Scar the Martyr Singer Auditions Officially Open for Public

Want to be in a band with Joey Jordison? Check out how to apply inside.

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After parting ways with singer Henry Derek, Joey Jordison's Scar the Martyr have officially opened the vocalist auditions for public, inviting potential new singers to apply online.

"As recently mentioned, Scar the Martyr is looking for a new vocalist," the official release reads. "Before we make a final decision, we have decided to open up submissions to the public. If you are interested, email your tryout video to stmvocaltryoutATstronghqDOTcom. We look forward to seeing and hearing your submissions."

As reported, the band has abruptly parted ways with Derek, who claimed quitting the band due to "personal differences, artistic direction and a slew of business decisions that I cannot simply ignore." Jordison on the other hand, insisted that Henry was fired.

"To address the recent Scar the [Martyr] news out there and make sure all the facts are straight, Scar the Martyr has parted ways with Henry, not the other way around," the band announcement stated. "With all that's been going on of late we have been forced to take a very careful look at how we are moving forward and with there being some creative and personal differences it made sense to move on without Henry."

Will anyone from UG community actually give this one a go? Let us know in the comments.

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    i think we should troll joeys e-mail with corey taylor vocal clips whos with me
    jesus this bands been together like 5 minutes and they're already reaching out to the public for a vocalist.
    Can't they find a singing treadmill? Joey looks like he could do with one.
    Maybe Wednesday 13 will audition
    Doubt it. Joey hasn't talked to him for over 2 years. Though, why keep STM going still? Imo, Murderdolls trumps STM in most aspects, e.g. Murderdolls made shorter tunes which still get to the point (Blood Host was a good song, but went on for too long).
    I do remember Wednesday 13 saying he hadn't talked to Joey in ages and apparently they had an arguement on the Women & Children Last tour. I was genuinely interested in Scar The Martyr but after listening to it was meh. Murderdolls which was a nice different thing to Slipknot. Scar The Martyr comes across as trying to be Slipknot and failing
    I have to say, I like how they haven't set any submission guidelines/rules like bands usually do when they're holding a video based competition or audition. Like, what exactly would people have to include in a "tryout video"? How long do their videos have to be? Would 3 seconds of singing be acceptable? What songs can they sing? Does it have to be a Scar the Martyr song? Is there an age limit? Would a 6 year old girl be able to audition? My brain is exploding with the endless possibilities of stuff you could send to the email address! Hot bellend!
    Get da 1 nd only kerry king!
    Get a girlfriend.
    This comment is brilliant why did it get down voted?
    Black Mustangs
    Because the comment comes from an unfunny novelty account whose idea of humour is plastering "hurr hurr durr, I'm Kerry King and I can't spell properly on the Internet" in every single UG article.
    In my view, Joey firing Henry was just revenge for getting kicked out of Slipknot. In no way am I saying that's what happened. But I hope Joey calms down soon, otherwise he may find he has no band. Good luck to STM and the new singer
    How would it be revenge when the STM singer's never had anything to do with Slipknot?
    I don't know, but if someone takes out their anger on you, you may take it out on someone else. Since Joey was a major part of Slipknot (one of the founding members), and he got fired, you'd be quite annoyed by that, surely. Afterall, Joey did say he would never leave Slipknot in an interview.