Scorpions on Repeated Farewell Tours: 'Having Too Much Fun to Put Down the Guitars'

Band recently called out by Metallica frontman for "not being fair to anyone."

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Scorpions have recently discussed their decision to keep going despite announcing plans to call it quits and even embarking on a global farewell tour for three years.

As singer Klaus Meine told, the band is simply having too much fun to end it.

"When you start a three-year farewell tour, you know you've got a long time ahead of you. But that long period went by much faster than we imagined," he said. "The closer we got to the goal - Munich in December 2012 - the stronger the feeling was that we hadn't come to the end at all.

"There were so many images in our minds and so many emotions in our hearts. Everything we experienced between 2010 and 2012, the 200 concerts - it was all so powerful. You stand on stage, look down and see so many fans - including the younger generation, who are really getting into it and saying: 'Guys, this is so cool. We're seeing you for the first time. When will you be back?' It's so motivating and inspiring to play for three generations. We're all having too much fun to put down the guitars."

Guitarist Rudolf Schenker added, "The success of the farewell tour bowled us over. When you see you've got a whole new generation in front of you - lots of 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds - then you get a whole new kick out of it. Essentially, we announced the farewell tour because we didn't want to be standing on stage and not able to deliver what people expected from us."

The band was recently called out by Metallica frontman James Hetfield for not staying true to their intentions. "I don't think that's fair to anyone," Papa Het told Kerrang.

"KISS farewell tour for the 10th time? Scorpions were done and then they tour? You can't say that and then not do it. I don't know what’s in store for us. I don't want to go on the history of how other bands have done it. We're unique in our own path and unique in how our path ends," the singer/guitarist added.

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    I think he just completely missed Hetfield's point. If a band I like does a 'last' tour I am much more likely to go and probably pay more for the privilege. If that band comes out and says "actually, we are going to do a few more tours now" then that's just a kind of crappy thing to do.
    I don't see it as crappy, really. I see it as, they had every legitimate intention to call it a day, then the support from the fans gave them a boost to try it again. It's like after a tough breakup, telling yourself you're too ____ to find love again. Not that they went through any particular hardship or anything but surely touring takes its toll on people. They found love again. It happens to all of us.
    And where does it say that he's responding to what Hetfield said?
    Im great with the Scorpions still touring. One of my all time favorite bands that I still havent seen. Such an underrated band.
    Next year the Scorpions will have been together for 50 years... Holy sh*t, I did NOT think they were that old
    Scorps ****in rock, seen them three times I have never seen a band have so much fun on stage, very underrated band. Klaus is one of the best singers of all time IMO
    I think it's been 20 years or so since Ozzy's "No More Tours" Tour. I like Hetfield, and Metallica are one of my all-time favorites. When Master of Puppets came out they were my temporary favorite. There is a small handful of bands that I prefer over Metallica, and Scorpions is one of those bands. I see Hetfield's point, but don't dis the Scorpions! All of this talk of retirement makes me feel old!
    Steph :)
    Greatest band on the planet keep on rocking and please come to Australia. Good on them for playing on - too good to give it away. All you knockers get stuffed.