
    Oops, replied to the wrong one, my comment was a response to u-turn's comment below, sorry
    Veronique Vega
    I would put Snakes and Arrows in that list of 'must have'. I was never really exposed to Rush prior to that. By ex-bf bought it, played it for me and I was hooked on Rush!
    Other than like three of their singles and what's on Guitar Hero, I don't really know Rush. Where should I start?
    I'd start with a pair, "A Farewell to Kings" (my 1st Rush album) & "All the Worlds a Stage" (you'll get great live versions of the pre "A Farewell to Kings" songs). From there go forward or backward, you can't go wrong!
    Couldn't have said it better myself! "Kings" is likely my favorite album. And if you're a Tolkien fan, check out "The Necromancer" on Caress of Steel!
    Also for Tolkien fans, my favorite song by Camel is on the 1974 "Mirage" album...called "Nimrodel/The Procession/The White Rider".
    My first Rush album was Hemispheres, which has become one of my personal favorites, and then I went backwards. 2112 blew my mind away and so did the other albums I stumbled upon while going through their entire discography. Basically what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't matter where you start because you will always be in for a nice surprise when you start exploring the music of Rush.
    2112 and Moving Pictures are two of their best-known. I'd also pick up Clockwork Angels, because it's amazing.
    Moving Pictures or even their latest one Clockwork Angels are good to start at. CA is one of my favorite albums of the year
    Actually I'd say start with one of their live albums. My favorite is 2011 Cleveland (I was also at this show). It's an amazing setlist and personally I find their live tracks blow away the studio ones. Good examples of this are "Working Man" and "Subdivisions".
    Honestly a really good album to start with is moving pictures. But you won't be dissapointed with very mch of their stuff and that's a lot of stuff.
    Rush is like a cake' doesn't matter where you begin, it's all good!
    The true secret to their success is that they're full of integrity, instead of being full of shit like so many of today's bands are. Hail Rush!
    There is also the fact that all the members of Rush are highly intelligent and don't partake in the idiotic destructive behavior of other bands.