Scorpions Give Up Retirement Plans

As new concert dates and recording projects were added to their plans, the band began to question their decision to retire.

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Last year, the Scorpions announced their decision to call it a day after one final tour. But as new concert dates and recording projects were added to their plans, they began to question this decision.

"We called it the farewell tour thinking believing it would be the last time we would play," explains guitarist Matthias Jabs, "but the tour is still going, due to demand from the audience."

He now confirms that the band have reconsidered their plan to call it quits. Much like fellow metal veterans Judas Priest, however, they will no long make the road their home away from home.

"The Scorpions will not break up." he told AZCentral, "We're giving up the constant touring into the studio, out of the studio, back on the road."

Jabs continued, "There's a routine of making an album and touring the world for two and a half years. We said, Can we go in the studio in 2013, Klaus will be 65, and then do another world tour?' It might get shaky." He then spoke of upcoming Scorps recording sessions. "We have a project which we will probably release next year. We have so much film material. We will work on something like an anthology, some kind of box set."

The "project" is likely to include some "new" old songs leftover from the '80s and '90s. The guitarist explains they have been "resurrecting unfinished songs from what some people say was our best time leftovers from Blackout,' Love at First Sting,' Crazy World' and Savage Amusement,'" adding "There's so much strong material, there was a definite spark in those old recordings. The idea is to redo them with today's technology and take it further."

He also mentioned that the band has been invited to play at the opening ceremony of 2014 World Cup competition in Brazil. "That is not confirmed," he said, "but those opportunities, we would not let slip away."

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    The last album was freaking great! I seen them 2 years ago in Montreal and I seeing them again in 2 1/2 weeks lol
    Come back to Canada for some shows some time. PLEASE. It sucks being a fan of music like yours and never getting to see your concerts because everyone I listen to is in their senior years.
    They've always said they will be retiring from extensive touring, just as Priest said. They will continue making albums and playing some shows but not world tours.