Satyricon Frontman: 'Metal Fans Want More of the Same, Just Like Mainstream People'

"And then they find really complicated ways of explaining it, such as staying true to your roots," Satyr adds.

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Satyricon frontman Satyr recently discussed metal fans' behavior, describing it in essence very similar to the way "mainstream people" act.

"A lot of metal fans sort of consider themselves hardcore outcasts, but what they really want is usually the same as what the so-called mainstream people want - they want more of the same," the frontman told Andrew Haug.

"'Cause more of the same means that you stay within your comfort zone," Satyr continued. "And then they try to find really complicated ways of explaining it, such as staying true to your roots or silly things like that."

Focusing on fellow metal musicians, Satyr added, "Sometimes you read an interview with a band and it says something like, 'We will never change.' And then you'll have naive fans saying like, 'Oh yeah man, they're in it for real!' But the reason why they won't change is because they found a successful formula that sells CDs, merchandise, that generates publishing money.

"If Satyricon would have gone down that path, we would have continued making 'Mother North' again and again and again and again," Satyr concluded.

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    "If Satyricon would have gone down that path, we would have continued making 'Mother North' again and again and again and again" YES YES YES YES) On a serious note I think that staying true to your roots is a good thing. It's really a dissapointment when band changes their style coordinaly . I think musicians should create sideprojects for that. Satyricon did an awesome job with their last album but it pissed off a LOT of fans. It would be better for the band If it would have been a sideproject release...But who cares! Satyricon still rules!
    I don't see how the last album was a departure from their style, it's very similar to their last 4-5 albums, imo.
    It's just that "fans" were like 'Oh, Phoenix is so pop' and they juged the album on that track... Just moronish basic metalheads...
    Well, yes, BUT their fame and respect they earned through Dark Medieval Times, Mother North, etc. The thing is that they departed from their genre years ago, but the whining is still there like Rimfrost said. It would be easier for the bandmembers to quit Satyricon(BM) and start a new band(I know it's hard, but it would be less preassure from their old fans) playing that [b]new style. Again like Rimfrost said BM(true) is a ridiculously restricted genre. It just would have remove the preassure(ending Satyricon). + Satyricon mostly remembered for their first albums.
    But if you were a tr00 Satyricon fan, you'd know they make shit for themselves, not the fans. I've read interviews of Satyr where he gets confronted by a so called fan about the style changes, and Satyr basically tells him to **** off. Black Metal is about the careless attitude, individualism and self assertion. That's part of why Ihsahn won't do Emperor again.
    He is totally right. I think there is a big difference between being simply a musician and being an artist. Picasso didn't paint the same thing over and over again, Miles Davis didn't do the same kind of music for 40 years, and good bands don't keep on doing the same, they actually evolve and change. So please, accept what you have and appreciate what can come. If you don't like it its up to you but don't bash an artist because they don't follow your music taste that is exactly the same from the last 20 years.
    I may get a little flak for saying this, but I think of Opeth when I read this article. For quite some time, they had that signature sound, and then once Heritage came out, the game changed. Did they lose some fans? Yes, probably. But I truly believe that 'sticking to your roots' for your entire career doesn't work. Sometimes you have to step outside of the comfort zone and try something different. For a fan, it will be awesome, but for a musician it can get "stale" (if that makes any sense).
    I always found it hard to listen to Opeth even while liking it. It's like the songs are TOO full of ear candy and not enough ugly, shittier riffs to balance it out.
    They are pretty unfortunate, considering that a bit part of their old fansbase is Black Metal fans. If there's one type of fan that doesn't like change, it's these guys. Black Metal is so ridiculously restricted genre and i think it's easy to see why he would be frustrated by this. They haven't been "True Black" for ages, but people are still complaining, it's kinda silly.
    What about all the people who still worship Ulver despite being an ambient sounndtrack group for a majority of their career now? It's cos Craddle, Satyricon and Dimmu or known for being the bands in the scene for compromising the most, not changing for their own artistic merit.
    But there are also a lot og Ulver "fans" that just wants them to do Bergtatt while only listening to the first three albums. Atleast if Youtube comments are anything to go by. I would assume that there are also lots of people who worship modern Satyricon as well, it's just those old fans that are pretty loud and persistent. A bit like Helloween, you till hear people complaining about Andi Deris, even though he's been in the band longer than Michael Kiske.
    I disagree with him to a large extent. I just want the bands I like to continue producing good music whether they change their style or not. For example, Ulver completely changed their identity and they're still amazing. Satyricon on the other hand have been on the decline for a long time with their latest album being their worst yet.
    The way I see it I sort of agree with him, but I don't think it's a bad thing. Like I have fun with metal and being a metal head, I have mates and we go out and have fun, have some beers listen to our favourite old metal albums, or listen to new bands that one of has discovered and wants to share. But we're not trying to be different, we just identify with a certain culture, in the same way mainstream, and other people who are fans of a paticular sub culture do. But at the same time we are all normal, we all have jobs, hobbies, go to uni etc. I don't understand why music has to be this big thing where people have to be different all time - sure experiment and make some good new shit - but don't forget - IT'S FUCKING ENTERTAINMENT, have fun and just do your thing own thing, and don't bother people. Rant over.
    I think metalheads as an outcast group have died out in most of the world. They just turned into dicks who think they are tough, but don't really differ from "mainstream people".Today, it is a way for girls to be "dangerous" and guys to be TRU and TOUF. They shun the mainstream population and call themselves metal brethren, and then they shun nu metal and metalcore. Then those who are left unshunned shun new music saying that old-school is better. Then you have black metal fans left who hate everyone.Breathern? Sure.Rarely do I see people appreciate metal for what it is - actual music.
    Heh...this touches on an ongoing argument I've had with one of my best friends forever. He hated Metallica for getting away from their "thrash roots", whereas I wondered if today's metal fans would have survived the days of legendary bands like Led Zeppelin and Queen...bands that could change styles and sounds from song to song, and certainly from album to album. The Metallica fans that screamed about the black album and acted like the world ended when the "Load" albums came out wouldn't have been able to deal with the difference between Led Zeppelin II and III.
    People become way too attached to the bands they like,that they often forget that musicians write music mostly for themselves and not for the fans.Expecting someone to write the same stuff over and over again is stupid both from the musician's and the listener's point of view.People change,tastes change and if a band you like wants to move on,accept that.
    Since when do Mainstream people want the same thing over and over again? From what I can tell Pop jumps on a new band wagon every 6 years because it has something big and in your face that looks good to everyone else. I don't think metal fans want you to do the same thing over and over again, they just don't want you to ****ing compromise your artistic self for cash, something Satyricon have done. You can totally ditch metal and still be respected by metal fans (ie: ulver), mainly cos people can tell the difference of compromise vs changing for your own better artistic merit.
    That's what the peeps want, big and in your face, doesn't matter who, it's all the same.
    I disagree, All it takes is to watch almost any interview with any real metal artist and usually the subject of. Make another "" insert album Title"" here, Metallica is a prime example of that. And how do you know what Compromise VS Changing for artistic merit is???? Who are you to judge what a band is feeling when they write an album or what is influencing them. "" If it sells records its compromise"" you are just furthering what this article is about. And that is why there are so many ****ing sub genres in metal because fans want the same thing over and over again. SO we have to sub genre everything that way we know exactly what we are listening to
    I actually think I agree with him on some point. Bands nowadays always talk about how they sound or wanna sound like this band in that era or whatever. For me, metal is about being open minded and willing to embrace the unknown, but if people just want more of the same, it indeed keeps them in a comfort zone. Which is an easy place to be, for everyone agrees with you, and you never have to defend your opinion and taste. Its funny to see how these things apply to both the 'mainstream' world and the 'metal world'. A great example: The new Cynic album. Totally different from the others, but as I hear it more, I'm digging it more, while it's even debatable to call it metal at all!
    I dont even know who the **** Satyricon is but this guys mouth is full of truth. At the end of the day there is no difference, we are all music fans...
    Now that's just not true. At least not for most metal fans. I think real metal fans appreciate, even encourage their favorite bands to evolve musically, but that change has to come naturally, and not like, say, when Celtic Frost made Cold Lake, turning into a glam metal band of the shittiest kind.
    i don't mind change in my music. Opeth, scar symmetry, Symphony X, etc have all changed and I like them all, start to finish. But then again, there is a thick line drawn between changing, and going down the shitter.
    Boo-hoo! Let's all be hipsters so world can be better place. Unique butterflies flying! UUhh AAhh yeah..
    There are plenty of hipsters in the black metal and post-metal scene y0, so boohoo for you.
    Actually 'hipster music' is better in many ways that anything metal
    Still to this day I have no idea what "hipster music" or "hipster" actually is...?
    Hipsters, to me, are people who intentionally shun the mainstream rather choosing the most obscure and non-relevant choices in order to make themselves appear to be "hip" to what's new. When this large group of people, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, makes their alternative choice popular, usually indicated by Walmart creating a product line to meet demand, they then shun the very choices they made in exchange for more horrible atrocities on music, style, and culture. How hipsterism works. Say, a guy goes out and buys a wet suit, and then wears in downtown Portland. No one there is going to tell him how stupid he looks because they don't want to be outed as someone who didn't know that wetsuits are now the new underground fad. Rather than ridicule the wet suit wearer, if there are less than an amount of wetsuit wearers to call it a "current trend," the wet suits will start appearing all over the city, creating a new trend. This is how idiots end up causing your dad to go out by a wet suit because he thinks it's "cool." Typical conversation with a Hipster: You: "Hey man, did you hear that new Metallica?? "Hipster: "I refuse to listen to pre-packaged corporate Amercian cookie cutter sell outs. My favorite band is Sugarless Blood of the Cult of Diabetic Satanist from Lower Denmark. They just formed yesterday." If you encounter a hipster, kill them, with Master of Puppets.
    Anyway, that guy from Satyricon is right, metalheads are always looking for the same sound, never accepting a change, always close-minded, I preferred to quit being a metalhead and started listening to other genres, you people should do that also
    Yeah, metal guys are SO close-minded, but please sir, tell me more about the music I should be listening to. Prick.
    Neither do I, it's like the term used to generalize indie music and the like
    So it's indie?
    Indie rock, indie pop, dreampop, and maybe shoegaze and garage rock
    Indie rock, one of the most generic, machismo-ridden, pretentious, copy-pasted shit-genres, made by cocy self-centered boys, liked by cocky, "artsy" girls (mainly because of the same cocky boys, not the actual music), never progressing beyond simple 4/4 and a total of 2 riffs per song. Yes, thats definitely superior to anything metal could ever hope to offer.
    What's wrong with 4/4 time signature? Most metal is in 4/4 time signature. Most music is in 4/4. 4/4 isn't simple if you make it complicated. And sometimes simple sounds good. Also, most metal is also two riffs and 4/4 time signature. That's what most music is - most songs just have A and B sections and that's it. Most bands in a genre are boring. Most indie bands are boring, yes, but the same can be said about most metal bands.
    There's nothing worse than metal fans. Darthtyrannus, thank you for proving just how pretentious you can possibly be.
    That's an extreme over-generalization. Indie rock is already a bit of an umbrella term on its own, and for you to be so tunnel-visioned about it doesn't do much but make you look pretentious
    There are two types of Hipsters The most common one is the "Strawman Hipster". They're the kind who only go for the most underground/unknown/avant-garde/watisthis stuff. They're incredibly anti-mainstream and and generally really shitty. The Strawman Hipster doesn't exist anywhere in the real world, they only exist as a form of insult. The second one is the "Actual Hipster". The actual Hipster is one who follows the very real Hipster subculture. They are generally rooted in the Indie Rock fanbase, in which "Indie Rock" is defined as "mediocre acoustic stuff made by other Hipsters". They are very into fashion and follow trends almost as good as Preps do. They might as well be described as the Preps of the alternative/counter-culture world. When Hipsters try to get into other genres, they almost always stick to stuff that is relatively easy-listening compared to better examples of the genre, or cheap imitations of the genre. Like Hipsters into Metal usually stick with bands like Deafheaven, Mastodon, and other "I Can't Believe It's Not Metal" Metal bands. Currently they're pushing this whole Shoegaze + distortion and harsh vocals = next wave Black Metal thing, where the Shoegaze is bad and the "Black Metal" sounds like the guys in the band haven't listened to any Black Metal since the late 90s or very early 2000s. In the end, Hipsters are kind of like the guys who frequent /mu/, only worse.
    shitty generic "indie" rock. Satyr is completely right about metal fans though, just look at metallica's 90's work and the backlash. Cynic too. Even Darkthrone got shit for switching from Death Metal to Black Metal.
    Since when do Mainstream people want the same thing over and over again? From what I can tell Pop jumps on a new band wagon every 6 years because it has something big and in your face that looks good to everyone else. I don't think metal fans want you to do the same thing over and over again, they just don't want you to ****ing compromise your artistic self for cash, something Satyricon have done. You can totally ditch metal and still be respected by metal fans (ie: ulver).
    I can't tell the difference between GaGa, Beyonce, Shakira and all those poppy girls. Nor can I find any difference in all these rappers who have strayed from the path of hiphop laid out by people caring about their (simple) music.
    If you can't tell the difference between Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Shakira, you must either be deaf, or musically deficient.
    Let's not kid ourselves, his statement alone proved that he had never actually listened to anything by said artists.
    This is total bullshit. Metal is a HUGE genre with tons of subgenres. I consider myself a fan of metal music and I LOVE change. I used to listen to Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, now I bang my head to Mastodon and Gojira. Lately, I've also started to love DOWN and Orange Goblin. Sounds like sour grapes from Satyricon. WAH WAH WE LOST OUR FANBASE IT MUST BE THEIR FAULT THEY'RE SO CLOSEMINDED.
    And pop isnt a huge genre wth lots of variation? And by the way, the guy in Satyricon didnt talk about you specifically. He talked about the general metalhead, who almost only listens to Iron Maiden, beacuse of their lack of change. Look at Metallica, as soon as they do anything that is different from what they did in the eighties, they get tons and tons of shit from the majority from their fans. Just because you are so extremely open minded about everything doesnt mean that everybody is.