Satyricon Frontman: 'Metal Fans Want More of the Same, Just Like Mainstream People'

artist: Satyricon date: 04/11/2014 category: general music news

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Satyricon Frontman: 'Metal Fans Want More of the Same, Just Like Mainstream People'
Satyricon frontman Satyr recently discussed metal fans' behavior, describing it in essence very similar to the way "mainstream people" act.

"A lot of metal fans sort of consider themselves hardcore outcasts, but what they really want is usually the same as what the so-called mainstream people want - they want more of the same," the frontman told Andrew Haug.

"'Cause more of the same means that you stay within your comfort zone," Satyr continued. "And then they try to find really complicated ways of explaining it, such as staying true to your roots or silly things like that."

Focusing on fellow metal musicians, Satyr added, "Sometimes you read an interview with a band and it says something like, 'We will never change.' And then you'll have naive fans saying like, 'Oh yeah man, they're in it for real!' But the reason why they won't change is because they found a successful formula that sells CDs, merchandise, that generates publishing money.

"If Satyricon would have gone down that path, we would have continued making 'Mother North' again and again and again and again," Satyr concluded.

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