Sammy Hagar and Vince Neil Planning a Joint Tour

Singer also expresses hope for future Motley Crue reunions once the band calls it quits.

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Motley Crue might be nearing their end, but singer Vince Neil is certainly prepared to carry on the Crue torch and is already open for future reunions. Chatting with Vegas Rocks magazine (via Blabbermouth), the vocalist pointed out that such reunions would include one-off shows rather than entire tours, just to switch to his own career, dropping major announcement regarding a joint tour with Sammy Hagar of Van Halen fame. "I have my own stuff," he said. "I have my solo band, and we have a lot of touring coming up. And actually, it looks like me and Sammy Hagar are gonna go out together for a long tour next year. I'll be carrying the torch for Motley Crue when Motley Crue is done." Vince also shed light on the matter of guitarist Mick Mars' health, pointing out that his health is by no means a reason for Crue to call it a day, despite drummer Tommy Lee's recent statements indicating the opposite. "I don't know why Tommy would say that," the singer explained. "It really had nothing to do with Mick's health. It was just because we all felt - at least me and Nikki [Sixx] and Mick - felt that it was just we didn't wanna go out on the bottom. We didn't wanna be one of those bands that start fading away. We've been on top for 32 years, and it's great."

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    I love how it always seems like no one in the band communicates with the others. It's not like they play shows together all the time or anything.
    Seems the case with a lot of bands lately... I'm looking at you, Slayer.
    Vince Neil definitely sounds like Kerry King here. Mick Mars isn't dead, but Vince's willingness to continue without him definitely draws some parallels.
    In what way? Motley Crue's going to be finished, what would be the point in Vince continuing with Mick? That would be half the band.
    You mean Twittering each other doesnt count as band practice? Unreal the way society has become so stupid and lazy, especially those who live on social media. Be ashamed. Is Hagar still doing the Chickenfoot band thing? They have a few good songs.
    I don't get it. Why can't anyone simply say "We've had our time, and it's time to step aside." and be done with it...?
    How many people willingly step aside from something unless they've got something else going for them??
    You're missing my point. I am talking about the announcements of retirement/farewell tours and then continuous re-appearance. If you're going to call it a day, be done. If not, don't say you're calling it quits. People don't retire from professional careers, then keep randomly appearing back at the office once a month....
    A lot of these guys are like pro athletes...they don't save their money. They waste all their money on drugs/booze/women,therefore they continue to work to sustain this type of lifestyle.....
    Sammy Hagar recently sold a stake in his tequila company for like $80 million dollars. He is one of those guys that actually enjoys touring.
    When you retire from an office job, no one is going to come calling with offers of millions of dollars to come back. That's what I see as the main difference.
    You know who comes to mind from your comment? KISS! HAHA. But seriously. Kiss should just call it a day. At least call it a day after a Ace and Peter reunion. They were supposed to do that almost 20 years ago.
    been on top for 32 years eh? what about those 5 years when you quit the band? still on top during those?
    yet they are fading away...?
    Crüe will just end up going on hiatus then in five years reuniting and hiring Tommy Thayer to replace Mars...well someone had to say it!
    Two rockstar wannabes joining together huh. This tour will be a disaster
    Certainly must be great, killing two people and still drinking and driving.
    Two people? The only one I know of is Razzle, who died in Vince's car crash back in 1984. Who is the other person you are referring to?
    Whiiiiich Razzle could've decided to not go. But they both thought it was a good idea. Should stop blaming it all on Vince's bad decisions when Razzle could've said nope.
    Tour is not true unfortunately per Sammy's camp. Vince has apparently drunk all of the Cabo Wabo in the house as well as a bottle of his own concoction…and they know nothing about this proposed touring idea.