Russel Brand To Cover Sex Pistols

artist: Russel Brand date: 07/17/2012 category: music news
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Russel Brand To Cover Sex Pistols
A controversial comedian will cover classic British rock songs at the Olympic's closing ceremony. Russel Brand, best known for marrying then divorcing Katy Perry, divides fans and critics with his outspoken opinions and risqu jokes. Now he's set to sing a comedy version of Sex Pistol's "Pretty Vacant" and The Beatles' "I Am The Walrus". The story sounds like a prank, but The Mirror reports this alongside news that The Who are scheduled to close the show, preceded by performances from British acts including Queen, Kaiser Chiefs and Elbow. The London Olympics continue to face harsh criticism from Brits, particularly in London where concerns about public transport and commercial agreements with companies like McDonalds are raising tensions in the capital. Today, Gizmodo UK reports that a group of children have been banned from carrying the Olympic torch unless the pay for brand new Adidas trainers (who are a sponsor of the event). It's the dystopian commercial future we all hoped would never happen. On the plus side, it looks like Britain will make the most of its musical heritage at the closing ceremony, with classic acts like The Who and Queen it's just a shame they had to recruit jokers like Brand to fill the gaps.
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