Scientists Can Manipulate Your Brain Into Liking Certain Music Genre, Study Reveals

60-year-old man successfully converted into an avid Johnny Cash fan.

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In one of the recent breakthroughs, scientists have managed to locate the part of the human brain affecting musical preference, giving them the ability to manipulate listeners into liking certain genres and artists.

AsĀ Consequence of Sound reports, the study published in Frontier in Behavioral Neuroscience journal refers to a man known as Mr. B, who was successfully converted into an avid Johnny Cash fan.

After receiving an electrical implant to his brain to deal with his obsessive-compulsive disorder, Mr. B, who has never been much of a music aficionado, suddenly started enjoying the work of Mr. Cash to a great extent, going far enough to buy all of his CDs and DVDs.

And as long as the implant's battery didn't run out, Mr. B could listen to Mr. Cash on repeat over and over again, always to feel nothing but pure joy and full appreciation of the music.

Prior to surgery, Mr. B was prone to listening to Dutch-language music, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but as the research reads, "music did not occupy an important position in his life." After the procedure and "from the first time Mr. B. heard a Johnny Cash song, the Dutch-language songs, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have been banned."

Having trouble in getting your friends to like that certain band you find so awesome? Well, there might be a solution here.

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    I see this in the future becoming a way for record labels to make you enjoy manufactured pop music
    Or better yet, this could be used so people would avoid listening to that manufactured pop crap
    It seems to have been a secundary effect and not the desired one, at least the way it is written. Where's the official article?
    It seems a lot of people missed that, especially with UG reporting from reports rather than sources.Here you go. The first paragraph of the introduction refers to his initial condition, a 46 year case of OCD. His Johnny Cash fascination manifested itself after treatment for this.
    Surely all they had to do to make the guy like Johnny cash was play either live at folsom prison or live at San quentin for him, both albums are brilliant
    hm... if this true than Record Labels could use this as a brain storming devices to control the music industry as their like. If the future of music like this, I hope they don't use this on me so i could choose to listen to music that I Like not "They" want me to like it hehehehe
    Thought that was what they were doing all along... playing the music in public places so wherever you go... it's there :o
    A lot of people who (really) listen to Johnny Cash for the first time become fans of his work...
    Why didn't they make him a death metal fan? That would have been funny as hell. Presuming you could remove this implant, it could be like a new type of prank, where you make him a huge fan of death metal for a day, make him see a band and then show him the photos of himself in a moshpit and with members of the death metal band the day after when you remove the implant. Or do the opposite, find an avid heavy metal fan and use the implant to make him go see a Justin Bieber show, hopefully said metal fan will buy tonnes of merchandise too. Bonus points if there's a photo of the victim fan-girl crying while hugging Justin Bieber.
    sweet! doctors put a chip into his head to help his obsessive-compulsive disorder. now he is obsessively and compulsively buying johnny cash records.
    Nailed it. This did nothing to alter his music tastes. It just made his OCD even worse, and he happened to discover Johnny Cash shortly afterward. Another delightful clickbait article based on obviously fake "science".
    Every1 shud b munupulated 2 listen 2 da Kerry king prject in mi oponion! #HailToTheKerryKing
    The comments are always gold for these types of articles. Time to lurk.
    "From the first time Mr. B. heard a Johnny Cash song, the Dutch-language songs, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones have been banned." What???
    As a neuroscientist : your headlines make me cringe so much.
    In a few years we're all going to be listening to pop punk. THE END IS NIGH.
    Sometimes I really wonder what it is that establishes your taste in music and how it can differ so much from other people.
    So, I'm pretty sure this is just a bit of a stretch. It doesn't really sound like this did anything to his music taste, side-effect or not. He's just got OCD, and this treatment didn't help it, and then he happened to discover Johnny Cash and like the music. Now, being as he has OCD, he's obsessed with Johnny Cash, and compulsively listening to and buying his music. Could just as easily have happened (and likely would have) with any other music that he discovered and enjoyed around that time. A relation to the treatment could have been theorized if he had adamantly DISLIKED Cash prior to the procedure. But the article even says that he just wasn't that into music, one way or the other, beforehand. So, all that happened is he finally discovered some music that really spoke to him, which he's enjoyed more than any before (something which happens to people of all ages, every day), and he's got OCD, and he just so happened to have had a new treatment recently. This seems to be a perfect case of correlation being grossly mistaken for causation.
    Don't believe this proves much. The article says the first time the man heard Cash he became a fan, which happened after the surgery. But he could have enjoyed it with or without the chip, there's no way to know. The thing about The Beatles and Rolling Stones being banned is easily explained: The music he knew wasn't a big part of his life, as the article says. When he found something that became a big thing in his life why would he go back to the stuff he only "enjoyed" when he now found something he loves? It happens to a lot of people. They like certain band/style and when they listen to something new and like it more than the older stuff, they start comparing the new to the old and the old begins to not satisfy anymore.
    So, this is what has been happening the entire while to those sheeps who listen to Beiber, Nikki Minaj and all that cr@p
    Awesome. Maybe I can be programmed to like 90s technical progressive pro gay obscure black death metal like all the other cool kids who may or may not be planning a school shooting